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Some folks reporting for Just Cullen have returned with summaries (1, 2) from the Sitges Film Festival -- including some details from the theatrical trailer. I can understand Spanish, but I suck at translating, so if I missed something or got something wrong, please let me know. Obviously, spoilers under the cut.

The scenes may be out of order since I'm grabbing them from both reports.

-We see Bella saved by Edward from the van and the imprint he leaves on it. We then see Edward leaving the scene of the accident and leaving her there.

-An amazing kiss between Edward and Bella that doesn't seem to have an ending.

-The "you really shouldn't have said that" clip

-Edward, Spider-Man style, climbing up the trees with Bella on his back. He rips a branch from it and shows it to Bella.

-Bella telling Edward that she knows he's a vampire -- they focus on her lips as she says "vampire" (thanks to dianapassy for the correction) Edward asks if she's afraid, and she says no. We also see them lying in the meadow (I'm a bit confused about this part, sorry).

-Some of the ballet scene and the fight. A scene of James without a shirt (lol).

- Also some parts of the cullens protecting bella after the 'you brought a snack' part.

- Scene of All the cullens in the cars with james after them

-Finally, we see Edward and Bella at the top of a tree and you can see the sun and the sky. You can't really see the effect of Edward sparkling.

Thanks to cestlaviebaby for some of the additions.

From the lovely descendres who was there: "It's really really good, the kiss is just... *melts* Though they have changed a few things because I think it happens in the restaurant and Edward's like "I want to try something..." and kisses her. And the "You are my life now" line happens when Bella's in the car with Alice and Jasper."

Again, let me know if I missed anything or got something wrong. Photos from the event can be seen here.
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