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Italian Twilight sneak preview on October 30, Rome Film festival

I think it's my very first post here, even if I've been commenting on entries for a while now, and I couldn't be more happy to write this.
I LOVE ITALY more than you can possiblly and I so proud to live here <3
For those of you that are thinking I'm losing it (might just happen in the next 10 minutes), I'll try to explain why I'm on the verge of tears (of joy) and I'm like orgasming on the spot LOL

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke will be in Rome on october 30th to present a 15 minutes world sneak preview of the Twilight movie and a never-before-seen backstage footage at the International film festival.
Rob, kris and Catherine will be also answering fan questions (before or after the screening I don't know yet) and there'll be a reading of a few pages of Breaking Dawn (which releases in Italy on Oct 30th).

Obviously I'm going! LOL

source: Italian twilight movie official blog

And now I can die happy and all fuzzy inside.
Italy wins at life! No seriously!

PS: I hope I tagged this right, if not feel free to edit. ;)

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