December 27th, 2010

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Title: His Eyes Were Green
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: T
Category: Romance
Spoilers: None
Summary: AU-All Human. 
A story about a young woman who lost her true love during the war in Iraq. After grieving for a whole year, she finally forces herself to move on. Not long after she encounters a man whose eyes are green...will he be able to teach her how to love again?


Ashton Kutcher

New Fic!

Name: Freshman Frenzies

Pairing: Right now, no one. But eventually it will be B/E A/J E/R yada yada

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Don't own Twilight :(

Summary: Bella Swan's Life Sucks because: 1. She's in high school. 2. She moved to Chicago. 3. Her doctor insists she's depressed. 4. She sucks at algebra. 5. She has to keep a feelings journal. Life sucks, and then you die, right? The hard part's waiting to die.

One: Feelings and Tazors
Two: School and Peanut Butter
Three: Ridiculous 
Four: From Now Ons