December 5th, 2010

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caption contest


A: Could you please stop putting your tail right on my ass? Just looking at Adonis brings me close to spontaneously combustion, and any thoughts of him flogging me are certainly not helping...
B: Edward look, dinner. WEREWOLVES: Better food than friend.
C: Bella Swan, Dog Whisperer.
D: I think he knows you ate the last of his Doritos - Scatter!
E: Jake, did you seriously just fart?
F: Look, I didn't LET him look at my panties, it just kind of happened, okay.
G: Jacob: Want me to eat him? Bella: Jake...
H: You know what Bella? Now that I look at him a little harder... He is actually pretty damn hot. I think it's time to fight for the real prize. Game on Bells.
I: Bella: Jake, was that you?! ~groans. Jacob: Sorry.... I had beans.

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