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03 December 2010 @ 09:43 am

Happy Friday! Discuss TV this week, songs you have on repeat, your week at school/work, your excitement for your Eclipse DVD, etc, etc.

Enjoy your weekend!
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03 December 2010 @ 11:38 am

starts at about 2:25
03 December 2010 @ 12:48 pm
Story Title: Hearts Keeping Time
Author: adair7
Rating: R
Details: Edward/Bella
Disclaimer: Everything Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Bella struggles to learn to love and trust after having her heart broken by her indie rocker boyfriend. She's sworn off guys indefinitely, especially musicians - that is, until she catches the eye of rising rock phenomenon, Edward Cullen. AU AH R.

Link: Chapter 15 @ ff.net
All this week we've been counting down the reasons we're excited about "Eclipse" hitting DVD (less than half a day away!), and we've been largely focusing on what special features we're most looking forward to. If you aren't already pumped for them as well, just read these Robert Pattinson excerpts from his commentary with Kristen Stewart. But let's face it, the real reason we're excited for "Eclipse" to hit DVD is because we're that much closer to the release of "Breaking Dawn."

The first official picture we saw last week was the perfect holiday present from director Bill Condon. And those paparazzi pictures we saw last month of Rob and Kristen smooching had us figuring out just how many days there are until "Breaking Dawn: Part 1"'s release date (350 days to be exact!).

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for "Breaking Dawn" to hit theaters. There's the wedding, the feather-filled honeymoon and, of course, the birthing scene to look forward to. Rewatching "Eclipse" is the perfect way to remind ourselves what we have to look forward to. The whole love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob is one of our favorite parts of the series, and we get to see it all come to a conclusion in "Part 1." Plus, there are plenty of cute Bella and Edward moments to enjoy.

Be sure to check out Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5 on our countdown list!

Why are you most excited for "Eclipse" to hit DVD? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter. Don't forget to follow writer Terri Schwartz, too!


What do they mean the love triangle concludes in part 1 of Breaking Dawn. I thought it ended with Eclipse.
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03 December 2010 @ 07:38 pm
Story Title: Speed
Author: Infinityy / american_halo 
Rating: R
Details: Edward/Bella
Disclaimer: some dark themes
Summary: "Bella Swan didn't just make me ease off the gas, she made me slam on the brakes. And that was how I learned the world was a much more beautiful place when it wasn't all just a blur. Unfortunately, by that time it was too late."

Link: Chapter 2 (fanfic.net)
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03 December 2010 @ 09:06 pm
Title: Eros
Author: ExpensiveTastes (fanfic.net) || cheapxdate
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella (+ other canon pairings on the side)
Rating: M
Summary: Bella Swan is an overachieving freshman who can hold her own. Edward Cullen is the president of the fraternity Phi Chi Kappa whose idea of 'looking to the future' is ordering a keg for the weekend three days in advance. Both attend Monroe Bradbury University intent on getting the best experience college has to offer - in two very different ways. Can romance and companionship help this unlikely pair find the balance between having fun and taking education seriously? With their friends by their sides they learn that maybe college is about more than parties or grades - maybe it's about growing up. Welcome to Monroe Bradbury University. It's going to be quite a year.

Chapter 8 on fanfic.net
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