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‘Eclipse’ Director Says ‘Twilight’ Wedding Almost Came Early

Any Twi-Hard knows that Bella Swan’s extravagant wedding to her handsome vampire suitor occurs in the beginning of series closer “Breaking Dawn” — chapter three, to be exact.

But according to David Slade, the director of the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” adaptation, it might have come a little earlier on the big screen.

“We discussed a lot of the things at the script-writing stage — at one point, we were even going to shoot the wedding at the end of ["Eclipse"] but we knew there was another film coming,” Slade tells NextMovie exclusively.

“We knew that a lot of that could go into the next film.  And we just made the most concise version of this story that we could.”

Stayed tuned for more of our interview with Slade, in which he predicts the next “Twilight” — and explains the magic behind Meyer’s creation.

Source via Twilight Lexicon, and the picture found with the help of Google.

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David Slade answers 5 questions raised by the DVD

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits DVD and Blu-ray on Dec. 4. After watching the special features, we had a few burning questions, which director David Slade (pictured, with Kristen Stewart) happily fielded.

1. Why doesn’t he do a commentary track?
Slade is obviously well-represented in the feature-length making-of documentary and introduces and provides context for deleted and extended scenes, but he’s not on either of the two commentary tracks over the movie — he leaves those to Stephenie Meyer and producer Wyck Godfrey, and Stewart and Robert Pattinson (she’s in Montreal, jealous that he’s in L.A. eating In-N-Out).

“It’s a choice I made after doing my first ever and last ever commentary on my first film Hard Candy,” he says. “I did a commentary for that and found it such an unsatisfactory experience, personally, that I vowed never to do it again, because I’m not very good at it. You work for a year-and-a-half, two years, however long it is on a film, and it’s a very personal experience as well as a very public experience. There’s so much catharsis that goes into it, and then you end up sitting in a little room and you reduce what was an intense amount of work down to a crappy, silly little anecdote usually. ‘It was raining that day.’ [Laughs] I just found it to be really disheartening, and, like I say, I’m not really good at it. I didn’t do one for my second film [30 Days of Night] either.”

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