November 18th, 2010


Story Update! Sinnerman, Ch 20 Limerence & Ignorance

Title: Sinnerman
Author: Detochkina
Characters: Bella/Edward
Rating: M
Category: Angst, Suspense, Romance

Summary: Loss, greed, unfulfilled ambitions, and a ticking clock. Bella finds herself in the middle of another family’s drama, and while on the mission to help, she loses the track of what's right and what's wrong. Edward turns Bella's entire world upside down as she gets involved in his dangerous life and refuses to walk away, despite his efforts to protect her. Their love and loyalty are tested and their future is far from certain.

Chapter 20 on FF.n:

Abduct Me With Your Love; New Chapter.

title; abduct me with your love
author; xbitterangelx
rating; m
pairing; edwardxbella
chapter; 5
summary; Bella Swan is abducted from her family and will only be returned for a price - in midst of being locked up, she meets one of her kidnappers and becomes irrevocably drawn to the green eyed man. Does he share the same feelings? AH.

preview; She cuddled into his side, and when he opened his eyes to look down at her he could have sworn he saw brown hair splayed across his chest instead of the normal strawberry blonde. She looked up to him, but she wasn't who he thought she was. She was Isabella and Edward was mesmerized by her. His hand skimmed her cheek as he watched over the milky color, he had a sudden urge to kiss her forehead but instead he blinked, Tanya came back to view and Edward couldn't help but feel something in the pit of his stomach. Loss? Sadness? Emptiness?

prologue // chapter 5