November 13th, 2010

Abduct Me With Your Love; New Chapter

Title; Abduct Me With Your Love
Chapter; 4
Pairing; ExB
Raiting; M
Summary; Bella Swan is abducted from her family and will only be returned for a price - in midst of being locked up, she meets one of her kidnappers and becomes irrevocably drawn to the green eyed man. Does he share the same feelings? AH.

Sneak Peak;

"Shut. Up." The man growled, the rumble vibrating off of his chest. Bella was stunned – appalled, and even more she was terrified. What does he want with me? She wanted to say the words out loud, but didn't have the guts to do so. The man turned around and stalked away, breaking something in his path that Bella couldn't see in the darkness. The door slammed shut behind him and she could hear the locks coming together.

Bella hadn't realized she was holding her breath, when her throat contracted and her heart was slowing she gasped for air, trying to find something to hold onto to calm her shaking body. She thought; maybe it was just a nightmare, that maybe she pulled over on the side of the road while it was raining and she fell asleep. Yes – that had to be it. But why was this nightmare so vivid? She never had one that felt this real – it couldn't be a nightmare. While Bella was trying to figure out appearance versus reality, Edward stormed down the long hallway, huffing in irritation.

Prologue // Chapter 4