November 2nd, 2010

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More info on Brazil

From FOForks, a Brazilian fan site:

"We previously posted information on Breaking Dawn filming in Brazil. Here’s more information from folks at FoForks and their source!

The first is that Stephenie Meyer should come to Brazil, along with Rob and Kristen, to accompany the footage.

The second is that the information about Taylor coming to Brazil is 99.9% pure speculation, and Mackenzie Foy. Just Rob and Kristen, and Sebastião Lemos and Virgüez Carolina should participate as actors of the recordings on national soil, which makes more sense.

Paraty is even the HQ team and cast into two luxury hotels. It can happen to wear one of the hotels as a location for scenes in the house of the Isle Esme. A security firm was hired to err … give full security to the crew and actors during the entire stay and armored cars have already been reserved.

Kaure, the maid of the Isle Esme and the first person to realize that Bella was pregnant, must be interpreted by Virgüez Carolina, Colombian naturalized Brazilian actress with several awards and nominations as best actress in several plays nationals.

There will be 4 and half days of filming."

BreakingDawnMovie via FOForks via KStewartSource
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