September 5th, 2010

BD read along 4-6!

chapters 4-6

Please remember our rules:

- Debate is encouraged. Expect differing opinions and please don't take disagreement as criticism of you personally.
- Bashing will not be tolerated. If you make a debate personal and insult members for their opinions you won't be allowed to participate.
- This is meant to be fun. If you don't have a lot of time to read, that's okay. Skim and join in the conversation anyway.
- There is no such thing as being late to a read along post. Take your time and join the discussion any time during the week.
- Beyond that, there are no rules. Make the discussion whatever you want it to be.

- How did you feel about Jacob's return?
- Did you like the reception? What about the inclusion of the humans? Did you like how SM closed their stories?
- Isle Esme. What were you originally imagining for Edward and Bella's honeymoon?
- Edward and Bellas ~deeper water excursion, and subsequent Edward freak out, how did you feel about it? Did you think it was necessary for Edward to be so self loathing?
- Were you proud of Bella for getting Edward again? How about how laid back and adorable Edward was after?
- How did you feel about Bella's bargain to go to college and stay human?
- Looking back, did you notice how Bella's pregnancy seemed to be foreshadowed? All of the mentions of her sleeping for so long and her wave of "vertigo" how did you interpret these things the first time you read?

posting for ontheroad361 who is out of town. I will be back later, I have to run out!