August 26th, 2010

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Twilight Reflected in Brown Eyes - Chapter 17

Title:  Twilight Reflected in Brown Eyes
Chapter 17:  Stop this Train
Author:  mcgt 
Rating:  M / NC17
Pairing:  E/B AH
Spoilers:  None
Disclaimer:  I don't own Twilight - just playing around.
Summary:  Bella Swan is in for the shock of her life when Edward Cullen comes
back into her life 7 years after graduation. Can the scars from her past be
healed by the reclusive musician or will she shut him out like everyone else
since the accident 4 years ago.

Chapter 17 -
Chapter 17 - Twilighted

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Frim the Beginning - Twilighted
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I Run to You: Chapter 24

Title: I Run To You
Author: MidnightTrain06 (MidnightTrain on
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: ExB, & all other canon
Category: Angst/Romance

“We run on fumes, your life and mine. Like the sands of time, slippin’ right on through.”
For five years, Bella Swan and Jasper Whitlock have lived as carefree vagabonds. In an old Mustang, they roam from town to town across the country. But they are broken; and they are running. So what happens when the past catches up to them? AH, BxE.

Chapter 24
Poor girl couldn't believe what she did. But by the end of the night, I think she was pretty damn proud of herself. I mean, she was covered in vomit, but proud.

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