August 18th, 2010

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weekly rec post

weekly recommendation post.
Here's the place to rec all your favorite Edward/Bella fanworks (fic, fan videos, art, etc).

| Waterbeds can be sexy. Who knew? Edward and Bella, best friends to more-than-friends. Once a WitFit. Rated: M

It's About Time | Bella can't deny her best friend, Edward, anything. But when he asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for his family's visit, she finds herself in the midst of a battle between her head and her heart. For the Pretend Date Contest. AH/OOC.

Waterloo | I was defeated; you won the war. But how could I ever refuse? I feel like I win when I lose. Bella hates Edward…maybe. Written for The Faithful Shipper's Abba One Shot Contest. AH - Oneshot

Update: Talk to Me

Title: Talk to Me
Author: [info]kytus333 
Rating: K (PG)
Characters: Bella, Charlie, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and many others.
Category: Friendship/Family
Short Summary:
AU. AH. New school, new girl, no friends. Making them can be hard. Follow an eight-year-old Bella as she tries to fit in with her new classmates.

Chapter 2 Link: