August 2nd, 2010

Ted Cullen

What the Disguise Won't Hide - Chapter Six

Title: What the Disguise Won't Hide 
Author: carribbeanlady
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: M or R
Category: Romance/Drama
Spoilers: None
Summary: All Human. Private Eye Edward Masen has always played the womanizer when going undercover but now he has decided to go a different route. Introducing Ted Cullen, extreme computer nerd and Edward in disguise. Let’s hope his newest assignment isn’t hot for geeks.

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Twilight Reflected in Brown Eyes - Chapter 16

Story:  Twilight Reflected in Brown Eyes
Chapter:  Many the Miles
Author:  [info]mcgt 
Pairings:  E/B  AH
Spoilers:  None
Rating:  M / NC-17
Disclaimer:  SM owns it, I'm just playing around.

Summary:  Bella Swan is in for the shock of her life when Edward Cullen comes
back into her life 7 years after graduation. Can the scars from her past be
healed by the reclusive musician or will she shut him out like everyone else
since the accident 4 years ago.

Edward and Bella "ECLIPSE meadow"

Not That Girl Ch.5

Title: Not That Girl
Author: tinnababy
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Tanya, Edward/Bella
Rating: M (NC-17 eventually)
Category: Friendship, Romance, Drama.
Summary:Bella and Tanya have been BFF's since the third grade. When Bella goes to Medical School, she meets fellow classmate, Edward Cullen. Bella doesn't date him, but instead sets him up with Tanya. Over time, Bella and Edward get closer; perhaps a little too close.

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