July 17th, 2010


Something Good - 3/10

Title: Something Good
Author: xtalleenx (ThexInvisiblexGirl on ff.net)

Chapter: 3/10
Characters: Bella/Edward and other canon pairings, Bella's POV
Rating: T

Summary: Bella Swan gets a bit bored of her job, until someone in the office across the street catches her eye in a window that overlooks her own. AH/AU, slightly OOC.

Disclaimer: the characters, as well as a few minor references to the Twilight saga, are the property of Stephenie Meyer. The title and various references along the story are taken from the film version of The Sound of Music, which is also not mine. I mean them no harm.

New chapter preview:

If it was possible to fall in love with someone based on a week of wordless interaction, I was head over heels for him already. Oddly enough, it didn’t bother me that I hardly knew anything about him. Somehow, the lack of knowledge added something extra to this strange acquaintance. And unlike Angela's attempts to coax me into finding out more about him, I preferred to keep things as they were, at least for a little longer.

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