July 14th, 2010


Story Update: The Other Side of Me

Title: The Other Side of Me
Chapter 17
Author: keeks_two, AKA BelieveItOrNot
Rating: M for adult themes, language, sexual content
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight
Summary: Post-college Edward and Bella help each other heal through the worst kind of pain inflicted by a close friend. A realistic look at the trauma and healing of acquaintance rape. AU, AH, Mostly Edward/Bella. Emmett/Rose, Jasper/Alice are present but take smaller roles. OOC, Rated M, adult themes

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Fanfic Update - No Strings Attached? Chapter 18.

Title – No Strings Attached? Chapter 18.

Author – (LJ) Bloodtype46. (FF.net) Vale-46-4eva

Main characters – Bella/Edward.

Rating – M

Genre – Romance/Humour/Angst

Disclaimer – All characters belong to Stephenie.


Summary - A night of drunken passion leads to an endless string of sexual
affairs. An exciting prospect for many. But a complicated scenario, when it
just so happens that the guy you’re screwing, is your Father's Fiancées
Son, your soon-to-be Step Brother! Surely this can’t end well…



C1 - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5827050/1/

You Stole My Bagel!

Dead Letters / Chapter Thirteen

Title: Dead Letters
Pairings: Edward/Bella Other Canon Couples
Rating: M
Spoilers: AU, Human.
Summary: Edward and Bella were teenage sweethearts. Everything was perfect until Bella received a letter from Edward asking her to leave. 3 years later Bella&TheCullens meet again. So whats up with Edward? And why does he say that he recieved a letter from Bella?


Story Update: Haight Is A Strong Word

Title: Haight Is A Strong Word
Author: sparklesdontmakenoise
Rating: M for language and mild lemonage
Genre: Romance/Drama
Short summary: Bella Swan is a Berkeley dropout and is searching for anything and everything that will alienate her from her perfectly structured past. But once she goes too far, only an auburn-haired stranger can redeem her from the mess she's made for herself. AU OOC
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns. 




'Breaking Dawn' In 3-D Will Be 'A Creative Decision,' Studio Says (...)

'Breaking Dawn' In 3-D Will Be 'A Creative Decision,' Studio Says

'A big factor is the perception of our audience,' Summit's Richard Fay tells MTV News of adopting the technology.

Summit Entertainment understands the importance of 3-D. Still, there continues to be rampant speculation about whether "Breaking Dawn," will open as a 3-D release when the first of a two-part finale arrives in theaters next year. But now, another movie on the studio's lineup may provide some clues about where Summit will take the "Twilight Saga."
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True love Edward and Bella.

If you wrote the Breaking Dawn script, What would you change?

Poll #1592354 If you wrote the Breaking Dawn script, What would you change?

If you wrote the Breaking Dawn script, What would you change?

The movie would end with a true battle.
You would include more Edward.
Nessie wouldn't exist.
Book Jacob wouldn't exist.
The movie wouldn't have fade to black sex scenes.
You would include more Cullen moments.
You would include more Edward and Bella moments.
Bella would have to work at being a good vampire.
I would include more of Bella's human friends.
kirsten dunst; oh you

Melissa Rosenberg on Breaking Dawn: “We want the eroticism of the sex scenes"

The source sucks but...

hiccup-oooh Pictures, Images and Photos

“I don’t think we’ll be toning a whole lot [of the racy scenes] down,”
Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg told HollywoodLife.com exclusively during a one-on-one interview before her Writer’s Guild Foundation event in LA July 13. “We want the eroticism of the sex scenes.”

Sweet! We can’t wait to see real-life lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart are going to steam up the screen! However, Melissa does say, “That doesn’t mean that one has to see it all, but you do want that [eroticism]. With the birth scene as well, I just don’t know that you have to tone it down. If you really look at the books, how much are you really seeing? I think [the movies] might wind up being saucier than the book because you’re actually seeing skin-on-skin and the horror of the birth scenes. We’re not shying away from it.”

As for how she plans on actually splitting up the epic last Twilight Saga novel into two films, Melissa has a good idea – but nothing is concrete QUITE yet. “We’re still debating the exact moment, but it’ll fall down to the first half of Bella as a human and being pregnant and a newlywed and the second half being Bella as a vampire and a parent. Somewhere in the middle of that, the break will come.”

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weekly rec post

weekly recommendation post.
Here's the place to rec all your favorite Edward/Bella fanworks (fic, fan videos, art, etc).

by YOURheavyARMS

Paper CutOuts | twistedcoincidence | Bella prefers the virtual to the actual, but feels herself being tugged from the safety of her online realm into the world of a rough edged Edward. This time she'll write her own story. Collab with astilbe13 AH/AU

Set Yourself on Fire | famouslyso | Superhero Contest Entry. "I almost wished I'd never been born with it, but then I would have grown up pretending to have powers and thinking it'd be so great to have a special power and become a superhero just like Clark Kent. Well this wasn't Kansas."

Something Good - 2/10

Title: Something Good
Author: xtalleenx (ThexInvisiblexGirl on ff.net)

Chapter: 2/10
Characters: Bella/Edward and other canon pairings, Bella's POV
Rating: T

Summary: Bella Swan gets a bit bored of her job, until someone in the office across the street catches her eye in a window that overlooks her own. AH/AU, slightly OOC.

Disclaimer: the characters, as well as a few minor references to the Twilight saga, are the property of Stephenie Meyer. The title and various references along the story are taken from the film version of The Sound of Music, which is also not mine. I mean them no harm.

New chapter preview:

I stared at him transfixed, like a child would stare at a magician. I took in the way the material of his shirt stretched over his forearms when he raised his arm. He had long fingers, I noticed, like a pianist's. There was nothing I wanted more than dashing downstairs, crossing the street and hunting this gorgeous man down.

Or you could just open the window and have a better look at him, an inner voice reminded me.

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