June 29th, 2010

SOTL: Quid pro quo

Rob, Kristen and Stephenie makes Forbes Powerful Celeb list

Rob, Stephenie and Kristen made Forbes' "World's Most Powerful Celebritiy list, ranking #50, #59 & #66, respectively.

#50 Robert Pattinson

Power Rank: 50
Pay: $17.0 mil
Category: Actors
Pay Rank: 86
Web Rank: 7
Press Rank: 37
TV/Radio Rank: 53
Social Rank: 68

Everyone's favorite vampire may be on the verge of becoming a true movie star. Pattinson earns most of his money from the Twilight films where he stars as Edward Cullen. But he'll break out of the Twilight rut with next year's Like Water for Elephants, based on the popular novel and costarring Reese Witherspoon.

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update! Sinnerman - chapter 12 part 1 - "Third Man Walking"

Title: Sinnerman
Author: Detochkina
Characters: Bella/Edward
Rating: M
Category: Angst, Suspense, Romance

Summary: Loss, greed, unfulfilled ambitions, and a ticking clock. Bella finds herself in the middle of another family’s drama, and while on the mission to help, she loses the track of what's right and what's wrong. Edward turns Bella's entire world upside down as she gets involved in his dangerous games and refuses to walk away, despite his efforts to protect her. Their love and loyalty are tested and their future is far from certain.

Chapter 12 on FF.n: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5816837/13/Sinnerman
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daily graphics post #132

daily graphics post
Post teasers and links to your E/B graphics as a comment to this post.

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"Eclipse" Critics Review Master Post

Here are some of the reviews from the RT top critics. Feel free to share others. If you've already seen the movie, our fan review post(s) will be up later tonight, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Spoilers, of course.

The pleasant surprise this time around is that the result finally feels more like the blockbuster this top-earning franchise deserves. - Variety

The teen vampire series finally hits its stride with an entertaining mix of romance and action fantasy. - The Hollywood Reporter

For most of its languorous running time, it listens to conversations between Bella and Edward, Bella and Jacob, Edward and Jacob, and Edward and Bella and Jacob. This would play better if any of them were clever conversationalists. - Roger Ebert

The huge contingent of girls — and women with girlish fantasies — who liked the first two movies will doubtless enjoy Eclipse. But this third go-round won't make Twihard converts of the rest of us. - USA Today

More happens in "Eclipse" than in the previous "Twilight" zone, "New Moon," and yet it's duller. - Chicago Tribune

Wyck talks about Rob and Kristen

Everyone is talking about whatever is going on between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Is that good for business?

Do you want the honest answer? I haven't even thought of it that way.

That's not the honest answer.

It really is. I honestly don't think of it in terms of business. It doesn't affect our core business at all. The thing I do think about is, Oh my God, I hope they stay together. Because it could be awkward on set in the next movie if they have a huge falling out. It's like, Wow, they have to portray this love story through two more movies. God, I hope they stay together; please stay together. That's what affects my day-to-day.

But you walk by newsstands and it's a publicist's dream: they are on every cover.

I don't feel it's out there anymore. Do people still report on it? If you look at people who have a stable personal life, the rags get tired of them. I think we're heading to that place where they are together and that's their life and we better find someone new to create drama out of.

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fan review post: for those who disliked the movie

Disliked Eclipse? This is the post to get all your complaints, crying, and whining out. This includes everything from music usage, Jacob Black, E/B scenes they didn't get right...maybe the entire thing. Vent out your frustrations and discuss with others!

Please refrain from going into the like post and starting arguments there.

The like post is here.

fan review post: for those who liked the movie

Liked Eclipse? This is the post to get all your squeeing, crying (the good way), and fangirling out. This includes everything from music usage to the leg hitch to the proposal and everything else. Discuss all the great scene in the movie with others!

Please refrain from going into the dislike post and starting arguments there.

The dislike post is here.

ETA: This is an Edward and Bella community, so don't expect comments to be all sunshine and daisies about Jacob here. Gloating about him is also not welcome; there are plenty of other comms for you to do that. Thank you.