June 21st, 2010

Kristen at Stockholm Fan Event

Photos from the photocall are Here.

Use this post for photos, tweets, videos and more that are coming in!

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RT @life_in_thecity: Kristen Stewart + Taylor Lautner on stage at fan party in Stockholm
RT @kstewartnews RT @mclol: Kristen & Taylor hit the stage http://tweetphoto.com/28407191
RT @kstewartnews Another picture! http://tweetphoto.com/28406421 by @ppompam
RT @kstewartnews Better picture of Kristen's dress http://tweetphoto.com/28406765 by @ppompam
RT @CharlieBSweden: Kristen and Taylor are on the stage and the fans screaming like never before http://yfrog.com/6dw97j
RT @mclol: Kristen almost cries when talking about the end.

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Kristen is wearing Zac Posen.

Détruit, chapter 18 is up:)

Title: Détruit
Author: xrikkstar/somah
Rating: M (violence, mature themes)
Pairing: BxE
Disclaimer: i own nothing, blah. blahbittty, blah:)


“It’s all real. They did this, but I’m still here, always, Bella. Find me.” Those cryptic words, whispered in a last breath, continue to haunt Bella Swan five years after the supposed death of her love, Edward Masen. AH-AU.

(Prologue      ||||             Chapter 18-Awake

"I don’t think Taylor ever drank beer in his life!"

This is an article from a fan who attended the Eclipse Press Conference in Berlin:

"Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner visited Berlin in order to attend a press conference on June 18th. Thanks to Concorde we had the chance to join them!

Aside from some fun-facts, like the one that Kristen Stewart - like everyone else - used to play soccer when she was in third grade, and that Taylor Lautner, too, did like to kick around when he was younger, there of course was some info on the upcoming third part of the Saga, Eclipse, which will be released all over the world in the upcoming weeks (starting with the USA in the end of the month).

„It All Begins With A Choice.“
Not only is this a line of the trailer for one of this summer’s most anticipated movies, no, it is also the question that is coming up whenever a movie is in the making: Who will it be directed by? The question of whether or not it has been complicated to have a new director on board for each one of the movies, Stewart answered with a „no“. While having to start over from scrap everytime, each director has been „oddly appropriate“. In Eclipse, „you have to feel the danger Bella is in“, says Stewart. And that’s exactly what David Slade has achieved – he has created a darker, sinister, scarier mood.

Has the success of the Saga been changing their lives?
Stewart says she cannot simply make a stop at Starbucks anymore when she wants a cup of coffee – that you have to make adjustments. But she also says that the success and frequent attention have not changed who she is, that she still is the same person. Lautner says about the same – „You don’t give up anything – you make adjustments. [...] When you start letting it change what you do and who you are, that’s when you get in trouble.“

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Title: "Morning After Dark"
: Bella/Edward
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Twilight, although I wish I did.
Bella is forced by her mother to move to Forks to live with her dad. So her and her twin Jasper move there and she thinks life is going to stink. Then she meets Edward Cullen and everything suddenly changes.


any questions about the story? about my livejournal? go to my twitter:

fanfic: UMH re-edited

Title: Unwrap My Heart
Author: tasharr 
Characters/Parings: E/B
Rating: M
Category: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Summary: He got broken. She closed herself off. Together they have both given up on love and have turned to alcohol, sex and parties as an antidote. Are their cuts too deep to be healed? When they finally meet will they admit their feelings or just run away from the truth.

Chapters are being re-edited.

Chapter 1

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