June 6th, 2010

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we own the sky | a (happy) twilight fanmix

Notes: This mix was inspired by book nostalgia. I think E&B are typically seen as a pretty angsty couple (the movies certainly don't help), and I thought it'd be fun to make an upbeat, SEE THEY ACTUALLY DO SMILE/LOVE EACH OTHER mix. My fanmixes are usually pretty damn depressing, so this was refreshing for me as well.

millions of sunsets, but the one i remember is the one where you told me you'd love me forever
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Hi (: . I wanted to share my latest works.

This one was inspired by the song "My love" by Sia. I loved the entire OST and I think is perfect, well maybe except for one lol.

I haven´t watched the clips of the movie, only the trailer, so now I´m getting really anxious to see it.

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Across the Universes, Update Chapter 10

Title: Across the Universes
Author: FantasyMother
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward
Rating: M
Category: Fantasy/Supernatural

Summary: Not all is as it seems when Edward finds an old journal that can bridge the gap between universes. Things become even stranger when the reality of one universe starts to bleed into the other. AU, B & E Rated M for Lemons. Citrus in the multiverse.

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MTV Movie Awards Viewing Party & Master Post

Here's our master post/viewing party for tonight's MTV Movie Awards. We'll keep this post updated with any photos and updates coming in. Posts in the queue will NOT be approved until after the show is over and we would appreciate your patience.

Be nice and have fun!

RT @taryder Bad news kids....they told us kristen stewart is photos only, rob isn't even on list to walk carpet as of now
RT @taryder The eclipse cast has four days of the junket starting next weekend, so I'm not too surprised they're taking it easy today
RT @theawfultruth Hearing no #rpattz on carpet, #kstew photos only...let's hope they change their mind!
RT @marcmalkin: Elizabeth reaser: yes, breaking dawn two movies will happen just waiting for them to put it into writing.


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Melting the ice - chapter 1

Title: Melting the ice
Author: LeeMinKyo
Summary: AU-post-NewMoon. Victoria kidnapped Bella to torture her and make Edward suffer. Something happens and everyone began to think that Bella is dead. Years after that Alice see something. A crowed street and a beautiful Bella with red eyes. She can´t remember her past and she´s living with an old woman who treats her like her granddaughter. What happened to her? Why can´t she remember?
Pairing: Bella/Edward
Beta: RingTheBella (Thank you so much for being my beta. This fanfics wouldn´t be here without your help!!)


Fanfiction Update: Ashes and Wine, New chapter

Title: Ashes and Wine
Author: emmajane_18 (lj), alwaysandforever.x (ff)
Chapter title: Under
Rating: T
Genre: Romance, angst
Disclaimer: All belongs to the talented S.Meyer, not me... sadly.
Summary:  Bella feels trapped... she's young, but stuck in a marriage to someone she no longer loves. However, shes accepted thats the way her lifes going to be. Everything changes though one night when she meets Edward Cullen - someone who instantly adores her and just wants to be loved too. Over time, they gradually fall in love, and she grows further apart from her husband and considers giving everything up for love... for Edward. - However, when several surprising events happen, Bella realises that there is a diference between real life and fairytales... and that shes stuck between both and has to make a choice. A very romantic, angsty Edward/Bella love story. Mainly canon pairings except for some Bella/Jasper earlier on, all human.

Chapter preview:  As it continued to ring, I debated hanging up… this wasn't going to solve anything. It would make me feel better… so much better… but it wouldn't sort out any of my problems. Surely it would only make them worse.

I made up my decision to just hang up then, but just as I was about to hit the cancel button, I heard that soft, sweet voice answer…


And all my fears and worries suddenly faded away.

I smiled, and took a deep breath, "Hi, Edward," I whispered into the phone.

He was silent for only a moment before whispering, "B-Bella… is that you?"

CHAPTER LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5997389/4/

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Title: Deadly Desires
Genre: Tragedy/Romance
Rating: M
Lili locket
Disclaimer: Credit to Stephanie Meyer

Summary:  With Bella away at college, Edwards longing for her return is short lived. He finds himself drawn into a world of danger, lust and blood. Can Edward tame the inner beast that is clawing it's way free?

Chapter preview:  Backing away with a sudden found strength I gripped tightly onto the weak, wooden window ledge behind me, I felt it begin to crumble beneath my heavy touch.
Sitting forwards she furiously tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ears; this only heightened my thirst as I flicked my cool black eyes over the softness of her neck.
I had to get out of here, explanations would have to wait, and if I stayed in this room with her for a second longer I'd rip into her flesh and drain her of every ounce of blood.

Author note:
All comments welcomed

The Mail Order Bride

chapter Update Fanfic: The mail order bride

New chapter from Lady Gwynedd,

Title: The Mail Order Bride

Category: Twilight

Character(s): Bella & Edward

Chapter 18 Title: Chapter 18: The Dance
Words: 3,144
Genre(s): Romance/Western
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: It's the late 1800s in the wild west. A lonely man seeks
companionship; a woman restricted by convention seeks a future. Add those
together and what do you get?

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5885420/18/