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03 June 2010 @ 12:24 am
Chapter 7 Title: Chapter 7
Words: 2,111
Genre(s): Horror/Mystery
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Edward and Jasper search for the scents that sing to them and then
share them with the world in the form of renowned perfumes. But more than
anything, what makes these perfumes precious is the secret ingredient that
either man would take to the grave.

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5875879/7/
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Title:  I Want Everything with You
Author:  heywoodlane 
Characters/Pairing:  E/B
Rating:  M
Category:  Romance/Humor
Spoilers:  None

Summary:  Music-obsessed engineer-in-training Edward Cullen watches Bella Swan from afar, until one song changes everything.  AH, nerds, lemon. 

chapter 9
start from the beginning
03 June 2010 @ 09:10 am
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If you have more, I'll add them in!

also thanks to blossom03
03 June 2010 @ 12:58 pm

How did you come into working on the ECLIPSE project?

They just asked me to work on it, and that was pretty much it. It really was as simple as that.

With NEW MOON, Alexandre Desplat admitted that he ignored Carter Burwell’s score for TWILIGHT and did not even see the first film. Did you follow that same mentality with ECLIPSE?

No, I actually did some pretty thorough research. I like to read a lot, and I knew the story. I was really interested in it from a dramatic point of view. And I felt that the story expands with the third film. I did the research and fell into a very interesting creative process. It was a pleasure to work on.

And I found both guys’ scores to be very good. Carter’s was such a good score, and Alexandre’s was just beautiful.

How was the experience tracking for songs through ECLIPSE?

I worked with Emily Haines and James Shaw of the group Metric, and Metric was a group that I had researched and felt that they would be good collaborators for this project. I asked them if they would be interested in writing with me, and the three of us created the song “Eclipse (All Yours).” I actually like the collaboration of working with different artists.

And that is something that you see less and less of in Hollywood. Back during the heyday of James Bond, you would almost always see a composer co-write the movie’s theme song.

Yes, yes! I enjoy that very much.More...Collapse )


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03 June 2010 @ 01:31 pm
daily graphics post
Post teasers and links to your E/B graphics as a comment to this post.

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It's kind of hard to hear, but around 1:20 Kristen says her two favorite scenes in Eclipse are B&J's kiss (the second) and the following conversation with Edward. The answer's disappointing, but I think her reasoning is interesting. At least she refers to it as a "mistake" lol.
03 June 2010 @ 08:20 pm
Title: Edward /?/ Bella | Ours
Song: Ours by The Bravery [courtesy of the Eclipse soundtrack]
Maker: beatlesloverrr (channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/beatlesloverrr [back-up acct: jacedward] )
Program: iMovie


P.S. comments are appreciated!! :)

P.S. again : my account just got suspended...you can find my videos on my back-up acct, jacedward. I'm uploading some of the old ones. Ugh, I hate you copyright. All my videos got deleted!

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Lol at Kstew and the Miley CD ♥
03 June 2010 @ 10:13 pm
weekly recommendation post.
Here's the place to rec all your favorite Edward/Bella fanworks (fic, fan videos, art, etc).

Love in My Box | Bella's an intellectual free spirit and Edward is a reserved, slightly geeky med student. They have a brief, but intense encounter on Sp Brk in Miami. Can they find true love through emails? There will be lemons and laughs. Look who's writing this!

Summer of Salt | The heat wave lingers. Sweet, savory and slick. Jasper, Rose and I wade through the humid days, content in our relative isolation. We spend June through August at our family lake property, and this summer is like any other. Until it's not.

The Misapprehension of Bella Swan | The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Players: Through incessant stalking and persistence, can Edward wear down Bella's resistence and teach her to embrace her inner puck bunny? A ridiculous love story. AH/OCC

*Sorry this is late. I've been swamped :(
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