April 15th, 2010

Ch 11

Title: Gettin' some post-semester (_!_)
Author: Sock
Rating: M
Catergory: General/Romance
Pairings: E x B, canon couples
Spoilers: N/A; AH
Summary: The girls meet up with the guys on vaca. Bella is looking to get laid after a hard semester. Whoever will she find to help her?? Rated M for Language and Lemon.You should note that I don't really do filler. It's all about point A to B for me.

Chapter 1 / Chapter 11

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Fanfic Update - No Strings Attached? Chapter 5.

Title – No Strings Attached? Chapter 5

Author – (LJ) Bloodtype46. (FF.net) Vale-46-4eva

Main characters – Bella/Edward.

Rating – M

Genre – Romance/Humour/Angst

Disclaimer – All characters belong to Stephenie.


Summary - A night of drunken passion leads to an endless string of sexual
affairs. An exciting prospect for many. But a complicated scenario, when it
just so happens that the guy you’re screwing, is your Father's Fiancées
Son, your soon-to-be Step Brother! Surely this can’t end well…



C1 - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5827050/1/

Kristen Stewart felt weird kissing Lautner

For Kristen Stewart, who reprises her role as Bella in Twilight: Eclipse, locking lips with costar Taylor Lautner (who plays her pal Jacob) felt odd—not just because she thinks of Lautner as a kid brother, but because Bella’s heart truly belongs to vampire hottie Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). “It felt really weird kissing someone else as Bella,” says Stewart. “I was like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ It was a really strange experience—as it should have been.”


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New Story! Collide

Title: Collide
Author: Robicorn
Rating: M
Catergory: Angst/Romance
Pairings: E x B, canon couples
Summary: Two lost souls trying to figure out where they belong, collide. What happens when Isabella wants out of the plain life she leads that Edward wants to be accepted into? Will Edward face what he is running from to leave with Bella? Or will Bella surrender and embrace her culture? Rated M for some Language and Lemons, future bad behavior, and appearnces by Jealousward.


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Wicked Angel UPDATED!

Title: Wicked Angel
Collab. by DevilishPleasure
DevilishPleasures consists of six authors: lolafalana, RobicornImwiththevampires08NJNYTwiGals (2 Authors) & iadorepugs 
Rated: M for Lemons, Violence, and cursing.
Summary: I am Edward Cullen and I have a deadly secret: I am a hit man. My new target: Isabella Newton. With the help of my friends, we plan the crime of the century. What the hell am I going to do when she becomes more than my target and becomes my life...?

Update: Chapter 13 Dark Abyss:
"Edward. Are you telling me that you are going to . . . kill Mike?"

"Yes," I said and the taste of his death was so close . . . I could almost smell it. "But that isn't why I've brought you two million, Jacob. It's to keep Bella safe. No one tries to harm her in any way." I popped open one of the briefcases and ran my fingers along the money. "And if anyone does"—I touched the gun at my waist—"they will die a horrible, painful death."

Prologue: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5631446/1/Wicked_Angel

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The Mail Order Bride

New Chapter for The Mail Order Bride

New chapter from Lady Gwynedd,

Title: The Mail Order Bride

Category: Twilight

Character(s): Bella & Edward

Chapter 5 Title: Chapter 5 The Ring
Words: 3,081
Genre(s): Romance/Western
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: It's the late 1800s in the wild west. A lonely man seeks
companionship; a woman restricted by convention seeks a future. Add those
together and what do you get?

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5885420/5/