March 27th, 2010

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opinions on scores

I'm pretty sure this hasn't been asked sooo. Poll time! From this post and a few others, I've read that some people prefer the Twilight score/OST to New Moon's because they don't think it fit the movie.

Which movie score did you like best?

New Moon

Which score fit their respective movie more?

New Moon

Reasons? Any scenes with fitting or unfitting music that stuck out in your head? Particular tracks you love?

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Chapter 4

Title: The Benefits of Being Friends
Author: c_deepest_blue
Characters Pairing: Edward and Bella.
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Romance
Spoilers: No spoiler. AU and All Human.
Summary: Things take a different course than that expected after Bella makes one late night booty call. EXB, All Human.

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Z beautiful

Was Edward's decision selfish?

Edward said that changing Bella was the most selfish thing he'd ever done. Do you agree with this? Or was it more selfish of him to continue to get to know her as he was falling in love with her? Or do you not place any fault with him?

I remember reading Twilight for the first time thinking that maybe Edward should stay away from Bella for her own good. But he didn't. (Of course I didn't want him to, but I did wonder at the time that if he cared about her so much, why did he pursue her and allow her to develop feelings for him?)

Let's remember that selfishness is a very human trait and although we make a few selfish decisions, it's not exactly the same as being a selfish person. So, please, let's keep the discussion rational and respectful. :)

Striptease: New Chapter: Enjoy This, Cullen

Title: Striptease By AngelStardust
Chapter: 3: Enjoy This, Cullen
Genre: Romance / Angst
Pairing: MikexBella, EdwardxBella
Details: AU, NM
Rating: M/R
Spoilers: "This gave the "look, Ma, no hands" saying a whole new meaning. I snorted when I noticed Jasper shift in his chair almost uncomfortably"
Warnings: Strong Language, Dark Themes, Violence, Sexual Content, Sexual Assault, Drug Use,
Status: Work In Progress
Summary: "After that fateful 18th birthday of Bella's, Edward decided it was best to leave Bella. She needed to live a "normal" human life. Though, he never imagined where she would be a year later. With every action comes a reaction."
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