March 23rd, 2010

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Meeting Bella Swan: Chapter 10

Title: Meeting Bella Swan
Author: innocent-youth
Characters/Pairing: Edward&Bella centered, canon pairings.
Rating: M, just to be sure.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: AU/AH. Journalist Edward Cullen has the opportunity to interview famous singer Isabella Swan. They both feel attracted to each other, but surely they won’t ever meet again, or will they? Even if, can Bella, who wants her personal life to stay private, become friends – or possibly something more – with a journalist?

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New Moon Broke Twilgiht's DVD Sale Record

Summit has issued a press release detailing exciting news concerning New Moon DVD sales. The weekend launch of the DVD and Blu-Ray sold 4 million copies! From the PR:

Summit Entertainment’s Co-Chairmen Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger stated, “Once again the incredibly dedicated fans of the TWILIGHT SAGA came out in massive numbers this weekend for the opportunity to be one of the first take home the second movie in the series. As we have said all along, the fans are what make this franchise and we once again thank them for their support.”

“The support that we have received from our retail partners in accommodating the incredible demand for the title has been nothing short of amazing,” said Steve Nickerson, Summit’s President of Home Entertainment. “The ground we have broken with in-store partnerships and the availability of this title has been a positive influence on the retail DVD business.”

Best Poster...?

Ok, so we've all (or most of us) have seen the Eclipse poster. What do you think, officially... now that you've had time to ponder it for hours?

Were the Twilight posters better? New Moon's? Fanart posters above all the above?
Poll #1542114 Movie Poster Craze

Which Poster Of The Movies Looked Better? (Final Version)

New Moon

If reaching out to the fandom, what poster would make a better one for Eclipse?


Twilight in another decade?

Michael Schoeffling and Diane Lane for your viewing pleasure, via $%#@ Yeah Bella.

We all know what sort of success Twilight has brought the young stars in the franchise, and whether or not you love KStew and RPattz, it's hard not to wonder who might have been our Edward and Bella. So, why not go further? Who would have been the likely suspects or who would you have liked to see as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan (or the rest of the characters) in another decade? In the '80s or '90s, who would have been your 'dream team'?

Well, I may only be in my 20s, but I've always loved movies from the '80s and for me? I've always loved Diane Lane for Bella. Even in the 80s, she would have been a bit older but she's always been youthful, sweet, and yet still has that attitude our Bella needs. And, don't forget—She did play Kristen's mom in Jumper.

For Edward, I can't think of anyone other than model-turned-actor, Michael Schoeffling. Name not ringing any bells? Well, how about Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles? The film itself is over 20 years old, and girls still swoon over Jake Ryan. I wonder if our Edward Cullen will still have that sort of impact in 20 years...

But of course, that's just my opinion. Let's say it's 1978, 1984, or 1996—who do YOU think would have been cast in the Twilight movies?

Fanfiction New Story: Fearless

Title: Fearless
Author: emmajane_18 (lj), alwaysandforever.x (ff)
Rating: T
Genre: Romance, friendship, Hurt/Comfort.
Disclaimer: All belongs to the talented S.Meyer, not me... sadly.
Summary:  Afraid of everything, ignored by most, life’s not easy for everyone - especially not Bella Swan. Little does she know Edward Cullen is set to turn her life around. Short romantic story based off the Taylor Swift song. All-Human. ExB, Canon pairings

Chapter preview: I put all my thoughts to the back of my mind and vowed to forget about last lunch and about them. It was in the past, and now I had to focus on the now… which was my English class.

I almost felt like smiling as I made my way to my seat - I loved English, it had always been my favourite class. It was something that I hadn't lost a year ago, as books… literature… writing… would always be a big part of me. Not to mention it was the only subject I considered myself to be good at.

The class was pretty much full now, save for one seat next to me, and I smiled at that. I was in the one subject I liked at school, and I felt okay. Nothing was going to mess this up for me, not anything or anyone…

"Okay, Edward, you can have the seat next to Isabella, I'll just show you…"

Apart from him.


Chris Weitz talks about Kstew's potty mouth.

She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but it has been revealed Kristen Stewart is a bad girl on the movie set. Kristen Stewart comes across as polite and fairly quiet but it seems the young actress is anything but, when she gets on to the Twilight set.

New Moon director, Chris Weitz, has revealed Kristen is fond of the odd swear word or ten off-screen.

The director told PopEater: “Those kids have some mouths. Except for Taylor Lautner. He was always very well-spoken.”

When asked who was most guilty of letting out the occasional expletive he revealed: “It’s Kristen by several lengths actually.”

Taylor is clearly the type of boy you could take home to your mum, awwwww, whilst Kristen? Well, we are shocked by her potty mouth antics.

It seems living the rock chick life for current movie The Runaways has had some effect on Ms Stewart’s demeanour!

It is unlikely fans will ever get to witness the air turn blue on the film set though as Weitz revealed: “I don’t think that’s what Summit Entertainment has in mind in terms of extras.”

source via twilightsagafan LJ

Kstew out and about in Beverly hills

Kristen Stewart, Beverly Hills…?

She’s the star of a major Hollywood franchise, and she’s only 19, and she has her pick of scripts, critically and commercially acclaimed, able to jump from high profile to independent feature naturally, and called one of the most promising stars among her peers…so yes, of course, Kristen Stewart is rich, has access, and is looking buy.

But in Beverly Hills?

Well, that’s what the photo agency is saying.

Here she is, in great spirits, heading from her place to Beverly Hills where she supposedly checked out several homes on the market with what’s presumed to be a real estate agent. It doesn’t seem like her kind of community. Like, imagine her neighbours? And their blonde plastic plasticness? And there’s KStew with her bong.

Actually, no, I see it now. For kicks, that would be kinda awesome.

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In Ruins - Ch.10 - No Is Not Acceptable

Story Title: In Ruins
Author: adair7
Rating: R
Details: Edward/Bella
Disclaimer: Everything Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Mysterious shadows in a photo turn into something more. He breathed in deeply, leaning in towards me and then exhaled quickly, as though he’d been punched. His breathing stopped. “Bite me,” I whispered. E/B. AU.
Link: @

Chapter 10: No Is Not Acceptable