March 11th, 2010



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Music:  krwling (reanimation remix) - linkin park
Program: sony vegas pro 9
Spoilers/Books Covered: new moon, bits of twilight
Summary: Soo....this song is basically supposed to be about Bella's hallucinations and what leads her to jump off that cliff in new moon. Then I kind of get a little crazy going into what she's seeing as she sinks to the bottom.

Hope you guys like it!
hand of god

Undercover - Gonna Be Okay

New chapter from  Enigma Lynne,

Title: Undercover

Category: Twilight

Character(s): Edward & Bella

Chapter 27 Title: Gonna Be Okay
Words: 6,431
Genre(s): Angst/Mystery
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Someone is going around and killing prominent doctors in Seattle, and
Detective Isabella Swan is bound and determined to not let it happen again.
But what happens when the next target is her long lost love Edward Mason?
AH-OOC, lemons to occur later!


ESQUIRE - What Robert Pattinson Knows Can Save Us All

What Robert Pattinson Knows Can Save Us All

You want to hate him. But then you get to know him, and he gets to know himself, and you wonder if Vampire Boy might just turn into the man who teaches a generation of jaded sex symbols how to be movie stars we love.

Robert Pattinson Pictures Remember Me 2010

A funny, unexpected thing happened to me on a recent Saturday in New York: I literally ran into Robert Pattinson, and he left me... starstruck. He had to earn it, though, as I tend to cow neither to celebrities nor the young male heartthrob kind. I'd met the actor at an event for his new film Remember Me, which comes out Friday, but an accidental encounter with him and his entourage in a hotel corridor — where the stench of sycophancy lingered like stale piss — got things off on the wrong foot. About twenty minutes later, Pattinson and a not-quite-as-rank entourage greeted me and a handful of other journalists. I didn't expect much. His vagina allergies aside, the world's most conspicuous vampire since Dracula is notoriously shy, and Remember Me wasn't especially good. What was left to discuss?

A lot, as it turned out, most of which hinged on the basic separation of persona from character, of public from private, of myth from man. Not that Pattinson himself, as one of the world's most in-demand men, would dare reduce his life to such binary terms. Instead, he went on and on about his limitations. "If I could do supporting roles in things, then I'd love to do that," he told me. "But it's difficult to get supporting roles because it would be really weird most of the time. 'Well, there's the guy from Twilight playing the parking warden,' or something." He smiled and laughed beneath that notorious shock of hair, not quite swearing off ambition as much as suggesting the cost of self-importance was simply too steep to pay — even for a twenty-three-year-old who made $18 million last year. He was down to earth about being stratospherically famous, and it was... refreshing.

Now I don't know what exactly I expected from Pattinson, but it definitely wasn't this kind of canny profile management. In a day and age when other young sex symbols seem to grapple with the burden of perspective, Pattinson transcended his brooding pulchritude with modesty and charm. "What can you do?" he seemed to ask. It's a shame he couldn't infuse Remember Me with some of that lilt, but ultimately, the movie needs it much less than the general culture around Pattinson. And by general culture I mean feeding frenzy from middle school gym class to the upper reaches of Hollywood studios and, yes, to the lives of ordinary grown men who like going to the movies.

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Awk Kiss

Trailer Quotes vs. Book Quotes

From Amanda Bell:

This morning, when the trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was revealed, a list of quotes from the video was mentioned, and now it's time to put those quotes up against those of Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse.
By reviewing the words used by the cast in the film as compared with those passages present in the text, one can see that the words are quite resemblant of the original quotes.

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Edward and Bella "ECLIPSE meadow"

Dance with Me Ch.24

Title: Dance with Me
Rating: T
Summary: A major league baseball player with a bad rep needs to clean his image. He signs on to do a reality dance show. Will he clean his image and have the right kind of chemistry with his partner?
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I own nothing.
Comments: Based loosely on the reality t.v. show Dancing with the Stars.

( Chapter 1 )

( Chapter 24 )
kristen ew

"The Runaways" Los Angeles Premiere

The Los Angeles premiere of "The Runaways" is tonight! Use this post to keep up with tweets, photos, and more!

Live Stream: (now live!)

Tweets/Twitter Photos:
@popsugar To answer your questions — Taylor is on the tip sheet for tonight!
@popsugar Nikki Reed is also on the tip sheet to attend #runaways premiere in LA tonight

Red Carpet Photos:

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Red Carpet Arrivals