March 6th, 2010



Title: Volition
Author: Rochelle Allison
Characters/Pairing: E/B
Rating: M
Category: AH
Spoilers:What were we doing?

Knowing I was blurring the line, I tucked her hair behind her ear and watched as her eyes grew wider, just barely. Bella was altogether different, and she did deserve the time and effort I rarely gave other girls. She was the sort of girl you stayed with, not one you tossed away, and though I had reservations as to whether I could be what she needed I knew in my heart I couldn't ever use her.

If she wanted me the way I thought she might, I would try for her.
Summary: It's Belfast, N.Ireland and the year is 1972. Bella's worried about her brother and his best friend, Edward, and their dangerous involvement in the Irish Republican Army. Is it really wise to fall in love with a rebel?

Ch1 from Edward's POV


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Chapter 3

Title: The Art Of Love
Author: c_deepest_blue
Characters Pairing: Edward and Bella.
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Romance
Spoilers: No spoiler. AU and All Human.
Summary: A decided and shamelessly romantic gallery owner. A stubborn and reluctant artist. Will Edward be able to break Bella and make her surrender not only her art but also herself to him? EXB, All Human.

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We can finally pre-order the dvd on fnac or worten, fnac will have 3 versions of the dvd, normal, digital collector's edition and limited fan edition. While worten only has 2. Worten's digital collectors edition has a prettier cover imo. Anyways if you don't pre-order, it comes out on the 26th, yes, we always wait longer than everyone else. it's so not fair. :)

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You Were Mine All Along 12/30

Title: You Were Mine All Along 
Author: xtalleenx (ThexInvisiblexGirl on
Chapter: 12/30 - Edward's POV
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: T
Summary: AU/AH. 3 years after If You Were Mine: Things between Edward and Bella can't get more perfect. But what happens when Bella gets the chance of a lifetime, and must choose between her love and her career? 

** Make sure to read If You Were Mine first - find it here

 Chapter One  |  Chapter Twelve

Chapter preview:

It had never ceased to amaze me how no one else had ever spotted this piece of paradise; no one except for Bella and me. If I squinted, I could almost picture us laying there side by side, whispering about everything and nothing in particular, stealing one last kiss before a sudden drizzle would send us home. And now it was just me, holding on to her phantom image, wishing she could be here with me.

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