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23 February 2010 @ 07:41 am
daily graphics post
Post teasers and links to your E/B graphics as a comment to this post.
(NOT to the post linked below).

Here is a sampling of what can be found in yesterday's post...

find them all HERE!
23 February 2010 @ 10:54 am
Via Moviefone:

On Saturday, Feb. 27, we will be interviewing the entire cast of 'Remember Me,' including Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and, of course, Robert Pattinson. So if you're wondering what it was like for Emilie to film with the media frenzy surrounding Robert, or if Brosnan ever experienced the same reaction from his lady fans, now's your chance to ask them for yourself! Really, you can ask anything you want, just make sure to submit your question before Friday, Feb. 26 in the comments below and to include your name and location. Come back on Monday, March 8 to watch the video interviews and to see if your question made the cut!

You can submit your questions HERE on the Moviefone website.
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23 February 2010 @ 02:37 pm
Title: The Past Always Comes Back

Pairings: Edward & Bella

Summary: What if Bella and Edward had known eachother before he became avampire? What happens when she unexpectedly comes back into his life almost100 years later, and what happens when her creator returns for her?

Chapter One // Chapter Seven @ FF.net
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Vampires, werewolves and, of course, the people who love them have been very good to writer Stephenie Meyer. The writer, creator of the mega-selling Twilight series of vampire novels, has achieved that rarest of feats for modern authors: She's become a celebrity, a household name.

Meyer's comic biography resonated with fans of the Twilight novels and movies. Bluewater, in fact, sold out of several runs of the comic, making it one of the most successful of the company's hot-selling line of biography comics. That's why, this edition called “Twilight Unbound: The Stephenie Meyer Story”, will release a new hard cover version of Meyer's story... read mooore!Collapse )
Actress Kristen Stewart wearing Burberry attends the Burberry Prorsum LFW Autumn/Winter 2010 Women’s wear show

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I'll add the rest if they appear to this post. Please don't submit more posts
BEVERLY HILLS, California — This week is a very interesting time in the life of Kristen Stewart. On one hand, she's living the life of a movie star, winning BAFTA Awards, setting up plans to attend the Oscars and talking about her role in one of the year's most eagerly anticipated blockbusters.

On the other, she's waving goodbye to the last remembrance of her relatively anonymous youth — and the movie that, in a way, began her superstardom. It's called "The Yellow Handkerchief," and by now, every good Twilighter knows KStew shot the film as a 16-year-old indie star best known for being "that girl from 'Panic Room.' " But when this reporter caught up with her recently to discuss the romantic drama that finally opens this weekend, I almost felt like I should apologize.

"Hi," Kristen said as I walked into the room and complimented her and co-star Eddie Redmayne on a job well done. "When did you see it? Oh, you saw it at Sundance!"

And with that, we both began reminiscing about a unique circle that began two years ago. Stationed in Park City, Utah, to cover the Sundance Film Festival for MTV News, I caught a densely attended screening of "Handkerchief" — a movie I really enjoyed — then headed over to a small press conference in a tent outdoors.

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So what do you make of this three-ring circus that surrounds Kristen Stewart wherever she goes?
I’ve defended her in public as regularly as I can. I think it’s absurd, that they’re not giving her a break. I think that she’s holding her own, that she’s courageous, that she’s inventive, and that she’s got character oozing out of her, and I say, “Give her a break. Who is she to pander to your idea of what she’s supposed to be?” She has every right in the world to express herself exactly as she chooses to, and she’s got a lot of surprises up her sleeve. Why won’t they give that woman a break?
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