February 21st, 2010


Lie With Me - Fanfiction [ONE SHOT]

Title: Lie with me
Genre: Romance
Rated: M
Character: Edward & Bella
Summary : Bella believes she has got all happiness in life until her path crosses with the green eyed sex demon. Will she be able to resist him? Will he be able to satisfy her needs or bring her whole world crashing down?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“You have a pretty smile.”

I tried not to groan. Did he make a list on how to flirt?

“Your eyelids are pretty too...but I would still prefer to see the eyes behind. Though it doesn’t matter, you are still very sexy.” He answered followed with a chuckle.

My eyes popped open and instantly my eyebrows shot up in surprise.


He was the man with the strong jaw line. And believe me when I say he looked even better from near if that was even possible. His eyes were a perfect shade of green, like fireflies. He grinned at me and said “I am hurt. Were you expecting someone better than me?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Only Little Girls - Chapter 5

Title: Only Little Girls
Author: gangsterdorothy
Chapter: 3/5
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: T
Category: Fantasy/Romance
The air between them needed time to dissipate. Bella wanted nothing more than to tame Annabelle. Her loyalty to the strangest of suggestions was what scared her. She feared that if Annabelle told her to leap from the nearest bridge, Bella would have no choice but to do so.

“My mind is set. I do not plan on leaving here. You will not make me go.” Bella petted the warbler, eying Annabelle and her fading figure.

“I am disappointed, Isabella. So very disappointed.”

Summary: One day, Bella wandered into the woods and came across a mysterious creature. Captivated by it, she begins her long association with it. But where will it take her? A short fantasy fairytale story.

The Beginning // Chapter 5
harper's bazaar

BAFTA Master Post

Here we will compile all videos and pictures from the BAFTA Awards. Kristen is nominated and Rob is presenting.

Showtime information: E! will have red carpet coverage from 5:15pm GMT to 7:15pm. BBC3 has coverage from 7:30pm to 8pm GMT. The main show is 9pm GMT.

Streams: One | Two | Three

Red Carpet Photos:
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Congrats to Kristen on her win!!! :D Here's her speech:
“Wow. Thank you. I guess first I have to thank all the fans of Twilight for proving again and again to be THE most devoted and attentive fans ever. Considering this is voted, credit is due to them so thank you. To the other actors nominated, I am so blown away by you that I can’t even describe it. To be voted among you is just overwhelming. And I’d like to say hi to my family.”
Press room photos:
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new chapter, finally!

Title: This Is Our Town

Category: Twilight
Character(s): Bella & Edward
Chapter 3 Title: Drunken Kisses
Words: 1,908
Genre(s): Romance/Angst
Rating: Rated: M

Summary: It was all Rosalie’s idea to begin with, she wanted to rule ForksHigh, not me, I have no idea how I ended up being the Queen Bitch, and to topit all off; Edward just wont take no for an answer, the worst part? I’m notthe only vampire who wants him.

or beginning:
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New Fanfic out take: After the Fall

New out take from Lady Gwynedd,

Title: After the Fall

Category: Twilight

Character(s): Bella & Edward

Chapter 23 Title: Chapter 23 Out take Renie at Sixteen
Words: 3,520
Genre(s): Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: After Edward leaves Bella, her world falls apart. She thinks she will
die but she doesn't. In fact, she finally becomes the person she was always
meant to be. Now, can she help Edward do the same?

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5533160/23/

Shameless FanFic Plug - Crossing the Line

I have had readers recommend that I post on here to get word out about an AU fanfic piece I am writing just now. Just recently posted Chapter 5. Hope you all swing by and take a look and if you do, make sure to say helloo!!

Title: Crossing the line
Author: duckindistress
Characters/Pairing:All Canon, ExB
Rating: M/NC-17
Category: AU

Summary:All hell breaks loose when a new headstrong werewolf imprints on a vampire. This is the story of what happens when they break all the rules and cross the line.

Spoilers: ... I reacted to the stranger's question in the only way I knew how. I ran. I ran away phasing quickly and running toward home. I did not hang about, I was in a full out sprint in seconds, using every ounce of my new found strength and agility to pump my muscles until I was running faster than I even thought I was capable of. The only problem was that I could sense something giving chase. I chanced a look behind me and saw a blur streaking up on me. What? How? Whatever it was, it was moving so fast that I could not make it out. It had to be him, but how could he possibly catch me?

In less than a heartbeat the blur was level with me. I put on the breaks, casting my anchor by sinking my claws into the damp earth and skidded to a halt. The blur shot past me and turned around and came to stop in front of me. Sure enough, it was him. I was panting, and he was not even out of breath. His jaw was clenched as he approached me. I shook on the spot and phased in front of him.

I should not have stopped. I should not have phased. I should have kept running and never looked back. Instead, I stood there asking him the very same question.

"What are you?"

Remember Me? Irritable Grizzly Adams Ch. 27

Title: Irritable Grizzly Adams
Author: My lj is slagathor42 ,but I post at fanfiction.net as caligula42
Summary: AU. Set during New Moon. Edward left Bella in the woods five years ago. Struggling to make a life without him, Bella finds herself still alone in an entirely different forest. What happens when they are accidentally reunited? What was the real lie that Edward told her? What will Bella do when she finds out? Rated M for language and sexual situations
Genre: Angst/Romance.
Characters: Edward, Bella, and the usual suspects, plus a few of my own.
Rating: M, of course.
Disclaimer: All I own is a dog, a mad scientist, and a Honda the size and shape of a bathtub. A very small bathtub which I someday dream of waving a magic wand over and changing it into an M3. Or a 1969 Mustang Fastback. The rest of this belongs to Ms. Meyer.

Author's Note: This story was inspired by Mark Lanegan's rendition of the Bob Dylan song "Man in the Long Black Coat." Once I heard it, I just couldn't get this story out of my mind.

Chapter Links:

Chapter One | Chapter Twenty Seven
Kellan side Nikki front

Since You Been Gone Update: Chapter #23 One Step Closer Edward/Emmett POV

Title: Since You Been Gone

Author: dennycullenlutz

Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, Victoria/James, the rest of the Cullen's

Rating: Mature/OOC/AH/Lemons/Adult Themes

Summary: Victoria is on the look for revenge. She had lost her true love. Edward has to protect the city of Seattle and the ones he loves: Bella, Nessie and his family. Could he save them from Victoria's revenge?

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In Ruins - Ch. 8 - False Myths and Absent Dreams

Story Title: In Ruins
Author: adair7
Rating: R
Details: Edward/Bella
Disclaimer: Everything Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Mysterious shadows in a photo turn into something more. He breathed in deeply, leaning in towards me and then exhaled quickly, as though he’d been punched. His breathing stopped. “Bite me,” I whispered. E/B. AU.
Link: @ ff.net

HERE @ adair7