February 19th, 2010

Kristen and Eddie talk Rob!!

Breaking Dawn isn’t officially a go yet. Neither is the plan to make two movies instead of one.

“I have been told to be ready for November,” Kristen Stewart tells me. “I mean, it looks like a ‘yes,’ but it’s still not concrete.”

Stewart believes the story in the fourth book in the Twilight series “absolutely warrants” being two films. “It would be hard to cram all of it into one movie,” she said earlier today while promoting her new drama The Yellow Handkerchief.

Things have certainly changed since Stewart and Rob Pattinson signed on for the first flick…

“We didn’t even know we were going to make a second one,” Stewart said. “We were just like, ‘It’s really cool. It’s different and we’ve never seen a love story like this.’…I thought it would just be another cool Catherine Hardwicke movie.”

And just because Stewart doesn’t like her private life being examined and the overzealous paparazzi that come along with the fame that doesn’t mean she resents—in any way!—the Twilight phenomenon. “But I can’t say I don’t want that, because people take it to the extreme and say that I hate it,” she explains. “No, no, no! That’s not true.”

Eddie Redmayne, Stewart’s Handkerchief costar who also happens to be one of Pattinson’s old pals, admits it’s been “surreal” watching his friends become two of the world’s, well, most famous stars.

“When we were at Sundance with Yellow Handkerchief, Kristen was like, ‘I’m going to go do this film with Rob Pattinson,” Redmayne remembered. “I was like, ‘I know Rob!’ and Kristen said, ‘What’s he like?’”

In Handkerchief, Stewart and Redmayne play teenagers who befriend an ex-con (William Hurt) who is looking for his ex-wife (Maria Bello).

Stewart and Redmayne share a kiss in the flick. I ask Stewart if she really meant it when she told my pal Elizabeth Snead at Zap2it that Mr. Redmayne was a better kisser than Mr. Pattinson.

Redmaybe tried answering for her. “A slightly off-the-beaten-path person against the most handsome vampire in the world?” Redmayne said. “I will take my hat off to Rob on that one—and his skin shines!”

“But his skin doesn’t shine in the real world,” Kristen quickly fired back. “You’re in the real world.”

And just because Stewart did her own singing playing Joan Jett in next month’s The Runaways, don’t expect her to be following in Pattinson’s footsteps by recording a song for a Twilight soundtrack.

“I love being an actor,” she explained. “I would totally play another person in a band, but Kristen is not going to be in a band.”


New Kristen Interview

Got this via kstewartfans  too

In The Yellow Handkerchief, actress Kristen Stewart plays Martine, a lonely and troubled teenager who heads out on a road trip with Gordy (Eddie Redmayne), a young man looking to get closer to her, and Brett (William Hurt), an ex-convict, just released from prison after serving six years for manslaughter, who is trying to reconcile himself with his past. The trio are all going in the same direction, but quickly find their relationships forging and changing in many ways.

At the press day for the film, Kristen Stewart talked about what drew her to this smaller, independent film. She also gave an update on her own feeling about whether Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twilight Saga, should be split into two films, how excited she is about the March release of The Runaways and her hopes to make the drama K-11 with her mother at the helm.

Q: What was it like to play this character, when you hadn't done too many major roles, at the time you did this film?

Kristen: Anytime you have to play a person who is not yourself, you're stepping out of a comfort zone, but that's what we do. If the role is bigger, that's just more to chew on, and that's always good.
Q: What about Martine resonated for you?

Kristen: I can relate to her, in that she's such the typical girl that really wants to be out there and smiling and totally in the middle of whatever is going on, but has been embarrassed one too many times and has just gone, "I can't do that anymore." I feel like she's also isolated herself. She's put herself above everyone else. She can't talk to people because they've let her down too many times and, in reacting to that, she made herself better than them. And, through this journey, which is such a cool thing to see such a young person go through, she realizes, "Oh, God, I never looked at you and now I'm opening my eyes and I can see you, and I was wrong." I liked that.
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THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF opens on February 26th .
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Kristen Stewart Says 'Breaking Dawn' 'Absolutely Warrants' Two Films

Kristen Stewart Says 'Breaking Dawn' 'Absolutely Warrants' Two Films
'It would be much more satisfying to do [two films], because we wouldn't have to drop so much of the story,' she tells MTV News. By Larry Carroll

BEVERLY HILLS, California — We've all been there: School is coming to an end, it's time to graduate and the half of you who can't wait to leave is doing battle with the half who will miss it.

These days, the "Twilight Saga" stars are grappling with similar feelings, looking at the end of a three-year process that has had them all go from little-knowns to household names together. So how does Kristen Stewart feel about the possibility of double "Breaking Dawn" movies that would keep their franchise in session a little bit longer?

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Twilight Reflected in Brown Eyes - Chapter 10

Title - Twilight Reflected in Brown Eyes (TRIBE)
 Chapter 10 - Birthday Wishes
Author - mcgt 
Rating -  M / NC-17
Genre - Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Warnings/Spoilers - None
Disclaimer - All characters belong to SM.

Summary: Bella Swan is in for the shock of her life when Edward Cullen comes
back into her life 7 years after graduation. Can the scars from her past be
healed by the reclusive musician or will she shut him out like everyone else
since the accident 4 years ago.

Fanfic update: No Choice, Chapter 11 - The Best Laid Plans

Title: No Choice, Chapter 11 - The Best Laid Plans
Author: glasscannon
Pairings: B/E, Canon
Rating: PG-13 for themes and some language
Spoilers: Primarily Twilight and New Moon, but up through Breaking Dawn, just to be safe.
Author’s Notes: This is based on a “what if?” question. It picks up in the middle of Chapter 10 (“The Meadow”) of New Moon and goes sideways from there, leaving canon. The question is: During Bella’s run in with Laurent, what if the wolves hadn’t shown up when they did? What if they had shown up just a few minutes later?  Those minutes change Bella's life forever, and she must learn to deal with the consequences.

Nominated for two Twific Indie Awards, for Best New Moon Story and Canon or AU That Knocks You Off Your Feet!

Excerpt from Chapter 11:
I stopped just outside, my fingertips grazing the doorframe. I knew the room beyond the door better than any other room in the house, though in my mind’s eye it was blurry and indistinct, like a watercolor painting left out in the rain, gold carpet and black sofa and huge windows bleeding into each other.

What would it look like, if I just turned the door handle and pushed? What details had I never noticed before, or forgotten across five months and my own death? How had he left the room, when he left? As messy and lived-in as always, or in careful neatness, as he’d been with me that last week? Did he box his things up for Esme? Was there anything worth taking with him, when neither I nor his family could tie him to this place?

Some part of my mind, I realized, believed that he was really just beyond the door, locked away like a time capsule. If I opened the door he would be there, stretched out on the sofa, listening to music and scribbling in a journal. He would smile at me as I walked in, like nothing had ever happened, like my life hadn’t fallen apart. If I opened the door I could step through and it would be six months ago, and he would love me again. If I just opened the door…


Chapter 11: My LJ | Fanfiction.net | Twilighted.net
Chapter 1: My LJ | Fanfiction.net | Twilighted.net
Chapter recaps: My LJ
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Fanfic Update: To Be Loved, Chapter 12

Title: To Be Loved
Author: NimC
Rated: M (for violence, language, and sensitive subject matter)
Pairings: Jacob/Bella at first, but I swear this is an Edward/Bella story!
Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: Bella Swan suffers from a tragic past and wants nothing more than to be loved. Edward Cullen, who is an English bad-boy-trying-to-be-good, never wants to love again. The two seem to hate each other! But when Bella ends up in an unsafe and even dangerous relationship with Jacob Black, will Edward continue to deny his true feelings? Or will he accept the truth soon enough to step in before it's too late? AH AU OOC

Chapter Teaser:

I had to strike while the iron was hot, while she wasn't with Jacob anymore. Maybe she would see what she was missing out on. Not right away, but later on. Later, when I eased myself into her life a bit more. Maybe she would realize who she's better off with.

I was screwed. The whole I-have-to-hate-her-before-I-fall-in-love-with-her-and-she-breaks-my-heart thing wasn't working for me.

So it was settled. The next day, at school, while she was still broken up with the Asshat, I would start to, slowly but surely, reserve my spot in her heart.

Because I couldn't lie to myself. As much as I knew it might kill me if it didn't work out, I couldn't deny the truth.

I was falling for her.

Pleased with my new plan and my inner musings, I decided to go to bed early and without dinner.

Tomorrow would be a fresh start.


The Beginning
Chapter 12

Fanfic Update: Collision of Love - Chapter 8

Title - Collision of Love, Chapter 8
Author - (LJ) BloodType46, (FF.net) Vale-46-4eva
Rating -  T
Genre - Romance/Drama/Humour
Warnings/Spoilers - None
Disclaimer - All characters belong to SM. I'm just borrowing them =]

Summary: Carefree, single and slightly klutzy Bella Swan, is so content with life, that she’s stuck in a rut. So what happens when someone spices things up for her?  Will he actually be able to pull her out of it? And more importantly, will she let him? Especially when all she wants to do, is hate him.

Link - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5650978/8/
Link to C1 -  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5650978/1/


New Chapter: Cruel Twisted Fate, Chapter 9-Patience

Title: Cruel Twisted Fate
Author: BecauseSheCan
Rating: T (Later M for Violence and Death)
Pairing (if any): All normal pairings
Spoilers: NM. Edward never came back.
Summary: She thought he was gone forever. It has been six years but what happens when fate has other plans? What will Bella do when a stranger walks in and makes her question everything she thought she knew?

Vamp, AU, Prophecies, Written for the second round of the twi-25

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Kristen talks about how she first heard of Rob.

I LOLed at the incestuous comment.

Kristen reveals how she first heard of Robert

While speaking about her latest film, titled ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’, Kristen Stewart and her co-star Eddie Redmayne reveal how it was Eddie who first told Kristen about Rob:

“Randomly, at the end of [filming The Yellow Handkerchief], you were about to do ‘Twilight,’” Eddie said, turning to his “Handkerchief” co-star Kristen during Access’ interview. “I had known Rob since I was [younger]. So I was like, ‘Yeah! You’re working with my mate Rob!’ You’re like, ‘Really? What’s he like?’ I was like, ‘He’s a good boy.’”

Kristen said although she first attempted to find out more about her “Twilight” co-star from his pal, she realized Eddie’s lips were fairly sealed.

“I sort of got from [Eddie] that they were friends for a long time and he wasn’t going to say anything bad about him. Even if there was something bad, it was just sort of like, ‘Yeah, it’ll be good,’” Kristen laughed.

Eddie confirmed he and his British boys club buddies stick together, a group that includes Eddie, R-Patz and “Vanity Fair” actor Tom Sturridge.

“They’re like, so almost incestuous,” Kristen said.


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