January 20th, 2010

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Boycotting Valentine's Day

Title: Boycotting Valentine's Day
Author: jennlynnfs
Rating: M
Genre: Romance; AU; All-Human
Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward; other cannon pairings
Short summary: Some women have trouble finding guys, Bella has the opposite problem. When Valentine's Day approaches, her prospective suitors turn up their game, hoping to be her Valentine. Instead, Bella chooses to hang out with her best friend Alice and they both decide to boycott Valentine's Day. A weekend of non-Valentine's Day activities are lined up including no guys allowed. But, surely Alice's brothers, Edward and Emmett, don't count, right?
Any warnings: None
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.
Author's Note:
This is purely a fluff piece to get into the Valentine's Day holiday. No srs bsns here.
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URL (if not posted here):Chapter 1: The Plan hosted @ FF.net
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Undercover - Back to Reality

New chapter from  Enigma Lynne,

Title: Undercover

Category: Twilight

Character(s): Edward & Bella

Chapter 20 Title: Back to Reality
Words: 5,745
Genre(s): Angst/Mystery
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Someone is going around and killing prominent doctors in Seattle,
and Detective Isabella Swan is bound and determined to not let it happen
again. But what happens when the next target is her long lost love Edward
Mason? AH-OOC, lemons to occur later!

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5350099/20/

Hello Magazine Grande Finale 2009 Most Attractive Man Poll - EXTENDED


There's scullduggery afoot if you ask me. The poll has been extended to January 25 at 13:00 BST. Perhaps Hello dont want Rob to win, or they love the hits their getting. Interestingly Tennant and Butler votes are increasing rapidly . They seemed to have got wind of the extended deadline pdq.

Kristen is well clear in er category.

robert kristen + more new manips

Hey guys! I learned how to really manip yesterday so here I bring you my new creations. I still have to practise a little more, but I guees that being the first ones they're quite OK. Enjoy and don't forget to tell me what do you think ;-)

(Click on the pic for the art)
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Bella & Edward: Say When

Music: The Fray - Say When
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
Summary: I feel so proud! I actually got this video done in one day, which hasn't happened in a LONG time for me. It would have been uploaded yesterday if not for the 4 hour render time. I am really pleased aside from the few glitches with this video, and I hope you enjoy the song as well as the finished product as much as I did.

Feedback is greatly appreciated if you have the time :)
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Always Walking After You - ch.2 - Three Musketeers

Story Title: Always Walking After You
Author: adair7
Rating: R
Details: Edward/Bella, Jasper/Bella
Disclaimer: Everything Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Edward had realized that he wanted Bella to be more than a friend the summer he had turned twelve. At twilight he lost his heart, 6 years later can he find it again? E/B, B/Jas, AU, AH, R.
Link: @ ff.net

Three Musketeers

update: sandy sessions - chapter 5

Title: Sandy Sessions
Author: Jane.Doe013
Characters/Pairings: E/B, A/J, Em/R
Rating: M
Warnings: Course language and eventually lemons
Type: AU, AH
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, Stephanie Meyer does... sadly :(
Summary: 16 year old Bella Swan is suddenly moved from rainy Forks to Phoenix with her mum to follow her step dads minor league baseball career. What happens when she takes up a job at Sandy's the local music store and meets Edward, her handsome co-worker?
Prologue URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5658367/1/Sandy_Sessions
Chapter 5 URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5658367/6/Sandy_Sessions
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weekly rec post

weekly recommendation post.
Here's the place to rec all your favorite Edward/Bella fanworks (fic, fan videos, art, etc).

by Alyona595

+ Expectations and Other Moving Pieces | Everything I had done in my life seemed to lead up to this moment. The moment when I found myself bound inextricably to a man I didn’t love, trapped in a life I didn’t want. And if I left him, I would be entirely alone.

+ Rhapsody in B | When a rising musician falls in love with his small-town childhood friend, can their yearly New Year's Eve tradition bring them together once he rockets to stardom and leaves her behind?
sydney and adrian

Summit Expands Distribution Potential for ‘New Moon’

Although Twilight was the top-selling title of 2009, Summit Entertainment is changing its distribution formula for the March 20 disc release of sequel New Moon.

Summit’s launch strategy for Twilight, which has sold 9.2 million DVD and Blu-ray copies in the United States, according to the studio, was considered out-of-the-box last year. Wal-Mart exclusively sold the single-disc standard-definition configuration for most of 2009, and Best Buy and Target scored an exclusive sales window on the Blu-ray version of the film. The idea was to play to retail strengths, offering versions that best fit each chain’s customer tastes.

However, Summit is broadening its approach to The Twilight Saga: New Moon, widely rolling out the Blu-ray version to all retailers to match the expanding high-definition consumer base. As far as standard-definition DVD goes, the studio is solely selling a two-disc configuration of the title. That decision came after learning that the overwhelming majority of fans bought the similar extras-packed two-DVD version of Twilight.

The studio will bow a single-DVD version of New Moon that will include few bonus features, but just into the rental channel.

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Conflicting Hearts poem

Written about B/E having an argument about each other, just for entertainment.  Bold parts are Bella's verses.

You cage me in like a fragile doll
Who has no strength to stand on her own two feet
Your loving arms turn to bars restraining me

You ungrateful fool
You torture me day and night
With your sweet and sour smell
I swear to God you’ll be the death of me
And send me to hell

Bruised like shadows engulf your eyes
Showing the true monster inside that lies
Your marble skin, so pale, brings tears to the brim

You skip between the two of us
Replacing my amber for dark
You sweet little tart
Played games with the dog
I can see your true colours
Your brown eyes turn to fog

Your piano fingers dance along my heart
Leaving me confused, sitting in the dark
Oh caring heartbreaker – who ripped me from the seams
You still haunt me in my dreams

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