January 14th, 2010


The Runaways release date

The Twilight star's first post­-New Moon outing, The Runaways, in which she plays rock 'n' roll icon Joan Jett in the famed all-girl band, has landed a March 19 release date.

The music-fueled flick, costarring Dakota Fanning, Danielle Riley Keough, Scout Taylor-Compton and Michael Shannon, will bow in 1,400 theaters after having its world premiere on Jan. 24 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Then it's just a few months until The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters June 30.

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A Review of "The Yellow Handkerchief"

"Richly satisfying performances from Kristen Stewart, William Hurt, and newcomer Tahar Rahim are reasons to see two fine films.

Look past the elephant stampede to next month’s Oscars and you just might see Udayan Prasad’s savory indie The Yellow Handkerchief and Jacques Audiard’s high-caliber foreign film A Prophet. The first is a road movie, the second a crime drama, and they don’t just enrich their genres but refresh them.
Set in post-Katrina Louisiana, The Yellow Handkerchief is built around a love story, its brief, hopeful rise and dreadful collapse revealed in pungent flashbacks. These are the unbidden memories of William Hurt’s Brett, who, fresh out of prison and at seeming loose ends, hitches a ride south with a pair of unhappy teens, the self-pitying motormouth Gordy (English actor Eddie Redmayne), whose sole charm is his car, and Martine (Kristen Stewart), dumped by the boy she likes and her truck driver dad, who has gone on vacation with his girlfriend and left his 15-year-old daughter to fend for herself.


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update: sandy sessions - chapter 3

Title: Sandy Sessions
Author: Jane.Doe013
Characters/Pairings: E/B, A/J, E/R
Rating: M
Warnings: Course language and eventually lemons
Type: AU, AH
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, Stephanie Meyer does... sadly :(
Summary: 16 year old Bella Swan is suddenly moved from rainy Forks to Phoenix with her mum to follow her step dads minor league baseball career. What happens when she takes up a job at Sandy's the local music store and meets Edward, her handsome co-worker?
Prologue URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5658367/1/Sandy_Sessions
Chapter 3 URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5658367/4/Sandy_Sessions
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New Moon is nominated at the Razzies Pre-List (updated)

This is not the actual list, this is the  nominees that people would choose from, the final list is in February.

They have been nominated for

Worst Picture
Supporting Actor - Robert and Taylor
On Screen Couple - Taylor/Kristen/Robert
Prequel/Sequel/spin off/rip off.

stock [ couple. country. ]

Robert Pattinson: Clooney May Be Calling

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How do you get a gazillion young people to help earthquake-devastated Haiti?

Have Robert Pattinson talk to them.As you may have already heard, George Clooney is heading up a telethon on Jan. 22 to raise disaster relief funds for the Caribbean nation.

Pattinson, I'm told, is on the top of everyone's list to take part in what will likely be an A-list effort…

Organizers, a source reveals, are aiming high and will be asking for Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner to take part.

It's too early to say what—if anything—the world's most famous vampire movie stars will do, but a source close to Stewart tells me, "She'd jump at the chance to do something to help."

That something may have to be pretaped. Stewart is scheduled to be traveling to the Sundance Film Festival at the time of the telethon to promote Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways.

Clooney first told my old pal Roger Friedman at the Hollywood Reporter that the telethon would take place on MTV. But as of this afternoon, I'm happy to report ABC, NBC, HBO and CNN have agreed to air it, too.

Only Little Girls - Chapter 4

Title: Only Little Girls
Author: gangsterdorothy
Chapter: 3/5
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: T
Category: Fantasy/Romance
Bella could not mistake his frustration and learned that ignoring him would not get her anywhere. So, on her fourteenth year on Earth, Bella wished herself one thing when she whistled out air to extinguish her candle-lit cake.

This would be the year of answers.

“Yes, dear Creature, I will offer you my assistance.” Bella gently picked up the feather, twirling it between her fingers.

She would help him, bringing her steps closer to solutions.

Summary: One day, Bella wandered into the woods and came across a mysterious creature. Captivated by it, she begins her long association with it. But where will it take her? A short fantasy fairytale story.

The Beginning // Chapter 4

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donate and help haiti!
thanks to driftingaway for the banner

In light of the tragedy in Haiti (for more info, see below~), lion_lamb has decided to host an auction in support of the organizations trying to help the relief effort! If you want to donate money and bid for Edward/Bella fanfic, graphics, icons, gifs, anything at all that's offered--you've come to the right place. :) (Graphics, gifs, etc. for different fandoms is okay if the maker says so, though~ we're not picky, this is for a good cause. Try to keep fanfic E/B or Twilight-centric though.)

The biggest earthquake in the Haitian area in 200 years happened on Tuesday, killing tens of thousands of people and leaving even more injured and without clean water, food, medical help, or supplies. Homes, schools, hospitals, buildings, and lives were destroyed. For more information about the crisis in Haiti, you can read more here.

This'll be a lot like our requests posts, or the fun gifting ones we have sometimes, only you're going to bid for what you want, and then pledge to donate money for the relief to any charity/humanitarian organization sending aid to Haiti. For lists of charities and humanitarian organizations involved, check here at ONTD and here at CNN.

Remember: every little bit counts!

1. For different offers, fill out the form and comment again. (For example, if you're offering gifs, and you want to offer fanfic, comment again.)
2. Starting bids must be at least a dollar, and bids must be raised by at least a dollar.
3. Whatever you're offering, remember to say the word count/rating or how many icons, etc. somewhere in your offer comment.
4. If you win, donate that amount to the charity/humanitarian organization of your choice!

how to offer
fill out the form below and comment.

the deadline for bidding is january 20th!
After the bids are in, we'll have another post for all the winnings to be posted January 20th. All graphics, fics, etc. should be finished and sent by January 26th. The winners will be asked to comment back with a screencap proving you donated the amount agreed on. :) We'll be reminding you!

other fundraising in fandom:
Twifans for Haiti: Donate at least $5 to a charity of your choice to help Haiti, and you will receive a compilation of varying length pieces (not necessarily lemony, not necessarily TwiFic) from participating authors, or you can participate as an author. :)
help_haiti: Bid on fics, fanvids, icons, and graphics to donate.
tell us if you have an addition to this list!

other donations can go the the organizations listed at these links:
Donate specifically to Haiti relief through the Red Cross
tell us if you have an addition to this list!
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weekly rec post

weekly recommendation post.
Here's the place to rec all your favorite Edward/Bella fanworks (fic, fan videos, art, etc).

Company Loves Misery | AH-Edward, current recovering alcoholic, former bully of Bella Swan, must make amends to the one person who refuses to give them. Written for FGB Auction/WA Rehab. Adult Situations. Updated Wed/Sun.

Late Night Encounters | Lonely ER doc Edward Cullen goes online one night to relieve some tension, never expecting to find what was awaiting him. AH/possibly some OOC. Rated M for a reason.

Only Human | Complete. A wish sends Bella back in time to Chicago, 1918, and to a human Edward. This story is baby-free.

Into The Wild | Bella, Rosalie and Jasper meet Edward, Emmett and Alice on a school trip across Europe! Accidentally, they get left behind and have to fend for themselves! A tale of adventure, love and survival.