January 5th, 2010

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Roundabout, Turnabout - Chapter 8/?

Title: Roundabout, Turnabout (8/?)

Author: Klassisa Vernette
Rated: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella, all canon pairings
Summary: Edward Cullen was horny, and wanted a fuck. And he would get it by all means. But what happens when a mysterious brown-eyed girl comes along? Will he still have the same mindset as before? Or will she change his life forever?
Warnings: Contains explicit adult content and should only be viewed by adults.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight franchise and am making no money from writing this. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 8 - Two Hours of Heavenly Hell

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Story Update: Not Without You

Title: Not Without You
Chapter 27: Arboretum
Author: keeks_two
Rating: M for language and strawberry lemonade
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight

Summary: Sequel to The Path We Chose. The continuation of the love and relationship of Edward and Bella, two self-aware teenagers who are forced to grow up quickly. Together, they battle problems and find their inner strength. No love triangles. All canon couples: E/B, A/J, R/Em. Renee is the most OOC. Fluffy beginning, drama ensues, no dark themes. AH AU OOC

Not Without You
Chapter 27: Arboretum

The Path We Chose

Twilighted forum discussion thread set up by myimm0rtal:


The Path We Chose is now available at Twilighted

weekly promotions roundup #83

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

eb_fanfiction -- a community for fanfiction for the pairing of Edward and Bella.

Twilight Roleplay -- Be warned. Its not as sane and normal like most Twilight role-play sites. Stephenie Meyer would have a heart attack if she found out about our site; but, its fun, and our take on the series.

Twilight Crafts -- Twilight Crafts presents: The TwiCon 2010 Celebrity Craft Basket!

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Fanfic Update: My Last Wish Chapter 12

Title: My Last Wish
Author: gossip-bangkok
Genre: Romance/Friendship
Couples: ExB and all other Cannon (JxA,EmxA,CxEs)
Chapter: Chapter 12- Let It Be 
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Stephenie Meyer owns it. I just borrow it for fun.
Rating: M
Summary: When Edward found out he has two years to live, all of his hope and dreams were shattered and thus he has given up living. But when a Swan appears in his life, she changes all of his perspectives.
AN: Hope you will enjoy it!! Please check it out and review...

Chapter 12
Rob - Leaning in doorway

New Story: Remember Me

Title: Remember Me (inspired by Rob's new movie)
Author: robssexhair
Rating: M for some language and possible lemons later on.
Genre: Drama, AH, AU, mostly canon
Short summary: Bella has finally gotten everything she's ever wanted for years. But when an accident takes it all away from her, how will she cope? Will Edward ever be normal again?
Disclaimer: Characters all belong to Stephenie Meyer, of course. No copyright infrigement intended.
Author's Notes: This is my first multi-chapter Twilight fanfic. I'm pretty nervous about letting people read it, but I decided it was finally time to stop obsessively re-reading over it myself, and let others give me feedback. Read the prologue and let me know if you'd be interested in more! :)


New Fic - Voice

Title: Voice By Stormi2397
Genre: Twilight - Romance / Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella
Details: AH, AU, OOC
Rating: M/R
Warnings: Strong Language, Dark Themes, Violence, Sexual Content,
Status: Work In Progress

"When Carlisle finds a lost and homeless Isabella Swan in the woods, he takes her in, only to find out she has no voice. When will criminal Charlie Swan come back to take his daughter, and kill her? If it's up to the Cullen home: never. How can you scream when you have no voice to scream with?"
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In Ruins - Ch.3 - Playing With Shadows

Story Title: In Ruins - ch.3 - Playing with Shadows
Author: adair7
Rating: R
Details: Edward/Bella
Disclaimer: Everything Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: Mysterious shadows in a photo turn into something more. He breathed in deeply, leaning in towards me and then exhaled quickly, as though he’d been punched. His breathing stopped. “Bite me,” I whispered. E/B. AU.
Link: @ ff.net

Chapter 3 @ adair7
Kiss - Deleted Scene

Changes in the Moon, Chapter 29: Scattered, Battered and Torn

Title: Changes in the Moon
Author: Twilight Trin
Rating: T+/M (sex, violence and deaths)
Pairing (if any): All normal pairings
Spoilers: Follows NM somewhat in-canon until Volterra, afterwards it is NO longer in canon.
Summary: Following where a A Different Twilight left off…
Edward’s a vampire, Bella’s a witch – two halves of a whole that shouldn’t but are meant to be. Her 18th birthday, a mishap at a party and a decision that breaks them apart. Edward’s POV during the months he was away. Bella’s POV in the cut scenes to her life adapting to the changes that being 18 has brought to her life as a witch and with the emotional fall-out of first heartbreak. In Volterra, everything changes.

Current Chapter | Prologue & Chapter One | Reviews 

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[12] New Moon
[6] Twilight
[15] Remember Me
[6] Robert Pattinson
[46] Kristen Stewart
[9] Marion Cotillard
[28] Gossip Girl Cast;Blake Lively,Leighton Meester,Jessica Szohr,Chace Crawford,Penn Badgley,Ed Westwick
[11] Banners and picspams; Robert Pattinson,Remember Me, Kristen Stewart,Marion Cotillard

more here @emosss

Nikki Finke Confirms Leaked Script is Legitimate..FYI

The Internet is in a frenzy about what is purported to be the full script of the 3rd installment of the Twilight Saga leaked as a downloadable .pdf file. It appears to belong to Jackson Rathbone who plays Jasper in the film franchise. Now I can confirm that it is the Eclipse script and it is Rathbrone's (who probably left it behind at a blood bank). Does it matter? Of course not. Like duh, the script is based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling book. Judging from New Moon's worldwide grosses of $682M so far, I say not even this copyright infringement can stop the Twilight Saga juggernaut.

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new fanfiction update: to be loved, chapter 6

Title: To Be Loved
Author: NimC
Rated: M (for violence, language, and sensitive subject matter)
Pairings: ExB
Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: Bella Swan suffers from a tragic past and wants nothing more than to be loved. Edward Cullen, who is an English bad-boy-trying-to-be-good, never wants to love again. The two seem to hate each other! But when Bella ends up in an unsafe and even dangerous relationship with Jacob Black, will Edward continue to deny his true feelings? Or will he accept the truth soon enough to step in before it's too late? AH AU OOC

Chapter six is now up! =]

If you read it, PLEASE review. Reviews make me happy and I love to hear what everyone thinks. ^.^

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5565211/1/To_Be_Loved