November 10th, 2009

MySpace to Host Exclusive Live Stream of Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Via rpattzdaily:

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MySpace will host the exclusive live stream of Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon red carpet arrivals at the world premiere on Monday, November 16 at The unprecedented online access is the first time moviegoers across the globe can experience the premiere first-hand, as it unfolds. Viewers will also be able to take part by posting comments or questions to The Twilight Saga: New Moon Premiere MySpace page that may then be presented to the celebrities during the broadcast. The red carpet arrivals will stream live from Los Angeles beginning at 6:00 PM PT. Anya Marina, writer and performer of “Satellite Heart” on The Twilight Saga: New Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, will co-host the broadcast.

The live stream details are as follows:



The Twilight Saga: New Moon Premiere MySpace page:


    Monday, November 16


    6:00 PM PT
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update!! Girl with a Red Umbrella

Title: Girl with a Red Umbrella

Authors: justaskalice & spanglemaker9

Rating: M

Summary: Paris, 1950. The war is over and Paris is alive again with artists, writers and musicians. Rosalie Hale has come abroad to study in this exciting and romantic city, but instead she vanishes without a trace. Now her best friend Bella has come on her own to find her. She teams up with Rose's spunky roommate, and they are joined in the search by an American businessman, a battle-scarred reporter, and a handsome painter with his own mysterious past. Following a trail of clues left behind by Rose's letters, they plunge into the dark side of the City of Lights. Who is Royce? What secrets is he hiding? Why did Rose really leave? The search for Rose and life in Paris might just change Bella in ways she never imagined.

1: A Stranger in Town/7: She Didn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No


Is Kristen Stewart For Team Edward Or Team Jacob?

FROM MTV.COM: It seems like the debate has been echoing around the Twi-verse forever, and it's definitely not going to quiet down once "New Moon" arrives in theaters: Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob? Do you fancy the smoldering teen vampire or the buff teen werewolf? Who should Bella Swan choose?

Story Update: Not Without You

Title: Not Without You
Chapter 14: Hope
Author: keeks_two
Rating: M for language and strawberry lemonade
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight

Summary: Sequel to The Path We Chose. The continuation of the love and relationship of Edward and Bella, two self-aware teenagers who are forced to grow up quickly. Together, they battle problems and find their inner strength. No love triangles. All canon couples: E/B, A/J, R/Em. Renee is the most OOC. Fluffy beginning, drama ensues, no dark themes. AH AU OOC

Not Without You
Chapter 14: Hope

The Path We Chose

RK <3


Just when you thought they were doing such a good job of hiding it!

Spotted: The Twilight co-stars slash lovers boarding a private jet in Paris today and, that's right, holding hands! There's no way to deny their romance now, but I'm sure they will!

Rob and Kristen sitting in a tree...

for HQ pics

more pics here :

^ is it just me, or is she playing with his fingers? LOL ohh god bless my shipper heart!

Off to London they go!

Chris Weitz to Direct Breaking Dawn?

OMG! Summit wanted Chris Weitz for Eclipse but unfortunately he could not do it due to scheduling. He said he'd love to do Breaking Dawn though. Also I think Rosenburg is writing the Breaking Dawn script! 

Chris Weitz to Direct Breaking Dawn?

Today 1:00 PM PST by

Robert Pattinson, Chris Weitz Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Although Twilight and New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg played coy when Marc Malkin asked whether she would write the screenplay for Breaking Dawn last month, we were able to confirm from our studio sources that she will, in fact, be back to write the fourth script—and possibly the fifth.

It's still up in the air whether B.D. will be two movies—hence why everyone dodged any questions about the fourth flick during the New Moon junket.

During the press conference a reporter asked Kristen Stewart about the possibility of two movies, but the mic was immediately pulled away as the intermediary guy said "next question."

So what's the latest on the fourth Twilight flick? And will New Moon's Chris Weitz direct?

Here's what we could squeeze out of the cast:

"I think the tentative time for Breaking Dawn is fall of next year. I think. They may well change that," Robert Pattinson told a sea of reporters on Friday.

Rosenberg and Weitz did a panel together, and we grabbed both of them on their way out.

Have you started writing the script for Breaking Dawn, or is it still in development?
Rosenberg: "You know what, I still can't comment on that yet!"

OK. We all know the fourth one is going to happen eventually—if you say no comment again, can we take that as a sign it's very much in the works?
Rosenberg: [laughs.] "OK, no comment!"

As for who will direct the fourth flick? Ashley Greene thinks it'll be a new director, but we're not totally sure. Summit wanted Chris Weitz to direct Eclipse, but because of scheduling conflicts, he wasn't able to. And the entire cast loves C.W., too.

Seriously, we haven't heard one bad thing about you from the cast, crew or studio. If asked, would you come back on and direct Breaking Dawn?
Weitz: "Well, I'd be stupid not to. I loved [directing New Moon]. Summit, the cast, the crew, everyone was amazing. But making a movie takes up a lot of time, and I have a young son at home. Right now my plan is to spend a lot time with my family."

Looks like C.W. is taking a play out of the Robsten book! We don't think that's a firm no—do you all? Plus, since R.Pattz said we've got a good year to go, maybe Chris will be ready to get back on the Twilight fan-wagon.

What say you Twi-hards...want him back, or not?
VM - Logan 1x10 quote - Annoy

Rob talks about relating to non-obsessive fans. Finally!

I think it's pretty cool that finally Rob got to see that obsessive fans are just a very small part of this fandom and that there's also people you can actually talk to and not being afraid of.
he sais something very similar to what peter said a few days ago in an interview, about making fans happy just with a few minutes of their time. Maybe he should hang out more often with him :D
Pattinson appeared on 'Good Day LA' where he told an anecdote about fans he saw waiting every day while he was filming 'Eclipse.'

Pattinson used to pass these women every day, but ignored them. One day while riding with cast-mate Jackson Rathbone, they both stopped and talked to the fans.

Robert Pattinson claims he immediately learned that the fans aren't crazy at all. They're just crazy about the Twilight series of novels and films and just can't get enough of them.

"I started talking to them," he said. "It's so strange when you think you get cut off from everyone and you realize these people are only here because they love the books and the films."

Rob Pattinson, aka RPattz, is philosophical about the gap between the fans and the cast.

"I just wake up at 5:00 in the morning and leave work at 9:00," he said. "People just wait there. Nothing could please them more than just two minutes talking to you."
Source via twilightsagafan

I don't know why the player seems not to work right now. But you can find the video at the source ;)

all i want to do is close my eyes

UK New Moon talk

Edith Bowman, James King and Grimmy tweeting about NM:

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-Scott Mills is interviewing Rob tommorrow, if you text your question to 81199 before 7pm, he will try and ask it. [He only wants to ask him to be in his 'romcom' rofl, so would rather have your quesions]

-James King is holding a press conference with all three tommorrow. he wants your questions as well. Tweet him at

story update; the other side of you

title; the other side of you
author; xbitterangelx
pairing; edwardxbella
rating; M
chapter; 10
summary; When badass Edward is forced to be tutored by Bella Swan, a geeky yet troubled girl who has a horrific past, will the two be able to go through their trails and tribulations despite their flaws? AH.

sneak peak; I didn’t know why I couldn’t show that I cared about someone, or something. I always had to be a hardass, and that shit is just pissing me off. But I couldn’t seem to stop. I felt like that was the only emotion I had, or the only emotion I would let myself have. I cared for Bella, because she wasn’t like Jessica or Lauren. She was just Bella. She didn’t care how she looked, didn’t care what she said, and was trapped in a shell and too afraid to come out. A bit how I was fucking acting as of right now. I couldn’t come out of this hard shell, but I hoped to God, if there is truly one, that he would let her help me out of this. I wanted to care. But something wouldn’t let me.

chapter 1 // chapter 10

(no subject)

Title: Choice Between Heaven and Hell
Author: tellingmelies and ohdisco
Characters/Pairing: all cannon eventually
Rating: M- for later chapters

I never thought there'd be a choice between heaven and hell; for any normal person the logical choice would be heaven. For me, well, that choice wasn't as simple. A pre-college road trip for four friends turns into a nightmare when they crash on the backroads of Pennsylvania. What happens next none of them can explain. AU OOC

Chapter 9
Chapter 1
Ian and I Valentine

New Chapter

Title: Sunny Days In Stormy Skies.
Author: itjustrained.
Pairings: Canon. A little B/M in the beginning, but we all know that's not going to last long.
Rating: T.
Summary:  His name is Edward Cullen and he blames himself for her death. They're the Swans and they believe he's the reason their daughter is no longer with them.
But she, she believes in him. "I think when it's your time, it's your time, and it doesn't matter who is with you when it happens." AH/AU, a little OCC.

Preview:  Bella freezes on the steps, listening to the voices of her parents. Of course her parents have fought before. All parents do. But hers have never fought much. Just little disagreements here and there, and one or two big fights. But she's fairly sure she has never heard them shout and yell at each other like this.
The goosebumps reappear on her skin, but this time not because of the cold. She wants to know what they are fighting over, what's wrong, and she's tempted to go stand outside their door and listen in. But a part of her doesn't want to know. Doesn't want to acknowledge that something might be seriously wrong.
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If You were Mine | Chapter 16

Title: If You were Mine
Author: xtalleenx (ThexInvisiblexGirl on
Chapter: 16/? - Edward's POV
Pairing: Edward/Bella, other canon pairings
Rating: T
Summary: AU/AH. Bella, an aspiring ballet dancer, and Edward, a prominent musician, have met briefly two years ago. When they meet again in Juilliard, sparks fly. When they finally get together, can a cruel twist of fate tear them apart?

Chapter preview:

"Maybe there was a reason we haven't met before. Maybe we were destined to meet in this time, in this place."

"You sound just like someone I know," I laughed as Alice's image came to mind.

She slapped her palm against her forehead jokingly. "My roommate has been rubbing off on me."

Chapter One | NEW: Chapter Sixteen

** prettiful banners - CHECK OUT THE NEW ONE - under the cut - huge thankyou to [info]mizramanips !

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jen mockingjay cry

Play Date: Chapter 6 - Thankful

Title: Play Date
Author: how_we_fade (lj) or kfoster2519 (ff)
Genre: Romance/Drama/Family
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: M or NC-17
Warning: Vulgar Language and Sexual Content eventually.
Characters: Mostly Edward and Bella, all canon.
Category: A/H, A/U, some characters OOC
Status: in progress
Chapters: 6
Summary: Bella Swan is a 23-year-old single mom with a daughter who is 3 years old. Edward Cullen is a 27-year-old single father with a son who is 4 years old. The two meet one night at a get together with friends and family and hit it off. They end up talking about their kids and end up setting up a play date for them. What starts off as setting up a friend for their kids, turns into something totally different for the two parents. A/U, A/H, Canon.
Please Read and Review.
(cover here)

Chapter 6 // Chapter 1

11 New Wallpapers

So, something a little bit new for me-- I made a bunch of wallpapers :)

Most of them come with songs for inspiration, so this has a bit of a playlist that goes along with it. The songs are labeled with the wallpapers to which they correspond.

Please take and enjoy =) (and no hotlinking, no credit necessary, etc...)


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