January 1st, 2009

"Try Me" Chapter 1/?

Title: "Try Me"
Author: Me AKA Laurenn :)
Rating: I'll say M.
Summary: When Edward brings his latest fiancee home, will it spark up feelings Bell hid from him?
A/N: I dont own any characters/names/of Edwards underwear
OOC. All human.

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So tonight, I was (re)reading New Moon, and I got the urge to listen to the radio, and heard Kanye West's newer song, Love Lockdown. It was crazy, it seemed to fit New Moon sooo well to me! At least, the time when Edward was away from Bella. It also got me thinking: what are some songs you LOVE that fit the books (or the movie, if you prefer, meh)??

Here is Love Lockdown on youtube, lyrics are available here!:

Warbride [Completed Fan Fiction]

Title: Warbride
Author: carribbeanlady 
Characters/Pairing: Cannon Couples
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance
Spoilers: None
Summary: Bella Swan is a young nurse living in London, England during World War Two. One day she meets an American medic who is training with his platoon near by and her world changes dramatically.
Author's Note: This is a finished fan fiction dedicated to my Mum.
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Title: Heavy Limbs
Author: Niki Jane
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: PG
Category: Angst
Spoilers: Up through Breaking Dawn
Summary: There was something desperately wrong. Something incredibly wrong. Her limbs were heavy, her movements sluggish.

Lavi Bunnies

An Idea!!!

Okay, this is my first post to lion_lamb...and I'm not quite sure that it is allowed. So uh, yeah, Mods? If it's not just tell me and I'll delete it.:)

I just had this terrifficccc idea!!!!
Y'know how we all love the characters just..to death?!
Ever think you resemble one of the many Twilight characters, either in a physical or personality wise sense? Or Both?

It's simple. Just tell us what personality trait you see yourself resembling ANY of the Twilight characters. :P
And for the phsyical? Post a picture of yourself (or under a link) looking like one of the chars you resemble!!!

EDIT: WOw it's only been up four hours and look at all the comments!!!

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Updated Fanfic: Unforgettable

Chapter Title: Encounter
Author: tru_cowgirl (BluBug2592 on FanFiction.net)
Rating: T/PG-13
Category: Romance/Adventure
Couple/Characters: All the original characters.
Spoilers: New Moon
Story Summary: What would happen if a group of strange kids came to school? Two of them are not at all what they seem and they have Edward and his family on the edge of their seats. Edward can't read any of their minds and what will the Cullens do when they figure out who they are? Happens after New Moon and before Eclipse.
Chapter Teaser: Edward growled as the creature started swiveling it’s body to face us. And apparently it didn’t like being growled at. It lowered it’s head, pinned it’s ears back, and shifted into a crouched position. My breathing hitched when it’s lips wrinkled over it‘s muzzle. Pearl white teeth were now being shown to us and two of those teeth were longer than the others. Fangs. Deadly, sharp fangs. I don’t even think vampire skin could withstand them. A low, but loud growl reached my ears and I realized it wasn’t from Edward or one of the Cullens. It came from the throat of the creature in front of us. Edward shifted in front of me so that I was slightly shielded from view of this being. I was now utterly and horrifically terrified for our lives.

Please read and review.

New: Chapter 4

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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Fanvid: New Moon Trailer

Length: 1:39
Warnings: SPOILERS if you haven't seen TWILIGHT

Category: Trailer
Characters/Pairings: Edward, Bella, Jacob, some Alice
Summary: New. Moon. Trailer. =)
Dedicated to Jess and Kezzie -- one for introducing me to Twilight and one for bringing me back.

(no download at the moment. Once I get over the recent rash of clip theft I might consider it, but right now? meh. no. =))

UsWeekly UNF

updated FanFic: Tahoe Tangling

Characters: All the Cullens.

Spoilers: None

Summary: Bella & Alice head out for a winter vacation. Along the way they meet Rose & Emmett,and eventually Jasper and Edward. Lemony goodness ensues. Collaborative effort between AHelm & HammondGirl. Will include all POV's. Cannon pairings,AH/AU,OOC. Rated M, obviously.

Rating: M

Chapter 2





Hana Pestle song for New Moon Campaign

Thanks to the loverly SuperMars for permission to post this.

There is a girl named Hana Pestle that has a song named "Need" that she wrote back in 2004. She is now a fan of Twilight and realized just how well her song "Need" would fit that soundtrack.

The song is beautiful and haunting, in my opinion it is absolutly perfect for an Edward leaving, pre Jacob, Zombie Bella montage.

She, and others have started a campaign to try and get her song heard/considered.

Go to http://www.myspace.com/needfornewmoon for info, and give the song a listen (lyrics are on the site as well) and see what you think. (you can also go to her main myspace and listen to her other music from there) If you think it is perfect, then spread the word and do what you can to help.

Im not really much of a "pro active" Twilighter. I dont write or sign petitions, join in the email efforts, or any of that. But this I will help cause I think the song is perfect :-)

Lost in reading...

I read this article over at the NY Times and it mentions how the author wishes that she could lose herself in books the way the her daughter loses herself in the Stephanie Meyers books... I thought it was an interesting editorial...

Check it out here... 

"Currently, she totes around the house one or another of the doorstopper-heavy volumes in Stephanie Meyer’s vampire-loves-mortal-girl series. She comes to the dinner table wearing the hollow-eyed, devotional expression of someone who has just glimpsed something wonderful in a distant land.

Although there is much about the vampire books to make an adult reader roll her eyes — Edward is too controlling and Bella has the sort of low self-esteem mothers hope will never plague their own daughters — I understand the appeal. At Clementine’s age, I too would have been able to smell Edward and feel the delicious iciness of his breath on the back of my neck. And at several hundred pages apiece, the series of four easily would have carried me through winter break."


Try Again - Chapter Two

Try Again
Author: wednesdayscat
Characters/Pairing: Emmett & Rosalie for now. Edward & Bella, and Jasper & Alice to come later.
Rating: M for language
Category: Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Spoilers: None. AU/AH
Summary: For a year Edward Cullen has been torturing himself over the breakdown of his marriage. Lacking the will and strength to move on, can he find someone to help him move forward, or will he let his insecurities get in the way of true happiness?

Wanderer, stranger in the night. Come closer my sweet, but you will not entice me.

Second chapter is here or start at from first chapter here.

New Rob Article

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Robert Pattinson could soon be stealing roles from Transformers star Shia LaBeouf.

It is thought that Shia is no longer hot enough and movie producers might choose to cast Twilight star Robert Pattinson instead.

Robert told the Big Issue: "It's amusing to find myself in the same conversation as stars like Shia LaBeouf for a role in a Gladiator-style period film.

"I hope for the chance to play Jeff Buckley in the film of his life though I imagine the role will go to James Franco, because he looks so much like him."

Robert wasn't always popular with casting directors.

He admits: "But it's funny how quick everything changes. After having a big period of unemployment, you think 'OK, I'm not going to mess this up again.' So no matter what the meeting is now, even if it's for some dumb movie, I'm going to the meeting and giving the most complicated character breakdown I can think of.

"My only concern to be completely honest, is that I don't want to be completely f***ed after this.

"I don't want to be an idiot, and that's always a distinct possibility."