December 30th, 2008


Try Again - Chapter One

Try Again
Author: wednesdayscat
Characters/Pairing: Emmett & Rosalie for now. Edward & Bella, and Jasper & Alice to come later.
Rating: M for language
Category: Angst/Hurt/Comfort
Spoilers: None. AU/AH
Summary: For a year Edward Cullen has been torturing himself over the breakdown of his marriage. Lacking the will and strength to move on, can he find someone to help him move forward, or will he let his insecurities get in the way of true happiness?

How love doth lie. Sweet seduction marks the words of betrayal. For lust knows no boundaries, and desire is the key.

Find the first chapter here.

Graphics and Fanmixes

3 Friend's Only Banners (Edward/Bella)
1 Cast Banner


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Fandom: Twilight
Subject: Edward Cullen/Bella Swan (Cullen)
Warnings: None
Notes: This is one of my presents for 823freckles for twilight_santa . The songs should be heard in the order that they are on the list (they tell a story). I hope You enjoy.


Fanmix here at my journal.

Fandom: Twilight
Subject: Edward Cullen/Bella Swan (Cullen)
Warnings: None
Notes: This is one of my presents for 823freckles for twilight_santa . The songs should be heard in the order that they are on the list (they tell a story). I hope You enjoy.


Fanmix here at my journal.

Robert Pattinson defends Heath Ledger's Honour

Behold! It is the gift of further R.Patz Sparklepants do-gooding. I can’t help it. My apologies to those of you who haven’t been wooed by this unicorn of slobby hotness.

Earlier in December Robert Pattison attended a show at The Improv. A tacky and heartless comic was trying to make a tasteless joke out of the death of Heath Ledger Offended and hurt, Sparklepants stood up for Ledger.


Us Weekly reports:

“[He] booed a comic who said, “Here’s my impression of Heath Ledger,” then he collapsed and began faking convulsions. “Robert and his friend went nuts yelling at him, “ the source said.

“The comic didn’t know who it was, but I’m sure he found out later!”

Pattinson reportedly yelled “F**k you! You suck!” at the comic’s attempt at humor. Also I feel I should mention the event was benefiting the fight against Prop 8. After Heath was a well voiced proponent for gay rights, I find it difficult to believe that someone would stoop so low to attack a someone who fearlessly took on the touchy subject both in film and in life.


update: chapter 2

Title: Christmas With the Cullens
Author: </a>charizmatic
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: M/ Lemons
Category: Everything/ mainly fluff
Summary: Ever since she can remember, Bella Swan has spent Christmas with the Cullens. Ever since she can remember Christmas has been full of strange Edward related complications that remain unresolved year after year. Last Christmas it seemed like their strange affair had finally ended. Bella is keen to resolve her "relationship" and move on with life. But will her feelings remain the same, especially after she finds out that Edward has a new introduction to make?

Collapse )Collapse )
Collapse )

chapter twelve, seducing ms swan

Title:Seducing Ms Swan
Summary: Post-New Moon AU. never jumped, Alice never had her vision and Edward never came back. Six years later, Bella is struggling to make a new life for herself as a teacher in Rochester, New York. How will she fare when a very familiar student crops up in her
classroom? Will she be able to remain professional, or will old ties get in the way? Can Ms Swan be seduced? Edward/Bella.
No Breaking Dawn spoilers whatsoever.
Warning: This stories will feature references to a student/teacher relationship. Obviously, it's kind of different seeing as Edward is actually 100+ years old, but if the idea bothers you, please don't read.
Chapter: (12/?)

Chapter 12

(Chapter Archive)


Two Edward/Bella Fics

Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Author: snarkysweetness
Characters/Pairings: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan; Edward/Bella
Rating: R
Warnings: Slight sexuality.
When: Set Post Eclipse.
Summary: A few days before the wedding, Edward surprises Bella with a ‘rehearsing’ session, only to have them both get carried away in trying to out dazzle the other.
Disclaimer: SMeyer owns all.
Author's Note: Merry Christmas 823freckles, I hope you enjoy the comedic semi-smut. Also, as always, thanks Grace for beta-ing this, even though you hate the fandom.

One Week.

Title: Ice on Fire

Author: snarkysweetness
Edward Cullen and Bella Swan; Edward/Bella
Set Post Eclipse.
Edward watches Bella sleep as she has a rather graphic dream and is overwhelmed by his own reaction to the things she says in her sleep.
SMeyer owns all.
Author's Note:
Merry Christmas 823freckles , I hope you enjoy. I think Sexy, Dark, non-brooding Edward was something everyone could use for the holidays (all my attempts at angst turned into smut, I think I have been in that sort of mood, and if you’d like, I can continue this in a sequel fic for you).

Testing My Control.



Title: Cut  -  One-Shot
Author: NiceIceEdward
Character(s)/Pairing: Edward/Bella with some Jasper/Bella elements
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: All Human - Alternate Universe, but basically you should know the Twilight stories, into New Moon; Chapter 1.
Summary:  Edward and Bella happily celebrate Bella's 18th Birthday, with her best friend Alice and her boyfriend's family.  When Alice gets hurt, Bella is left behind with her boyfriend's dangerous older brother.  PLEASE NOTE: This story is rated NC-17 for a reason!

Disclaimer:  I do not own Twilight or any of its characters, I do not intend, nor will I make any profit off of this story apart from my own edification.

**A/N:  This story was me experimenting with the possibility that Jasper as a human could be just as menacing and slightly scary as Vampire Jasper.  I think the characterization is pretty right on, but Jasper is of course OOC.   Let me know what you think, reviews are money in my inspiration bank!**


I've always known the feeling of a body against yours is indescribable, you can come up with fifty different adjectives to try to convey what it feels like, but there's no way to do real justice to the warmth of their body, the feeling that at any moment the slight sheen of sweat you can't see, but you can feel, will evaporate your morality.  There aren't words to convey the truth of the ripples of breath-staggering chills which emanate from the point at which their fingers touch your body, testing it, testing your will power.  It isn't possible to efficiently describe the hitching, suffocating way that your breath tries desperately to remain in your throat, because the anticipation of contact makes you lose touch with your mechanized senses.  No words will fully define the ache that claws at your will, when there is that moment just before the breathless, anguished, and desperate second of hesitation, just before their lips touch yours.

What I never knew was that you'd still feel this way, even when the body against yours isn't one you've asked for.  That through teasing and taunting words, evocative gestures and dangerous threats, your body's response to the electric sense of the tempting proximity of another's body still remains the same.

(The Rest of the Story)

Movies of 2008

Relieved to see that Twilight got a mention (quite a long one, actually) on the BBC's Movies of 2008 programme last night. They've got various clips from the film as well as interviews with Catherine Hardwicke and Rob and Kristen.

It'll be on the BBC iplayer (only available in the UK, I'm afraid) for the next 6 days. Here's the link:

The Twilight bit starts at about 35 minutes. Pity there isn't more about Pattz, tho'!

Hope I've posted this in the right place for once!!

"Addictions" Chapter 5

Title: Addictions
Author: Lindseyfair
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella mostly, some Alice/Jasper, eventually Emmett/Rosalie
Rating: Overall M for Mature, adult themes and content. (Would you expect anything less from me.)
Category: Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Spoilers: None really, would be nice if you've at least read “Twilight” to get the basic character content.
This is Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Separately, Edward and Bella's lives are at a crossroads, tortured by the decisions they've made in their past. When they are re-united after ten years, will they find comfort in the arms of an old friend or just trade one addiction for another? Of course it's OCC, way more for Bella than Edward.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Edward, but alas it wasn't meant to be. All credit goes to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 5
Take a Breath

MSN "Regrettable Trends"

Apparently, we're supposed to regret Twilight...yeah I disagree. But the description was pretty damn funny.

"The "Twilight" Craze: In the weeks before the movie came out, fans of the book series stormed suburban malls to see the Boy Who Would Play Edward. Injuries happened -- including some self-inflicted neck wounds because, apparently, not all fans are aware that Edward is just a pretend vampire/perfect boyfriend/accomplished Volvo driver.

The backlash may have already begun, though. It started with the fourth book in the series, which featured some bruising love scenes and a medical procedure that will forever be referred to as "The Edwardian Section." And it was sealed with the release of the movie. Even though fans mostly loved it, they also snickered at the rather over-the-top dialogue.

"You better hold on tight, spider monkey!" is this year's "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

But what we were really expecting when we fell in love with a guy whose skin ... glittered?"

Its the first slide. Enjoy(:

misfits; if there&#39;s anything to say
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[1-15] Kate Perry
[16-27] Kristen Stewart
[28-36] Robert Pattinson
[37-48] Robert & Kristen
[49-54] Ashley Greene
[55-69] Edward & Bella
[70-75] Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria
[76-81] Gaspard Ulliel
[82-85] Emily Browning
[86-87] Emily & Gaspard
[88-90] Emma Watson
[91-93] The Wombats
[94-95] Nikki Reed
[96] Cam Gigandet

plus 4 twilight headers!

HERE @ ullaaa

Rob Pattinson TV Guide Breakout Star 2008

Breakout Stars 2008

Movie Highlights 2008, Robert Pattinson, Kat Dennings

Breakout Stars: Robert Pattinson, Kat Dennings

Vampires may not have reflections, but Twilight's Pattinson has obviously been practicing his smoldering look in the mirror for a long time. Denning, meanwhile, turned it up with Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist after smaller parts in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Sex in the City.

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Grey - Chapter Five - Sanctuary Box

Title: Grey - ch. 5/???
Author: adair7
Rating: R
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Summary: Broken pasts and new beginnings. Bella Swan moves to Forks after a car accident claims the lives of her parents. She is adopted by the Cullen family where she has to learn to live her life again and escape her world of grey.
Disclaimer: All this genius belongs to Stephenie Meyer, I only wish I had created Edward Cullen. Dark subject matter, All-Human, Alternate-Universe, OOC, profanity.

Previous Chapters: one / two / three / four link

HERE @ adair7

Another Edward/Bella Vid

I had to make another one...

Pairing: Edward/Bella
File Size: 65 MB
File Type: .WMV
Song: "Let Go"
Artist: Frou Frou
Summary: I started out making an Edward/Carlisle vid, but realized that I didn’t have enough footage…so it became Edward/Bella. This vid is sort of about all the decisions the two must make in their relationship: whether to turn Bella into a vampire, whether to give in to desires or “wait until marriage.” I sort of play with the idea of them doing both of these right away.
Warning: Vampire Angst

Download Let Go (via
Watch Let Go on YouTube or IMEEM or the akemi42 theater


Hayley on Rob

Nice subject line. Nice and catchy LOL.

Was looking for Hayley only (or at least of Rob AND her) photos from Artist on Artist, and came across this on the bands live journal:

"i saw twilight for the second time tonight. a few friends invited me and i kinda wanted the real experience of buying the ticket... waiting in line for popcorn... you know, that whole thing. it was better the second time. i laughed so hard when all the little girls were cheering at edward on the screen. speaking of edward... or rob, in real life... i am laughing out loud at all the people online saying we are into each other. of course the video "interview" was a bit awkward. how would you like to meet someone you've seen on your tv for three months in a small, dark room set up like some kind of a date with three cameras in your face? hahah it was hilarious. i could tell rob felt the same way... as if we were really going to have some type of "candle-lit" conversation! we made fun out of it though and i thought he was a really nice dude... weeee."

I thought it was kinda cute. You got to remember I suppose that things arent what they look like on tv. Darn though, cause I was ready to ship those two :-)

(not sure what to tag this, if Im wrong, give me a hint. I chose what I did cause its kinda like an article?!
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updated Fan Fic: Fight Inside (chapter 14)

Title: Fight Inside
Author: idagirl6000
Rating: M
Summary: Edward&Bella used to be best friends & both secretly loved each other, but things went wrong their sophomore year of high school and tore them apart, ruining both their lives in the worse ways. Now 5 years later they have to face each other again. AH OOC
Disclaimer: Do not own, belongs to Stephine Meyer.

FF: Chapter 14

FF: Beginning
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"It has been an amazing year for How To Be. But first, let’s start with some announcements for 2009!
  • We have sold distribution rights for Italy to Just Us Films! Details of the release are being worked out right now, and further news on the Italian release of How To Be will follow in the New Year.
  • For all you American Fans, How To Be is very close to securing a distribution deal for the US! We are also looking forward to UK and other international releases. We will do all we can to keep you up to date!
  • We are also very happy to announce we have been accepted to CineQuest Film Festival in San Jose, California. We’ll pass on dates, locations and times as soon as we have them. This will be the first California screening of How To Be!
  • Official film posters, which we debuted at the Austin Film Festival, are now on our website. Please download them, send them to friends, and print them out!"


edited to remove life & style cover </a></b></a>ohfiyera is going to post the full story ;)

Fanfic Update: Apathy and Urgency

Title: Apathy and Urgency (1/?)
Author: broken_flavors
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, A/J, E/R, C/E
Rating: M
Word Count: 2,873
Spoilers: Possible BD spoiler (nothing major, just a pairing in that book)
Summary:AU. OOC
Bella, a nomadic vampire, wanders her way into Forks, WA and meets the Cullen
Clan. Haunted with dark thoughts, passion, and bloodlust, Bella hits a crossroad in her

Read here at
Read here at my Journal

I hope you enjoy reading. :]