December 29th, 2008

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[fic] Lessons in Attention Getting

[title] Lessons in Attention Getting
[author] miyabita13
[fandom] Twilight
[pairing] Edward/Bella
[rating] PG
[warnings/spoilers] None.
[disclaimer] Twilight and all of its characters belong to Stephenie Meyer, not me. I'm just a poor college student.
[notes] My first jump into the Twilight fandom. Comments are most definitely welcome. Written for my Kisses claim.
[summary] Edward needs to find a way to get her attention. And fast.

She was ignoring him again.

Twilight is in CNN's Top 10 entertainment stories of 2008

CNN has a countdown of this year's Top 10 entertainment stories. Twilight made the list at No. 10.

10. "Twilight"

This year's literary frenzy had nothing to do with a boy wizard and everything to do with a love affair between a human and a vampire. The first movie based on Stephenie Meyer's books did just fine, too.

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Rotten Tomatoes' Box Office Guru Wrapup

Rotten Tomatoes has a report about this weekend's box office. They mentioned Twilight surpassing the gross of Quantum of Solace.
Also notable below the top ten was the vampire blockbuster Twilight surpassing the total gross of fellow November hit Quantum of Solace. Just a month ago, nobody would have guessed that the modestly-budgeted $37M teen saga would go on to outgun the latest James Bond film and its $200M+ budget. Twilight grossed an estimated $4.5M this weekend, down only 13%, for a $167.1M domestic total while Quantum fell 29% to an estimated $1.5M pushing its cume to $164.3M. Overseas, of course, is another story with the 007 actioner having a $300M advantage, but Stephanie Meyer fans have given the film industry something that is rare nowadays - a hit with legs. For the year, Twilight ranks as the eighth biggest blockbuster of 2008.
Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

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Grey - A Twilight Fanfic - Chapter 4

Title: Grey - ch. 4/???
Author: adair7
Rating: R
Pairing: Edward/Bella eventually
Summary: Broken pasts and new beginnings. Bella Swan moves to Forks after a car accident claims the lives of her parents. She is adopted by the Cullen family where she has to learn to live her life again and escape her world of grey.
Disclaimer: All this genius belongs to Stephenie Meyer, I only wish I had created Edward Cullen. Dark subject matter, All-Human, Alternate-Universe, OOC, profanity.

Previous Chapters: one / two / three link

read chapter 4 here @ adair7
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Chapter 14 ~The Big Finale~

Title: Your Guardian Angel (Chapter 13)
Rating: PG-17(for now)
: No spoilers
: It's focused on Edward/Bella of course,but there would be some Alice/Jasper,Emmet/Rosalie
Category: Drama/Romantic
: Edward Cullen died in a horrible accident. While he was sleeping with Bella a fire started, the whole house was burning, he saved her, but he couldn’t save himself. Before he goes to heaven, he has a chance to help his one and only love.
Disclaimer: I am not SM obviously she owns the characters.I am not a writter,my english ain't perfect and I mostly write this story because I love Edward and Bella and I want to read more of them.
Bella's POV.

Chapter 14 : The big Finale.An end and a new beginning. *It's a really cute ending,no drama=p*

Huge thanks to my betas Laura(Count2Five) from Lost Forum and especially to</a></b></a>sugartwin2  for all her help and enthusiasm about the story,without you,there would be no story♥

Previous chapters HERE
“True love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you.” @pink_eagle17 

Covert Affairs &quot;Annie&quot;

Dance with Me-Ch.7

Title: Dance with Me
Rating: R (Language)
Summary: A major league baseball player with a bad rep needs to clean his image. He signs on to do a reality dance show. Will he clean his image and have the right kind of chemistry with his partner?
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: Based loosely on the t.v. show Dancing with the Stars and because Edward/Bella are my new favorite ship.

( Chapter 1-the start )

( Chapter 7 )

Updated Fanfic - No More Pain - Chapter 5

Title: No More Pain
Author: xfeelingthis
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: We'll say R for potential future smut haha, for now nothing dodgy!
Spoilers: Set midway through New Moon.
Summary: Set midway through New Moon, what would have happened if Edward hadn't returned, and Bella had never become friends with Jacob? What would have happened when Bella reached her breaking point?
Disclaimer: Y'all know the drill. Credit to Stephanie Meyers!

Chapter preview:

And it would be torturous. Possibly even worse than what Edward was feeling; because, despite every shrapnel of woe embedded in his body, he could cling onto his belief that what he had done was for the greater good, the ultimate sacrifice to protect the one he loved. As the uneasy seconds ticked by, I began to doubt that he had done Bella any favours. To lose Edward was torment enough, but to lose him with little explanation, and to be told he had never loved her in the first place - it was the very cruellest form of kindness. It almost hurt, just to imagine the pain she would be in.

Got this up on now, so you can check it out here or at my journal ^_^
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Huffington Post: Best Trends Of 2008

Best Trends of 2008

Ah, 2008. What can we say? It was like 2007, except maybe a little bit worse. Minus Obama winning, naturally.

We would like to remind our readers that, in the words of Tim Gunn, "We need clothes, do we need fashion? No. And fashion, when it's good, comes out of a context that's societal and cultural and historic and economic and political -- so it's of a time and a place."

In other words, fashion is like every other art -- if it's good, it describes the sociopolitical and economic hodgepodge from whence it came.

But also, it lets us post pictures of Twilight's freakish yet fetching actor Robert Pattinson, so really it's a win/win for us.
Please join us for a highly subjective, totally biased walk down memory lane for the Naughty and Nice fashion and fads of 2008!

Check back tomorrow for Trends of 2008: The Naughty List.

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Black on Black on Black
This men’s formal style, started by John Cusack and perfected by Robert Pattinson makes us go a little weak in the knees.

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Last Look: 10 Biggest Showbiz Events of 2008

Last Look: 10 Biggest Showbiz Events of 2008

Nov. 17

Newly minted movie star Robert Pattinson signed autographs for the teeming crowd of teen vampire fans who showed up to see Stephenie Meyer's best-selling book hit the big screen. The film had earned $175 million by mid-December.

(see the rest of the list here)

Unforgiving Love: Chapter 7: My Story

Title: Unforgiving Story
Author: atragicstory atragicstory 
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, Alice and Charlie
Rating: PG for now M later
Category: Romance/Drana
Warnings: AU
Summary: Bella Swan lays her eyes on the mysterious and beautiful Edward while wandering in the woods. There is strong connection that neither of them can ignore. An unforgiving tense love story with the ultimate twist. Can Bella forgive Edward for bringing her dark past to Forks? Can she trust him to put her back together?
Disclaimer: SM owns it all

Chapter 1

Chapter 7

review review review :)
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Solstice/ E/b / PG - 13 / Part 10 of ?

Title: Solstice
Author: marjorie16
Rating: PG - 13
Characters: Edward/Bella
Fandom: Twilight
Warning: It may be a bit violent in the beginning. Contains a lot of cliffhangers.
Summary: This is a story mid New Moon. Edward leaves Bella. Bella befriends Jacob. The werewolves kill Laurent BUT Victoria gets passed the werewolves and bites Bella.

Laurent: "...but if you knew what she had planned for you, Bella..."

Well, what if you did?

* Third Person POV

Chapter 10 || Beginning

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Twilight Was Bigger than Dark Knight?!

Twilight Was Bigger than Dark Knight?!

If only Wall Street had bet on Twilight. Or Hannah Montana. Or Kirk Cameron.

With a $167.3 million overall domestic take as Sunday, per Box Office Mojo, Twilight made more than four times its reported $37 million production budget—the best rate of return on any film in the 2008 Top 10, including The Dark Knight.
The Batman epic was a pretty good investment, too, very nearly tripling its gargantuan $185 million budget with a $530.8 million domestic take, Hollywood's second-biggest ever.
Still, The Dark Knight was nothing compared to these off-the-charts performers: High School Musical 3: Senior Year ($89.7 million), which grossed about eight times its $11 million budget; the Hannah Montana concert movie, which made about nine times its $7 million budget; and, Cameron's Fireproof, which cost $500,000 to produce, and made $33.1 million—or, more than 60 times its budget.
Other winners—and losers—of the box-office year that was, per stats from Box Office Mojo and
  • Titanic. If The Dark Knight couldn't get within even $50 million of the big-boat movie, then maybe it really won't ever be sunk as Hollywood's all-time domestic box-office king.
  • Robert Downey Jr. Rising from The Shaggy Dog, Downey was the only star to score two Top 20 live-action hits, Iron Man ($318.3 million) and Tropic Thunder ($110.5 million).
  • Will Smith. With apologies to Downey, Smith was the only star to sell a Top 10 movie, Hancock ($227.9 million), solely with his name.
  • Women. Tween and teen girls flocked to Twilight. Actresses fronted, or helped front, four Top 20 hits: Sex and the City ($152.6 million), Mamma Mia! ($143.8 million), Wanted ($134.3 million) and Four Christmases ($111.8 million).
  • Paris Hilton. Her opus, The Hottie & the Nottie ($27,696), was so not the lowest-grossing movie of the year. In fact, it reigned over films starring Catherine Zeta-Jones (Death Defying Acts, $3,561), Heather Graham (Miss Conception, $1,503) and Nick Stahl (How to Rob a Bank, $711—yes, $711).

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FIC: A Rising Sun, Ch 6

Title: A Rising Sun, Ch 6
Author: jacyevans
Rating: NC-17
Category: Drama
Pairings: Edward/Bella (all canon pairings)
Spoilers: Slight BD spoilers - nothing from the plot, just small details.
Summary: BD AU - The Denali clan arrive two weeks early for the wedding, bringing mischief and trouble in their wake. But Tanya and Irina are the least of Bella's problems. When the Volturi and the werewolves both remind the Cullens of their promises, Bella realizes that she will ignite a war, no matter which choice she makes. What no one will realize until too late is that Aro wants something - and he will do anything to get it.
A/N: All chapters can be found here.

'Pride and Prejudice.' Interesting. So, you have a thing for the old fashioned?
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I finally got around to doing some new Twilight walls.  This will be friend locked after two days because of the massive amount of theft of Twilight art online.  I'm sorry, I love my fellow Twilight fans, but it's a sad fact.

Wallpapers are for personal desktop use only.
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Fan Fic: Tahoe Tangling

Characters: All the Cullens.

Spoilers: None

Summary: Bella & Alice head out for a winter vacation. Along the way they meet Rose & Emmett,and eventually Jasper and Edward. Lemony goodness ensues. Collaborative effort between AHelm & HammondGirl. Will include all POV's. Cannon pairings,AH/AU,OOC. Rated M, obviously.

Rating: M

You can read chapter 1...