December 25th, 2008


Fanfiction: No Going Back (Bella POV, E/B)

Title: No Going Back
Author: [Bad username: fuzzyluvbanana/]
Characters/Pairing: Bella POV, E/B
Rating: G
Category: Angst, interspersed with moments of quiet adoration
Spoilers: Um, none really unless you haven’t read Twilight
Summary: Bella’s thoughts on the frantic drive from her house to the Cullen’s before they disperse to take care of James and Victoria.


Updated Fanfic: Unforgettable

Chapter Title: Scars
Author: tru_cowgirl (BluBug2592)
Rating: T/PG-13
Category: Romance/Adventure
Couple/Characters: Bella/Edward, Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlise/Esme
Spoilers: New Moon
Story Summary: What would happen if a group of strange kids came to school? Two of them are not at all what they seem and they have Edward and his family on the edge of their seats. Edward can't read any of their minds and what will the Cullens do when they figure out who they are? Happens after New Moon and before Eclipse.
Chapter Summary: Bella, Alice, and Edward arrive at school and Alice and Edward find out that they can use their 'abilities' on the new kids. But then something happens that makes it so they can't anymore. What went wrong? In math class Bella gets to know Katie a little bit better and finds out more about her family and friends.

Thanks guys for reading this...your really keeping me motivated on writing it.

You can find Chapter 3 here.

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New Fanfic: Apathy and Urgency

Title: Apathy and Urgency
Author: broken_flavors
Characters/Pairing: All Canon
Rating: M
Spoilers: None
Summary: "She had tried to ignore it, stayed away from any population in the northwestern United States. But she could feel her resolve slipping with each step. And now she was here. In the center of a place full of delicious scents and pulsating heartbeats. Her monster reared its ugly head viciously, trying to convince her to lash out at the poor fellow who was hurrying down the snow covered streets with a frozen turkey in hand, obviously trying to get home with Christmas dinner before the sun had finished setting..."

The above link will take you to a quick introduction to this story, along with an excerpt from the first chapter. I’ll be posting the actual first chapter later this week. I'd just like to see what people thought about the idea of this fic, so please, feel free to comment. Thanks so much!

This story is a 3rd person limited point of view. It centers around an ooc, nomadic Bella, who hasn't met the Cullen clan yet. More detailed summary if you follow the link.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
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How To Fall A Million Different Ways

Title:How To Fall A Million Different Ways
Author: moi
Genre: Romance/Angst
E/B, and all other cannon pairings (for the time being)
Short summary: "It doesn't have to be hard." I clenched my fingers around his, knuckles white with desperation. "It could be like breathing air." He almost smiled, and then he murmured in my ear, "If it's as easy as breathing, then I have a lung infection."AH AU
Any warnings: Language, but nothing else even worth mentioning, I don't think =/
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of the following novels. I just enjoy playing with the characters :D

 Chapter 5 Part 2
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Top Ten Eligible Hollywood Bachelors

Top Ten Eligible Hollywood Bachelors

Tired of cozying up to your cat, ladies? Try one of these Hollywood hunks.

Robert Pattinson, the sexy star of Twilight, has women’s hearts aflutter all over the world after his big break out role as Edward, the movie’s sexy vampire. Known to have the best hair in Hollywood, if you can beat the teens off him, he appears to be sweet and quite smart.

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