December 23rd, 2008


Unforgiving Love: Chapter 5: Answers

Title: Unforgiving Love
Author: atragicstory (here, and twilighted)
Summary: Bella Swan lays her eyes on the mysterious and beautiful Edward while wandering in the woods. There is strong connection that neither of them can ignore. An unforgiving tense love story with the ultimate twist. What is Bella's fate?
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward, Bella, and Alice, Jasper and Carlisle. More added as chapters continue
Rating: M, of course.
Disclaimer: SMeyer owns everything.

Chapter 1
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Chapter 5

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Reviews and comments are VERY welcome, even if you think its all wrong. I love your opinions.



[001-003] Audrey Hepburn
[004-007] Katharine Hepburn
[008-013] Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy
[014-028] Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling
[029-037] Rachel McAdams
[038-052] Katie Holmes
[053-092] Michelle Williams
[093] Jennifer Aniston
[094-095] Kate Winslet
[096-098] Twilight Cast (Misc)
[099-113] Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
[114-134] Robert Pattinson


Twilight made into a TV Show

Yeah, no joke!
In the Philippines, they are making Twilight into a TV series!

Check it out at Perez


EDIT:: I'm fairly sure that this is a manip
it has the MTV thing in the lower corner, just like the original one did when MTV released it
i researched MTV, and they dont have anything about this news on their site.....
plus it just looks like crap lol

clueless hips

Updated Fanfiction : Resident Advisor, Chapter 3: Searching In Vain

Title: Resident Advisor
Author: HammondGirl
Pairing: B/E
Category: A/H, A/U, OOC
Rating: M for future lemonade.
Spoilers: None
Summary: Chapter 3 now up - Searching In Vain, In EPOV for the kiddies. Bella works as a Resident Advisor in a dormitory at Seattle University. She meets Edward at a Halloween Party thrown for the residents and employees of Weston Hall. A friendship slowly builds and Bella finds herself falling in love with Edward throughout the semester, but is unsure of his feelings toward her. What could the popular Edward Cullen possibly see in her?

Author's Note: Kim - This one is also for you. I love you more than Rob = HUGE AMOUNTS!!!

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Fanfic - first attempt

Title: Over you

Author: rebel_poet

Rating: G

Genre: Romance (I guess - please correct me if I'm wrong)

Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward


Can Bella ever get over Edward? Can a song change her outlook on what has happened? A one shot songfic using Chris Daughtry’s song, Feels Like Tonight.

A few spoilers from New Moon – only slightly.

I mustn’t think of that anymore”, she thought to herself, “that part of my life is…over”. With that last thought the tears spilled over. She couldn’t think of her life with Edward as being over. This couldn’t be happening.

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Twilight scans from Austrian M*Magazine (+ translation)

I've been searching for this for a few days and today I got my hands on two copies XD Twilight is on the cover of Austrian "M*Magazine", which is basically a magazine for teenagers about movies, music and lifestyle that you can get for free in the cinema or at McDonalds. I scanned everything Twilight related in the magazine, even two commercial spreads, one for the soundtrack and one for the movie and a so called "teens night" where you can see Twilight for 5 € (about 7 $) with a free drink and magazine.
The scans are a bit wobbly and lopsided, but that's because the magazine is a bit bigger than my scanner and I tried to scan everything. I hope it's not too bad :) I also tried to translate the whole text and interview... it's not perfect but it was a bit difficult due to the strange way in which the questions were asked O_o

Free Image Hosting at

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I once again want to apologize for the crappy quality of my translation T_T It's quite difficult to try and translate from nonstandard, sloppy German to correct English ;_; So if there are mistakes, feel free to correct me. I'm just very tired and tried to do this as quickly as possible (still took more than an hour).
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Robert Pattinson, We're Thinking of a Word

Robert Pattinson, We're Thinking of a Word

A few, actually. And they're all about you: Pattzy, Pattisfied and even Pattinsomnia.
Since the launch of Celebrity Addictionary, no other celeb has spawned so many new words to describe the effect of his or her ungroomed fabulousness upon the public.
There's something about Rob—that glorious (now tragically shorn!) hair, those furry furrowed brows—that makes him catnip for the lexicographically inclined. Perhaps it's the bookish pallor or the fact that he plays a character who appears in a best-seller, but there's something there that's attracting wordsmiths. And straight-up haters, too.

Got something to add? We're pretty sure no one's jumped on Pattinsonic boom yet. So log on to Celebrity Addictionary to stake your claim...or just drool over these dreamy pics of Rob Pattz.

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The Year in 'Twilight': A Look Back on the Vampire Phenom of 2008

The Year in 'Twilight': A Look Back on the Vampire Phenom of 2008

I think it's fair to say that 2008 was the year of "Twilight"--as in Stephenie Meyer's the "Twilight Series," as in vampires and vampire-human love, as in star-crossed romance taken as far as it can go, as in crazy, screaming teenage girls (and their moms) cheering on Meyer everywhere she goes, and as in crazy, screaming teenage girls (and their moms) swooning over Robert Pattinson, the on-screen embodiment of Edward Cullen, that sexy, brooding vampire we have all come to know and love. Since "Twilight" and all-things vampire was a (very) common thread in my posts for Idol Chatter this year, I thought I'd take a look back on the some of the more significant "Twilight" Highlights of 2008:
May 9th: the movie trailer for "Twilight" takes the blogosphere by storm

July 16th: Entertainment Weekly (and everyone else) begins talking about "Stephenie Meyer's Vampire Empire" and fans begin to count the days to the release of Book Four of "Twilight."

August 1st: USA Today calls Meyer the "most famous author you've never heard of" and likens Meyer to the next JK Rowling, while fans keep counting down the days to the release of "Breaking Dawn."

August 2nd: "Breaking Dawn" comes out with enormous fanfare, midnight parties, and a NYC concert/book release event simulcast all over the web.

August 26th: The backlash against "Breaking Dawn" is in full swing, and fans debate (and some defend, including me) the merits of "Breaking Dawn" as the last installment of "Twilight."

September 3rd: Stephenie Meyer's unfinished manuscript for "Midnight Sun"--which is "Twilight" told from Edward's perspective--is leaked online for all to read (but I do not!)

October 31st: "Twilight" fans are treated to a new movie trailer and start counting the days to the film's moved-up pre-Thanksgiving release date.

November 12th: Cue the screaming, teenage girls (and their moms)! Fans get a taste (so to speak) of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, in the flesh.

November 21st: The movie "Twilight" releases nationwide, to mixed reviews.

November 24th: It's official--regardless of reviews, the Twilight movie is a huge hit, grossing $70 million its first weekend.

December 15th: Though "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke bows out of the same role for Twilight sequel, "New Moon," author Stephenie Meyer reassures fans that film number two will be just as good (if not better) than the first, as Chris Weitz signs on to head the project.

So what does 2009 have in store for Stephenie Meyer, "Twilight," "New Moon," Edward, Bella, and Jacob? Only time will tell...


2008 was definitely the year of Twilight :D hopefully 2009 will be the year of New Moon!