December 22nd, 2008

Updated Fanfic - No More Pain - Chapter 4

Title: No More Pain
Author: xfeelingthis
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: We'll say R for potential future smut haha, for now nothing dodgy!
Spoilers: Set midway through New Moon.
Summary: Set midway through New Moon, what would have happened if Edward hadn't returned, and Bella had never become friends with Jacob? What would have happened when Bella reached her breaking point?
Disclaimer: Y'all know the drill. Credit to Stephanie Meyers!

Chapter 4

Full fic can be found at the journal above!

Also, a HUGE apology for the delay, but life has been veeery hectic as of late =[ Sorry for anyone who's been reading!
Vision of Edward and Bella

Fanfic: Bonne Foi

Title: Bonne Foi
Author: Amethyst Jackson
Category: Drama, Romance
Rating: M
Summary: AU. Edward Masen was changed in 1918 and abandoned by his sire. He feeds on human blood, unaware of any other way…until he stumbles across college freshman Bella Swan for a night that will change everything.
Disclaimer: A writer is like a goddess in her universe…but only one writer is making the money off Twilight, and that’s Stephenie Meyer. These are her characters, and I’m just having fun with them.
A/N: I’m back home! That should mean that I’m updating more frequently from now on, so…uh…yay? This one’s a wee bit shorter than the others, but I needed to stop it here. Next chapter will be coming within a few days.

Chapter Four | All Chapters

Hot or Not: Robert Pattinson's New Do

After skyrocketing to fame as a messy-haired vampire in Twilight, teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson has ditched his trademark tousled locks for a more manly crop.

While it's definitely a bit spunky, we can't help but think there'll be a few million girls weeping into their Twilight pillowcases over this one.

Robert recently confessed to ITN Showbiz that he was confused by the incessant screaming of his adoring fans.

"If you've got loads of people screaming at you, it's like, what do you want me to do?" he said.

"But people just want to scream. You're like a vessel for screamings, screaming sessions."

What we want to know is - when will his hair clippings hit eBay? Imagine the bidding frenzy!

They have a poll to vote which is better

niall, one direction; oh for god's sake

Familiar; B/E one shot

Title: Familiar
Author: glassescafe/Adrienne/me
Rating: PG
Fandom: Twilight
Character(s)/Pairings: Bella, Edward, B/E
POV/Category: Third Person/AU
Length: 800 words
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Characters, etc. belong to Stephenie Meyer
Summary: His eyes are the first thing she notices.
A/N: My first post here…and first fic on LJ…hope I make a good impression ;)! I didn’t really explain much, so it’s really ambiguous and/or open for interpretation.

Beautiful, more than beautiful.
Kellan, Taylor

In My Amrs : Chapter 2 ~ Things I'll Never Say.

Title : In My Arms
Author : Hayley_Cullen
Characters/Pairings : Edward/Bella/Jacob
Rating : 15
Category : Romance
Spoilers : None.
Disclaimer : Unfortunately, I don't own any of the characters, it all belongs to the wonderful SMeyer! If I did own Edward, do you really think I would let him out??
Summary : Bella and Edward have been friends forever! They really like each other, and to be honest, its obvious to everyone! Well, except to them. They are destined to be together but why does everything go wrong? All-Human.

Start from the begining

Chapter 2 New!
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Chapter 17 is up!

Title: Irritable Grizzly Adams
Author: My lj is slagathor42 ,but I post at as caligula42
Summary: AU. Set during New Moon. Edward left Bella in the woods five years ago. Struggling to make a life without him, Bella finds herself still alone in an entirely different forest. But what happens if they are accidentally reunited? Rated M for language and sexual situations
Genre: Angst/Romance.
Characters: Edward, Bella, and the usual suspects, plus a few of my own.
Rating: M, of course.
Disclaimer: All I own is a dog, a mad scientist, and a Honda the size and shape of a bathtub.  A very small bathtub.  The rest belong to Ms. Meyer.

Author's Note:  This story was inspired by Mark Lanegan's rendition of the Bob Dylan song "Man in the Long Black Coat."  Once I heard it, I just couldn't get this story out of my mind.

Chapter Links:

Chapter One | Chapter Seventeen
Robert - Proud Canadian

Fanfiction - A Means To An End - Update & Last Chapter

Title: A Means To An End
Chapter 3: The Unwrapping (Chapter 1, Chapter 2.)
Author: JCAddict/(picklewinkle)/Sher
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Spoilers: None
Rating: R/M, for sex and language
Story Summary: Edward takes Bella's joke wrong and when Bella tries to prove she's right a new opportunity presents itself. (Taking place somewhere between New Moon and Eclipse)
Chaper Summary: Edward unwraps Bella's gift.
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and all of its characters.

I wrote a piece for the November fanfiction contest at lion_lamb. I never intended it to be more than the one shot I wrote for the contest but a number of people asked me to continue it. So I did because who am I to deny getting Bella and Edward together? So I wrote chapter 2, my entry for the December fanfiction contest at lion_lamb. The problem was I could not get the rest of the story out in the 5,000 words allowed. What can I say, I'm wordy :D And I left the last chapter off at sort of a crappy spot trying to fit as much into the 5,000 words I was allowed so I didn't want to let it go too long before finishing. So here is the last and final chapter of the story and I hope that I was able to stay true to Stephenie Meyer's characters the way I intended to. Consider this the sex she never wrote LMAO. It's really stinking long, like so long I had to split the post, but it was the only way I could write it with the vision I had in mind. I hope you enjoy.

Please note: The rating of the story is M and the chapter is absolutely brimming with sexual situations so please use your discretion and consider yourself warned.

The Unwrapping - Part 1
The Unwrapping - Part 2
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Edward - I Heart Edward Cullen

Fanfiction - Out Of Choices - Update

Title: Out Of Choices
Chapter 7: Attachments (Previous Chapter: 1. Aloneness, 2. Fracture, 3. Escape, 4. Defeat, 5. Triumph, 6. Discernment)
Author: JCAddict/(picklewinkle)/Sher
Characters: Edward/Bella
Rating: R/M, for sex and language
Category: angst/drama
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: An angry young woman is forced to move to the town of Forks, Washington and decides that alone is the best way to be. She buries her heart and puts on a tough façade that very few people are able to break through. Can the love of a teenage vampire get through to the lost girl inside?

Chapter 7: Attachments

For those of you who prefer you can find it here
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MTV News Staff Favorites Of 2008: Joe DeShano’s Top 10 Movies

MTV gave a chance for their staff to pick their Top 10's of the year's and Twilight made the list of staff member, Joe DeShano. Here's its rank and description:

“Twilight”: I find myself kind of surprised that “Twilight” is in my top 10. And what’s it doing at #4? Well, I remember a movie back in 1989 that got fans really excited. Long lines of people dressed like the characters. Everyone was excited about its particular genre again. That was Tim Burton’s “Batman.” What a glorious day that was. This movie is that for the younger, female generation. What’s better is that it isn’t necessarily some sappy love story. There’s action and vampires and yeah a love interest, but there are also subplots and interwoven texture, which are rare to the vampire genre. I actually liked this film a lot and love that it became a big hit, despite all odds. Good job, “Twilight” folks. I look forward to the sequel.

(read the rest of joe's ranking here)
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The Fandango 2009 Hot List

Ok girls, no need to shout. Mr. Pattinson has heard your shrieks, and the desires of some of you to actually be bitten (really?). Thanks to your devotion and ticket purchases to the first Twilight movie, Mr. Pattinson would like to bequeath you a gift in the new year. Mark your calendars. November 20, 2009 (at least as of this writing) is the date that Rob and friends will return in the next episode, New Moon. Now get back to screaming.

"Who is the sexiest man in the movies for 2009?"
(According to women):
1. Johnny Depp
2. Robert Pattinson
3. Denzel Washington
4. Hugh Jackman
5. Brad Pitt
6. Christian Bale
7. Matthew McConaughey
8. Clive Owen
9. Vin Diesel
10. Keanu Reeves


rank #2??? that's pretty awesome. he's even ranked higher than People's sexiest man of the year, Hugh Jackman!! congrats rob<3
supernatural: jensen ackles

fic: misdialed (chaptered)

title: misdialed
author: kissesblow
rating: pg13
summary: this one normal day, i get fired from my job, so i call alice to tell her the news, except it turns out that i didn't really call alice . . . i accidentally called a random stranger, and this random stranger has an incredibly velvet voice, makes me laugh, and wants to be my anonymous phone buddy. yeah, sure – just a completely normal day. (all human. edward/bella-centric, with dashes of alice/jasper and rosalie/emmett.)

(start at the beginning.)
chapter two.
dragon, girl, tattoo

Updated FanFic: Fight Inside (Chapter 12)

Title: Fight Inside
Author: idagirl6000
Rating: M
Summary: Edward&Bella used to be best friends & both secretly loved each other, but things went wrong their sophomore year of high school and tore them apart, ruining both their lives in the worse ways. Now 5 years later they have to face each other again. AH OOC
Disclaimer: Do not own, belongs to Stephine Meyer.

FF: Chapter 12

FF: Beginning

One-shot: Smelling the Bouquet

Title: Smelling the Bouquet
Author: I Dream of Draco
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairings: Alice, Bella/Edward
POV/Category: Third Person/Romance
Length: One-shot
Warnings: Takes place after Eclipse and before BD, with one slight spoiler. It doesn't give anything away about the plot; I'm just letting you know.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and settings belong to Stephenie Meyer. I am just using them for my own fun.
Summary: Edward has gone missing but he sends Bella an absurd number of flowers in his place. Bella is less than pleased and makes it her mission to find him.
A/N: Thank you to FreeDaChickens for beta-ing. Written for rainpuddle13 on my LJ.

Can be found... here!
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Yahoo, Rob and Twilight series

I logged on to Yahoo to check my email, and what did I see?

According to Yahoo! today, Robert Pattinson is THE most searched actor right now, with Freida Pinto in 2nd, and Nicole Kidman in 3rd.  And the third most-search item on Yahoo is the Twilight books.  Right after Michael Jackson and Kirsten Dunst.  WTF?

Eh, at least the picture of Rob ain't half-bad.  But Twilight after Michael Jackson?  Puh-lease.


UsWeekly UNF

Updated FanFic: Let Love In

Characters: All the Cullens with a little Renee, Charlie & Mike Newton.

Spoilers: None

Summary: Bella Swan led a largely solitary life after losing the only people she ever considered family at age thirteen. When she relocates to the tiny town of Forks, will she fall further into her angst or grow out of it? Canon pairings, AH/AU.

Rating: T

Chapter 4


Start from the beginning!

nothing is what it seems

FIC: A Rising Sun, Ch 5

Title: A Rising Sun, Ch 5
Author: jacyevans
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Edward/Bella (all canon pairings)
Category: Drama
Spoilers: Slight BD spoilers - nothing from the plot, just small details.
Summary: BD AU - The Denali clan arrive two weeks early for the wedding, bringing mischief and trouble in their wake. But Tanya and Irina are the least of Bella's problems. When the Volturi and the werewolves both remind the Cullens of their promises, Bella realizes that she will ignite a war, no matter which choice she makes. What no one will realize until too late is that Aro wants something - and he will do anything to get it.
A/N: All chapters can be found here.

Edward, if you don’t come out of there in ten seconds, I’m having Emmett break down the door.
Covert Affairs &quot;Annie&quot;

Dnce with Me-Ch.6

Title: Dance with Me
Rating: R (Language)
Summary: A major league baseball player with a bad rep needs to clean his image. He signs on to do a reality dance show. Will he clean his image and have the right kind of chemistry with his partner?
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: Based loosely on the t.v. show Dancing with the Stars and because Edward/Bella are my new favorite ship.

( Chapter 1-the start )

( Chapter 6 )
elena snow


Title: Your Guardian Angel (Chapter 13)
Rating: PG-17(for now)
: No spoilers
: It's focused on Edward/Bella of course,but there would be some Alice/Jasper,Emmet/Rosalie
Category: Drama/Romantic
: Edward Cullen died in a horrible accident. While he was sleeping with Bella a fire started, the whole house was burning, he saved her, but he couldn’t save himself. Before he goes to heaven, he has a chance to help his one and only love.
Disclaimer: I am not SM obviously she owns the characters.I am not a writter,my english ain't perfect and I mostly write this story because I love Edward and Bella and I want to read more of them.
Bella's POV.

Chapter 13 : Bella made a really important and scary at the same time decision.

Huge thanks to my betas Laura(Count2Five) from Lost Forum and especially to</a></b></a>sugartwin2  for all her help and enthusiasm about the story,without you,there would be no story♥

Previous chapters HERE


 “He said something that didn't mean as much then as it does now. He told me that things happen in life that you can't stop. But, it wasn't a reason to shut out the world. I realize that, I have been so afraid of the bad things I was so afraid to face a world without him, that I was losing it. I couldn’t move on. But I was ready now, I knew deep inside my heart that I would hurt terribly that I would miss him, hate myself. But life goes on and I wanted to live again. ”

(no subject)

Title:Some people, they roam this world, alone
Author:Propre amour
Characters/Pairing:B/E(eventually), E/R,C/E, J/A, maybe a few others.

Summary:What if Bella, wasn't the prey?What if Edward was?How would Bella's world change, once she was ripped away from her life,only to re appear, in the same place, she had promised to never return too?Would she finally believe those stories? We could only hope.

All characters belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer, everything else is from a dream I had.

Chapter ten is up! Its from Edwards Pov! It will all make sense soon :)
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Vampire film "Twilight" tops box office (in the UK)

Vampire film "Twilight" tops box office

Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:43am GMT

LONDON (Reuters) - Teen vampire film "Twilight" topped the box office over the weekend, taking 2.5 million pounds and beating animation picture "Madagascar 2" into second place, its distributor E1 Films said on Monday.

The movie, based on the bestselling novel by U.S. author Stephenie Meyer, also topped the North American box office at its opening weekend last month with ticket sales of $69.6 million (46.9 million pounds) , and its backers hoped the success would extend beyond the book's core U.S. following.
Independent studio Summit Entertainment is going ahead with the sequel "New Moon" based on the second novel in the four-book series.
According to E1, the British subsidiary of Entertainment One Group, "Twilight" was comfortably ahead of Madagascar 2 (1.8 million pounds) and "Four Christmases" (1.0 million pounds).

Meyer's Twilight series has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide, 17 million of which have been in the United States. Her publishers are hoping the movie franchise will boost sales around the world.


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Beautiful Creature - a Bella Swan fan post

Yes, amongst all those fanmixes, wallpapers and icons with Edward in them, I am posting a fanmix, a set of icons and a wallpaper only about Bella Swan.  Keep in mind, this is more of Bella before coming to Forks.  I think they reflect her musical tastes before she gets gushy and romantic, keeping with her eclectic taste (as I imagine her to have).


Collapse )Collapse )

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A Love With No Limits - Ch 10 - A Secret Kind Of Sexy

Story: A Love With No Limits : Edward & Bella
Update: Chapter 10 - A Secret Kind Of Sexy
Rated: Mature
General Spoilers: None aware of

Story Breakdown: This is my personal version of Edward & Bella's honeymoon at Isle Esme. The stories are romantic smut lemons. Considered one shots, but only bc I do a honeymoon day per chapter. It's really romantic and I hope you enjoy it! :D I break down each of their 17 days, with how I feel their honeymoon should have went.

Chapter Breakdown: EPOV. A girls possible worst nightmare comes true when they are caught doing certain things... by the most sexiest man in history.
And what do we do when we get caught, besides freak out? We take control, and try to distract them... but sometimes, it doesn't go as we planned.


Collapse )