December 20th, 2008

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Fanfiction - Out Of Choices - Update

Title: Out Of Choices
Chapter 6: Discernment (Previous Chapter: 1. Aloneness, 2. Fracture, 3. Escape, 4. Defeat, 5. Triumph )
Author: JCAddict/(picklewinkle)/Sher
Characters: Edward/Bella
Rating: R/M, for sex and language
Category: angst/drama
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: An angry young woman is forced to move to the town of Forks, Washington and decides that alone is the best way to be. She buries her heart and puts on a tough façade that very few people are able to break through. Can the love of a teenage vampire get through to the lost girl inside?

Chapter 6: Discernment

For those of you who prefer you can find it here
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Mistaken Vows / E/B - J/B / PG-13

Title: Mistaken Vows
Rating: PG-13, I may change that for possible future smut…
Chapter: 19 / Epilogue
Warnings: Team Edward
Pairing: E/B , J/B
Fandom: Twilight

Setting: Takes place several years after New Moon. AU. Bella never went cliff diving, Edward never went to the Volturi.

Summary: For years Edward has been forced to live with the pain of Bella’s absence in his life, knowing that it is no one’s fault but his own. How will Edward and his family react when Isabella Swan turns up as one of Carlisle’s intensive care patients and has no where to go? Will the mystery of her condition and the events that she has overcome in Edward’s absence be revealed? Will Edward be able to save her from herself and the one enemy that proposes a threat to his families existence?

Disclaimer: SM owns.
Links:               Beginning              |                Chapter 19 / Epilogue

Also, seeing as this fiction is now complete. The rest of my fictions are here

[Fanfic] Apple Scented Body Butter

Title: Apple Scented Body Butter
Author: Jane aka phoenix39
Rated: G
Word Count: 611
Summary: Edward and Bella go to the mall, where Bella explains to Edward that body butter is not really butter. Yeah, this is kind of corny.
Notes: Emily and I were at the mall and had Twilight on the brainzzz and this fic kind of wrote itself. It's dedicated to Emily for her birthday. Happy birthday, Ems!

Read it HERE at my fic journal. It's unlocked. :)
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Twilight in Greece

So, there are still some of us who haven't seen the movie in theaters, because it hasn't been released yet in our countries.
Unfortunately, living in Greece make me one of them *snifs*

Because I know that most of my fellow Greek-Twilighters "watch" the Twilight news from American sites (we still don't have a decent greek one), where it's quite hard to find news about the movie in Greece, I decided to sum up some of the most important things Greek fans should know.

First of all, the movie premiere will be on January the 1st, not the 8th as it was announced some time ago.

Odeon (the company who distributes the movie) has set up a site with the basics, you can visit it here:
And you can participate in a competition here: The first 10 will win a copy of the book translated in Greek (wish that you will not be on the first 10 *lol*), the next 10 a copy of the soundtrack (that's what we're talking about!), and the last 100 will get a poster of the movie.

If you want to keep an eye on the dates and hours you can watch the movie, once it gets released, you can visit this page: (this link will propably change in a week or so, cause the movie is in the "coming soon" section for now)

And the best one for the end!
Public stores ( offer a double ticket for the Twilight avant premiere which is on 30/12/08 to the first ones who will buy 2 products with the "Vampire Label". 

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Twilight shines in UK reviews

A follow-up to the post of ceramicpiece on the quite excellent UK reviews of Twilight.

The film was released last month in the US, and didn't fare too well with the critics. It stood at a Rotten 45% on the Tomatometer, with the critics feeling that it didn't live up to the source material, and many bemoaning the chemistry (or lack of) between Bella and Edward, played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. But, perhaps due to the more muted level of popularity of the source material here in blighty, the UK critics have really fallen for Twilight. From the 20 reviews collated today, only one review came in unfavourably, and even The Sun's critic The Sneak admitted that the film was "A superior high school romance, which looks set to live on after the sun has set on Hogwarts." So with UK reviews only Twilight would stand at a much more respectable (and Fresh) 95% on the Tomatometer. Critics swooned over the breathless romance and dark but well-meaning tone, meaning that Twilight may just be the hit of the winter season with Will Lawrence from Empire saying "A sometimes girlie swirl of obsession that will delight fans, this faithful adaptation is after teenage blood, and will most likely hit a box office artery."

Full article here, from Rotten Tomatoes:

This is the issue with anything that's been subjected to so much hype: it almost inevitably fails to live up to expectations, and therefore somewhat disappoints (*coughBDcough*). Where there are less or no expectations (as in the UK, so the essay surmises), perhaps there are more open minds and greater acceptance? But given that Twilight is out, methinks New Moon and the rest of the sequels can no longer escape the even more heightened hype and scrutiny, and the expectation that Weitz and cast improve on the flaws of the first. So it's pretty hopeless to keep one's expectations at bay...bring on New Moon!

Anyway, I posted this because I'm glad more reviewers liked the film. I sincerely liked it myself.

Covert Affairs "Annie"

Impressions-Chapter 8

Title: Impressions
Rating: PG-13 (Language)
Summary: Bella is a single, shy, and timid writer. Edward is an engaged, charming, and handsome businessman. What do you get when Bella has to cover "Seattle's New Couple?"
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: AU, AH. I couldn't get this plot bunny out of my head. It demanded to be written.

( Chapter 1-the start )

( Chapter 8 )

( lj link to chapter 8 )
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Moviefone Film Poll

Vote for Twilight in various sections:

1. Which movie was most worth your cash?
Dark Knight well ahead of Twilight

4. Who was the best villain?
Heath is crucifying Cam

5. What was the best chick flick?
Twilight ahead but not as much as you'd think

9. Who was the hottest hunk of the year?

Bale is beating Rob!

14. Who was the breakout star of the year?
Both Rob and Kristen are nominated

15. Who was the best on-screen couple?
Katherine; Whore

Twilight in UK cinemas

I was just wondering what the atmosphere was like for everyone else in the UK cinemas. Personally my cinema was packed, however I was the only person to say that I wanted to be Kristen in the kiss. Despite that a lot of people screamed, a lot of the time (Apart from a boring group of adults who just HAD to be sitting in front of me and my friends and kept on telling us to shut up).

So, what was it like for everyone else?
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The Search For Myself - Ch 12 - Permanent

Story: The Search For Myself : Edward & Bella
Update: Chapter 12 - Permanent
Rated: T for now for cursing, mainly [Mature later for sexual content]
General Spoilers: None aware of

Story Breakdown: What if Bella and Edward's roles were reversed, leaving Bella the Vampire and Edward the Human? As predicaments change and situations become harder, will their fate still be destined or will unexpected plans change their lives... forever?

Chapter Breakdown: The meadow scene at first, as requested. But this chapter is very unexpected, and drags you along the emotions as Bella struggles with herself to fight the urgency of wanting his blood.

Chapter Spoiler/Sneak Peek:
I knew I shouldn't trust myself with him.
If I lost control now, my emotions could take ahold of me and I could snap, willing or unwilling, and it could be all over.

For him.

For me.

A good percentage of me told me to lay back because I wanted this sooo damn badly and to go with that desire, but the smaller -- yet more demanding -- part of me told me to get the hell away from him. Now.


who » the girl who waited.

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Content of the post:
[17] Twilight + cast
[14] Music (Katy Perry, Paramore, Feist, She & Him)
[3] Emily Browning/Gaspard Ulliel
[50] Gossip Girl + cast
[3] Clémence Poésy
[41] Fashion & Stock
[4] Ewan McGregor
[2] Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen
[5] Chuck + cast
[10] Pushing Daisies
[2] Rose McGowan
[1] Maggie Gyllenhaal
[1] Britney Spears
[2] Cillian Murphy
[3] Emily/Gaspard manips
[1] Maggie/Gaspard manip (Edward/Rosalie)


The rest can be found HERE @ snitch_golfer.


Japanese promotion for Twilight (books and movie)

I just stumbled across these two sites. Both are dedicated to Twilight and both are in Japanese. The first one is a homepage about the Twilight saga with two wallpapers that might be interesting even to those who can't speak Japanese (both have Edward and Bella as drawn in the Japanese illustrations on it).

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

The second site is the official Japanese movie site. If some of us thought we have to wait extremely long for the movie (I still have to wait until the 16th of January)... we were wrong XD Japan will get the movie on April 4th 2009(!) with the official title "Twilight - first love". For the time being, there is a nice little site.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

To finish this post nicely, I'm also posting the official Japanese movie poster, although it's a bit small. :)

Free Image Hosting at

Updated Fanfiction: Bad Timing

Title: Bad Timing
Author: monkeymoe
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, Bella/Jake, Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlisle/Esme
Rating: M. to be safe but probably T.
Category: AU, AH.
Spoilers: shouldn't be any but the basic facts
Summary: 48 hours before her wedding, Bella's friends take her out for her last Friday as an unmarried woman. 24 hours before her wedding, Bella wakes up to find herself already married.

Chapter 9:



Title: Exposure
Author: stageglitter
Rating: T for now, M later
Characters: All of our favorites that we know and love. Centered on Edward/Bella, but includes Alice and Mike, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, even Renee.
Category: Totally OOC, AH
Summary: Bella Swan is a production assistant on the set of her Mom’s new Hollywood blockbuster, where Edward Cullen – the newest tinsel town hottie – stars in the leading role. Edward’s too busy playing the Hollywood boy toy while he enjoys his newfound fame, and Bella can only describe him as cocky and self-absorbed. Everyone else can tell the one thing they have in common – each other. Will these two eventually give in? Inspired by the one –shot “Mr. Mason’s Assistant” by niceiceedward.


Read the prologue here...

Chapter 1 below the cut :)


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New HotTopic Merchandise

Hey guys,

So I went into Hot Topic tonight at my Westfield mall in West Covina, CA and one of the workers brings out this pile and he says "We got new Twilight merchandise for those interested" and of course I grabbed it! Its a Scarf/hat/glove set that has the Cullen Crest on it :D

UK Press Reviews for Twlight have been excellent

As someone posted on IMDB the UK reviewers seem to like the film a lot.  Whether its the serious broadsheet newspapers, the more commercial ones or even the UK film sites. They all seem to have embraced the film and understand where it fits into the scheme of things.  The film has been getting a lot of 4 stars and even from the most hard to please reviewers.  I'm pleased but very surprised to be honest. Even the sarkiest online geeky film sites have a regard for it. The Radio 1 review adored Rob - really gushed about him.

Sweet, sticky, flagrantly hormonal, Twilight is that rare thing, a bona fide guilty pleasure. Will I be able to resist the sequel? God damn my soul to hell, I suspect not. film-of-the-week-review-twilight-115875-20970843/ -12a-1203523.html

Even the SUN says:

Stewart and Pattinson are a quite mesmerising pair, and their twitchy, sidelong glances play out a duet of unspoken yearning that might just get under your skin. ampire

The Daily Mail gives it 4 stars and usually Chris Tookey gives a turkey to most films. His review is a bit coolish but - 4 bloody stars! a miracle. A-teen-flick-sink-teeth-into.html

Digital Spy is usually very sarky but this is ok

Even IGN UK likes it