December 15th, 2008

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Vanity Fair Outtakes.

Last time when everyone was dying to see the Twilight shoot footage from Vanity Fair tons of people emailed and within a couple of days we got a response and after about a week I think they posted the hour long video. :)

Let's do it again. They gave us a couple of outtakes, which were gorgeous, but there must be others. Let's try this again!

Follow this link, and send an email with this form:

An example: Photobucket
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Updated FanFic: Fight Inside (Chapter 9)

Title: Fight Inside
Author: idagirl6000
Rating: M
Summary: Edward&Bella used to be best friends & both secretly loved each other, but things went wrong their sophomore year of high school and tore them apart, ruining both their lives in the worse ways. Now 5 years later they have to face each other again. AH OOC
Disclaimer: Do not own, belongs to Stephine Meyer.

FF: Chapter 9

FF: Beginning

"Merry Christmas Edward and Bella." Chapter 1

Started a new story for the hell of it. I don't know if people will like it. If you do I will update more.

Category: Twilight
Title: Merry Christmas Edward and Bella
Genre: General/Romance
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: An AU Twilight Christmas Story about the Edward, Bella, their
daughter Nessie, and the Cullens. They are all hukmans in it. If people like
the story I will continue to update.


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Title: The Journal
Author: Queen-of-Swing at ffn, aka yours truly :)
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance/Angst
Spoilers: Set between New Moon and Eclipse, but I definitely borrowed some details from the beginning of Eclipse for it.
Summary: Whatever happened to the album Renée gave Bella for her 18th birthday? A look into what Bella did with it
Teaser: “Shhh…” I whispered, wanting to ease his conscience of any burden it felt. “There is no pain, not a single bit. The second I saw you in Italy…even though we were both a single step from death the entire time we were there, any pain I ever felt over any of this was gone. I am whole again, Edward. As long as you’re here with me, by my side, I will never feel pain again. I love you,” I promised him...

Read HERE at!
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>>> Feels Like Home<<<

Hello guys! This is my very first time to make and post a fanmix.

This one is a New Moon mix...generally an Edward/Bella fanmix but I included a song for Jacob/Bella, it's Fill Me Up by Shawn Colvin. I hope you guys don't mind...=D

Most of the songs are through Bella's POV.


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Move over Harry Potter...

Move over Harry Potter...

By Victoria Lindrea Entertainment reporter, BBC News
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 "There was something about Rob.

"Among his many other talents, he had something otherworldly that he brought to the screen.

"Something special, and tortured, and interesting and strange…" says Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke.


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rob discusses his type

THOSE dreamy eyes, that devil-may-care grin, and that rebel-rocker mop.

It's no wonder that women - from teenage girls to their mothers - all over the world are literally throwing themselves at Robert Pattinson.

The 22-year-old has become Hollywood's latest 'It' boy, thanks to his role as Edward Cullen, the mysterious and sexy vampire in the fantasy romance Twilight.

The film is based on US author Stephenie Meyer's popular book series about a teenage girl named Bella (Kristen Stewart) who seeks forbidden love with her vampire classmate Edward.

The books - four in the series, with Twilight being the first - have gained an international cult following, especially with the tween and teen set, with over 25million copies sold worldwide.

The movie opens here on 18 Dec and sneaks are this weekend.

Yet, during a round-table interview with The New Paper at the posh Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills last month, the 1.85m-tall

Londoner seemed as meek as a mouse.

And he appears unfazed at being the idol of thousands of teenage fans.

Surely, amid his throng of female admirers, there has to be someone who fits his type?

'They're all pretty young,' Pattinson, who is single, said somewhat sheepishly.
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Kristen Stewart: Bella of the Ball!


Found this as I was looking through amazon today and didn't see it posted here. - That's the amazon link. There's nothing about it up yet, but there can't be much to it. It's apparently 192 pages and most of it is probably about twilight.

It's probably boring and not even worth the $6.00 they are asking for it.

Covert Affairs &quot;Annie&quot;

Dance with Me-Chapter 5

Title: Dance with Me
Rating: R (Language)
Summary: A major league baseball player with a bad rep needs to clean his image. He signs on to do a reality dance show. Will he clean his image and have the right kind of chemistry with his partner?
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: Based loosely on the t.v. show Dancing with the Stars and because Edward/Bella are my new favorite ship.

( Chapter 1-the start )

( Chapter 5 )

E!online: New Moon Rises Next November

Fanggirls, mark your calendars.

Yesterday, you officially got a director, and today, you officially have a release date: New Moon will cross the horizon on November 20, 2009.

About a Boy's Chris Weitz directs the Twilight sequel and, oh yeah, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson return as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

As of right now, the vampire and his mortal love will have several major movies to battle for box-office glory on that fateful day, the most challenging of which are Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr., and a Three Stooges flick written and directed by the Farrelly brothers.


CalvinWeed ‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart: ‘It’s Not A Typical Make-Out Scene’

‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart: ‘It’s Not A Typical Make-Out Scene’

The insanity may be weeks old here in the United States, but overseas "Twilight" movie mania is a little more recent. Over in London, our MTV Europe colleagues caught up with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to discuss the film, and we’ve got their resulting conversation below.

You Twilighters will probably enjoy the pair’s description of their infamous non-kissing make-out scene, complete with Pattinson’s trademark blush. Check it out…

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'New Moon' Casting News: Michael Copon, Ben Barnes Push For Roles In 'Twilight' Sequel

MTV News can confirm that 26-year-old "Scorpion King 2" actor Michael Copon [pronounced "COPE-on"] is one of several actors Weitz is considering to play the new, larger Jacob Black. A representative for Copon told us that they're making a full effort to land the high-profile gig. And in a bit of 21st-century self-publicity, the actor has even recently updated his Facebook status with messages like: "Michael Copon [is] in a Twilight Zone!" and "Michael Copon is the older Jacob Black!"

 Woah... so the rumors were true...

And the part about Ben Barnes:

With the buzz building for these roles, MTV News has confirmed that 27-year-old "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" heartthrob Ben Barnes is throwing his hat into the ring. The actor is already quite popular with the "Twilight" fanbase and shares the same manager as both Copon and "Twilight" star Cam Gigandet. Barnes is believed to be campaigning for the role of Aro, a mind-reading vampire whose "New Moon" encounter with Edward and Bella helps shape their destiny together.



FIC: A Rising Sun, Ch 4

Title: A Rising Sun, Ch 4
Author: jacyevans
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Edward/Bella (all canon pairings)
Category: Drama
Spoilers: Slight BD spoilers - nothing from the plot, just small details.
Summary: BD AU - The Denali clan arrive two weeks early for the wedding, bringing mischief and trouble in their wake. But Tanya and Irina are the least of Bella's problems. When the Volturi and the werewolves both remind the Cullens of their promises, Bella realizes that she will ignite a war, no matter which choice she makes. What no one will realize until too late is that Aro wants something - and he will do anything to get it.
A/N: All chapters can be found here.

I held his face in my hands. “I’m sure about you.”
Covert Affairs &quot;Annie&quot;

Impressions-Chapter 7

Title: Impressions
Rating: PG-13 (Language)
Summary: Bella is a single, shy, and timid writer. Edward is an engaged, charming, and handsome businessman. What do you get when Bella has to cover "Seattle's New Couple?"
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: AU, AH. I couldn't get this plot bunny out of my head. It demanded to be written.

( Chapter 1-the start )

( Chapter 7 )

( lj link to chapter 7 )
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IDK guys, I thought that our MULTIPLE mod posts throughout the past couple of months were really easy to comprehend. So I'm gonna try and make this easy and simple, ONCE AGAIN.

  • Telling people to come over here to start drama/arguments and get other members riled up will get you an immediate BAN.

  • Badmouthing the comm/members/mods here in the comm or in another comm where we can see/find out will get you an immediate BAN.

  • EDWARD AND BELLA PEOPLE. That is who we love, and you just better remember that.

  • If this still doesn't make sense, JUST GO TAKE A LOOK AT THE INTERESTS ON OUR PROFILE PAGE. Hope that clears it up.

    Basically, a few of us mods went on a little banning spree tonight, AND WE WON'T HESITATE TO DO IT AGAIN. IT WAS REFRESHING. sorry for being so rude, we just really think this is the best way

    I mean, seriously? ~A lock always has a key~. I don't know why some people don't get this. We're not the kind of mods that allow entries posted that allow our members to troll other comms, maybe we just expected maturity from the rest of you.




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    Comments are screened if you have any questions, comments, tantrums, whatever.
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    Twilight Graphics

    It's the school holidays so I have some free time on my hands and made fanart.

    [05] Twilight guys icons
    [12] Robert Pattinson icons
    [18] Kristen Stewart icons
    [03] Rob/Kris and Edward/Bella icons
    [02] Singapore Movie Release icons
    [03] Summit FAIL icons

    [02] Friends Only banners
    [02] Kristen Stewart banners
    [01] Robert Pattinson banner
    [01] Twilight Cast banner


    1 2 3

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    12 Dates Of Christmas

    Title: 12 Dates of Christmas - Chapter Three
    Author: wednesdayscat
    Characters/Pairing: All usual canon pairings.
    Rating: T
    Category: Romance
    Spoilers: None, completely AU/AH
    Summary: Bella has difficulty deciding what to buy Edward for Christmas. So, with a little help from Alice, she decides to give him twelve dates to remember. However, things don't go particularly as planned.

    Read chapter three here or start at the beginning here

    Fanfic: Solstice, Chapter 7

    Title: Solstice
    Author: marjorie16
    Rating: PG - 13
    Characters: Edward/Bella
    Fandom: Twilight
    Warning: It may be a bit violent in the beginning. Contains a lot of cliffhangers.
    Summary: This is a story mid New Moon. Edward leaves Bella. Bella befriends Jacob. The werewolves kill Laurent BUT Victoria gets passed the werewolves and bites Bella.

    Laurent: "...but if you knew what she had planned for you, Bella..."

    Well, what if you did?

    * Third Person POV

    Chapter 6 || Beginning

    Please review!