December 11th, 2008

updated fanfic/Rêverie - Chapter 7

okay, so i stayed up especially late to finish this one. it's quite eventful, so yeah - give it a read!
new chapter 7 (here)

reviews save bella from further excessive angst..

Author: Cassandra (me). el cielo es azul on FF.
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella and all other canon pairings
Rating: T for now. Maybe M later..?
Category: Drama/Romance
Summary: A terrible attack leaves Bella Swan's life in shambles, forcing her to flee Phoenix with her father to Forks to lead a quiet existence. She thinks she can handle the danger in her new life alone, but can she handle the danger stirring within her?


I tried posting a few of this icons a couple of days ago, and then I got smacked with the rulz.

I fixed the issue, I think.

It's nothing but twilight related stuff, aside from my Moon Pie icon. There's E&B, Growing Up Cullen, Wide Awake icons, along with a few randoms. Plus two wallpapers and one misc picture. Hmm.

Credit isn't really necessary, but do comment.

Oohh I forgot to note that "Sea of Love" is by Cat Power. It's a beautiful song. It makes me cry when I watch Juno....


Check everything out over here

"Addictions" Chapter 4

Title: Addictions
Author: Lindseyfair
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella mostly, some Alice/Jasper, eventually Emmett/Rosalie
Rating: Overall M for Mature, adult themes and content. (Would you expect anything less from me.)
Category: Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Spoilers: None really, would be nice if you've at least read “Twilight” to get the basic character content.
This is Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Separately, Edward and Bella's lives are at a crossroads, tortured by the decisions they've made in their past. When they are re-united after ten years, will they find comfort in the arms of an old friend or just trade one addiction for another? Of course it's OCC, way more for Bella than Edward.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Edward, but alas it wasn't meant to be. All credit goes to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 4
So Thankful
Covert Affairs "Annie"

Dance with Me-Ch.3

Title: Dance with Me
Rating: R (Language)
Summary: A major league baseball player with a bad rep needs to clean his image. He signs on to do a reality dance show. Will he clean his image and have the right kind of chemistry with his partner?
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: Based loosely on the t.v. show Dancing with the Stars and because Edward/Bella are my new favorite ship.

( Chapter 1-the start )

( Chapter 3 )
bedward purple

FANFICTION: I Love You, Best Friend

Title: I Love You, Best Friend
Author: tragickk
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella; Edward/Tanya
Rating: M, because you never know...
Category: Romance
Spoilers: None, unless you didn't read Eclipse & have no idea Tanya's hair color is —
Summary: It's tricky — Loving your best friend. Especially when said best friend's getting married in say — A week? Yeah. It happens. E&B. AH. Loosely based on My Best Friend's Wedding.

(You can look at her. And when you do you feel your self-esteem plummet to the depths of hell. You can try to formulate your greeting, but schucks! That won't work out. And you don't know whether or not you should be star-struck or enraged. Because somebody stole from the good looking pile.)
CalvinWeed Robert Pattinson Teams With Rosario Dawson For ‘Parts Per Billion’

Robert Pattinson Teams With Rosario Dawson For ‘Parts Per Billion’

Published by Larry Carroll on Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 2:43 pm.

Sure, we’ve devoted ample time to "Little Ashes" and "How to Be," two long-ago-wrapped indie films that should hit theaters in 2009, marking Robert Pattinson’s first appearances after his "Twilight" breakthrough. But now all eyes are on "Parts Per Billion," the first film that the 22-year-old leading man will shoot as a certified star.

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Edward/Bella - PG-13 - When The Final Rattle Rocks Its Empty Cage

Title: When The Final Rattle Rocks Its Empty Cage.
Fandom: Twilight.
Pairing: Edward/Bella.
Rating: PG-13.
Authors: apresmoi and yoursolace.
Chapter: 2/???
Universe: The Coming Storm (Fic Master List).
Summary: The change from human to vampire goes successfully. But when Bella wakes up, her power leaves her crippled as they come on, fast and destructive. Edward and Bella fight to bring her back to herself.

Chapter Excerpt: "Rosalie—" The snarl that had been slowly curling into the back of his throat since her intrusion exploded from his mouth. I won't let you drive me out of my house so you can finally fuck her the way you've been fantasizing about, Edward.

chapter onechapter two

Breaking News from Chris Weitz Will Direct Twilight Sequel

Just got this straight from Entertainment Weekly.

Sources tell Entertainment Weekly that Summit Entertainment is about to hire Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) as the shepherd for New Moon, the second installment of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling Twilight series.

Weitz is best-known for his work with his brother Paul. The two directed and produced American Pie and then were nominated for an Academy Award for best screenplay for About a Boy, which they also co-directed. Chris' first solo directing gig, The Golden Compass, didn't do well stateside but was a hit internationally.

Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, has grossed more than $141 million so far, but Hardwicke had clashed with the studio during production. It was announced early this week that she would not be making New Moon. Weitz has a solid relationship with Summit's top brass; he's considered easy to work with and has experience with special effects. "He's the quality-of-life-choice," says one source. While Summit insists "we have not yet signed Chris Weitz to do New Moon," and Weitz's agency says no deal has been signed, other sources say the deal is imminent, and that Summit has stopped negotiations with other potential Moon directors. Summit had planned to announce this hiring decision on Sunday, Dec. 14, and could have Weitz in Vancouver, B.C. as early as Monday to start pre-production on the film.

Mood Theme: Twilight Movie

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(movie spoilers, obviously)


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Lautner out as Jacob and Michael Copon in?

(MODS I know there is another post on this but this different b/c of who they are saying is playing Jacob now. If you don't submit this then I understand)

Source and Pics here:

Rumors are swirling that Michael Copon, most noted for his work in One Tree Hill, is the new Jacob Black. According to his seemingly official Facebook page, his status update is “Michael is the older Jacob Black”. Now, this could easily be doctored, but I think it might just be true. He would be a good fit–he really does look like a bigger, older Taylor Lautner. Copon is 6′1″ and 26 years old, Lautner is 5′6″ and 16 years old. You do the math. Check him out below in his role in Scorpion King: Rise of the Warrior:


Bella & Edward: The Scientist

I have loved this song for so long and the acoustic version seems to have so much more sadness to it and I thought it worked between Edward and Bella :) I hope you enjoy!WARNING: If you have not seen the movie, beware, this contains footage directly from it! Very very clear footage XD

Song: Coldplay - The Scientist
Ship: Can you guess?

If you have the time please watch it in high quality, it looks so much better! Thank you :)
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soif de sang - chapter 3
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Edward/Bella
Rating: M, for blood, violence, etc.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything.
Author's Notes: This fic is AU with vamps and werewolves.
It's set over the time period that Edward left Carlisle and Esme to hunt people. It's dark, it's angsty, it's ~Edward Cullen~. ;) Some other things are different, and they'll become clearer with time.

Desperation seized her as he stalked to the door, and she scrambled out of the covers, nearly tripping over her feet to grab his cool wrist—stupidly, unthinkingly, without caution.

She blinked and was against the wall, only the jagged line of his jaw in her sight, a large hand cupping her neck.

“Bella,” he shuddered into her ear. “Do not test me, please. That was an utterly reckless thing to do.”

Alternate Links/Chapters: ONE; TWO; THREE
sydney and adrian

Taylor Lautner not starring in 'New Moon'

The hectic pace planned for filming the next two Twilight sequels might have played a larger role in director Catherine Hardwicke's decision not to work on the film's follow-up New Moon.

According to sources that talked with Entertainment Weekly, the fast-paced schedule for production which begins with pre-production on Dec. 15 in Vancouver, was a big turn-off for the director. "She'd love to do the sequel if she could do it better than Twilight," the spy said.

In addition, the role of Jacob is now up for grabs as Taylor Lautner will not be reprising it in the sequel. Summit Entertainment deemed him too young-looking and slight of frame to play the maturing werewolf.

So now, the hunt for a Native American young man who fits the description of Jacob Black AND who demonstrates incredible chemistry with Kristen Bell is on.

That should be easy. While they're at it, why don't they fetch me a unicorn and a the other half of this golden amulet?



Not sure what to make of this. Please don't fire Taylor.

'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke Reveals DVD Details!!! YAY! :D

SANTA MONICA, California — These days, "Twilight" fans are so freaked out that you'd think James the nomad was on to their scent.

Even though their beloved vampire film keeps taking in big bucks at the box office, director Catherine Hardwicke has been yanked off the sequels, and names of potential successors are jumping around faster than Edward Cullen on a deer hunt.

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VIDEO OF THE INTERVIEW: Here.. clicky clicky!

YAY! I'm sooo excited! :D but lonely at the same time that Catherine isn't directing the sequels... she really is a fangirl at heart!

Awk Kiss

Larry Carroll: Chris Weitz NOT OFFICIAL YET

A Larry Carroll report on Chris Weitz:

The last five days have been a wild rollercoaster ride for "Twilight" fans, as the film's director was told her services would no longer be required for the sequels, fueling speculation over her replacement, followed by a rumor about a supposed successor.

Now, it seems, a battle is going on between a studio saying there's no news to report and an entertainment magazine claiming Chris Weitz is getting behind the "Twilight" steering wheel.

"No, it is not official," a studio representative told MTV News on Thursday evening (December 11). "We are not confirming anything at this point. He is not signed on as the director."

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Sneak Peak of Perry Farrell's video "Into the Twilight"

To one generation, the hit "Twilight" soundtrack melds Stephenie Meyer's fantasy world with such up-and-coming artists as Paramore and Mute Math. To a slightly older one, it connects the iconic Perry Farrell with a chaste franchise unlike anything from his Jane's Addiction/ Porno for Pyros past.
Now, the legendary rocker is eager to bridge the gap.
Farrell and his wife, Etty, contacted MTV News this week, eager to debut the video for the song "Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)" with the one-and-only home of "Twilight" Tuesdays. Although Twilighters probably know the song's lyrics by heart at this point, wait until they get a load of this sensual clip, which has the duo dragging the vampire tale into decidedly NC-17 territory.

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gilmore; party girls
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I found this while I was researching for a paper that I have to write.

Target Women: Vampires

Watch it here

It's love at first bite. Sarah goes on a field trip to find out why vampires are driving women batty. These are the only two vampire puns in the piece - I promise.

Target Women is a recurring segment on Current TV's weekly television show, infoMania. In each episode of Target Women, Sarah Haskins takes a look at the often-ridiculous way the media reaches out to women.

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Title: Some people, they roam this world, alone
Characters/Pairing: A/J E/C E/R, E/B, but not quite just yet. and more to come
Rating: M
Category: Drama
Summary:What if Bella, wasn't the prey?What if Edward was?How would Bella's world change, once she was ripped away from her life,only to re appear, in the same place, she had promised to never return too?Would she finally believe those stories? We could only hope.

*I borrowed some characters from the talented Stephenie Meyer, All other idea's are from a dream I had*

<Ps: I was having some problems with my Lj, so I am now working off of Fan, I hope this will solve any of the confusion any one had with it. Also any feedback at all is greatly appreciated, Just be nice and polite about it. And if you like I will also check your story out. I definitely think this story is well worth the read:) >