December 10th, 2008

Fanfic | Crossing the line | Chapter 3

Title: Crossing the line
Author: Noelle / whoremosexual
Characters/Pairing: Edward and Bella. Some of the others will show their faces.
Rating: M/ NC-17
Category: Drama & Angst
Warnings: AU-AH, Sightly OOC, and lemons
Summary:"There is a thin line in the pavement of our friendship and we crossed it." Can an affair be right if it's with your best friend?
Notes: A big thanks to spread_the_fun for being my beta!

Read it here or over at . Or start from the beginning here

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In Another Life: Chapter Eight

Title: In Another Life [8/?]
Author: the_glory_days 
Beta: cevuplay
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Pairing: Bella/Edward, and all Canon Cullen Pairings
POV: First [Bella’s]
Summary: When Edward Cullen is killed in a car accident, it’s Bella Swan who finds herself helping his ghost find out why he died. All-Human AU!
Author’s Note: This story is written in a colloquial style, so you as a reader can feel like Bella, and hear her thoughts.
Disclaimer: Everything and anything related to the Twilight saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This is a work of fiction based on her writings. No harm is meant by it.

LJ LINK: Chapter Eight- Closer
FF LINK: Chapter Eight- Closer

KStew talks about Rpattz!

I don't know if this has been posted but its really cute! 

ETA: Source = GirlfriendMag which is an Aussie mag. The scan is below. =)

In Twilight you work with Robert Pattinson who plays a character described as "the most beautiful guy in the world." Do you agree?

I find Rob to be a beautiful man. Objectively speaking (laughs). He has a beautiful soul too.

Is it true Rob is quite shy?

Yeah, a little bit. He's very unassuming. He's so tall and imposing, but very sweet. It's funny to see Rob playing the most beautiful guy on the planet because he is such a down-to-earth person. He's not pretty, that's the thing. He's not delicate looking. He's very strong looking. Put it this way, he's not the sort of guy who would go home and stare at a mirror. 


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CalvinWeed Kristen Stewart loves to sink her teeth into a vampire franchise

From Australia:

Kristen Stewart loves to sink her teeth into a vampire franchise

Stewart first met Pattinson at director Catherine Hardwicke's Los Angeles home to see if they had on-screen chemistry and was immediately hooked on her leading man.

"He's a good actor and has a really insane work ethic. He is really sensitive. He's perfect. He's my perfect Edward." 

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UsWeekly UNF

Updated FanFic: Let Love In

Characters: All the Cullens with a little Renee, Charlie & Mike Newton.

Spoilers: None

Summary: Bella Swan led a largely solitary life after losing the only people she ever considered family at age thirteen. When she relocates to the tiny town of Forks, will she fall further into her angst or grow out of it? Canon pairings, AH/AU.

Rating: T

Chapter 3


Start from the beginning! 

Gossip Girl- S4 Paris- S&B

TODAY Show Australia

This Morning on the TODAY show in Australia,
Robert Pattinson exclusive
December 8, 2008: Richard Wilkins speaks with Robert Pattinson, the leading man in the new Hollywood hit Twilight.

Here is the url to watch the interview, just copy and paste into your browser.

enjoy :) !

Awk Kiss

New Moon, New Details

New Moon News!

Summit Entertainment has tentatively slated Nov. 20, 2009, as the release date for New Moon, the Twilight sequel, which means any director
who signs on to
replace Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has to be in Vancouver by Dec. 15 to begin 12 weeks of preproduction before a mid-March start date. Reports have speculated that Hardwicke was fired for being difficult on set, but sources close to her suggest Summit's aggressive production schedule turned her off. "She'd love to do the sequel if she could do it better than Twilight,” says one. “It ­became clear that Summit didn’t have those same priorities."

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Bella and Edward: Sound of Settling

Hey guys :) New video from me. I love this song and I felt that some of the lyrics, well at least in my twilight obsessed head, tied into the story of Edward and Bella. I really like the beats of this song as well, and I noticed no one that I could find had made a video with this song. So I hope you enjoy :) WARNING: If you haven't seen the movie yet, beware, this video contains clips (very clear clips might I add :)) directly from the movie!

Song: Death Cab for Cutie - Song of Settling
Ship: Edward and Bella

If you have the time watch in HD or high quality, I am not sure which one this video has XD. Thank you!

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"How do I get Kristen Stewart's look?"

kristen Stewart is a different side of the typical California-girl coin—her look is enviably effortless, though unlike many of her super-girly starlet peers, this ingenue sticks to a muted color palette and streamlined silhouettes, all of which play on her more gothic type of glamour. To snag Kristen's everyday look, keep the clothing simple: Try a pair of dark skinny jeans and a long white tank, but load up on fun accessories like an armful of bangles and a big, chunky necklace. When hitting the red carpet, Kristen favors the classic Little Black Dress, yet keeps things interesting by varying the style—from T-shirt to tent-shape with a cinched waist—and adding an unexpected accoutrement like a leather bomber jacket. Whatever you do, remember to stick to pieces you'll feel cozy in; that's what makes this actress's style chic but comfortable.

Check out our picks for perfecting Kristen's look

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Chapter 10:

Title: Bookstore
Author:  c_deepest_blue 
Characters/Pairing: Edward and Bella as well as the other cannon pairings.
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Romance
Spoilers: No spoiler. AU and All Human.
Summary: Bella and Edward meet at a bookstore and fall in love. Will Bella face her insecurities and the people who want them apart or will she give Edward up? AU-All Human

Read it here @


Chapter 10 - Declarations

on Chris Weitz

I was doing this anyway--reading up on the man--so I thought to post it here. Note that whether or not he will be at the helm of New Moon/Eclipse is STILL up in the air; meanwhile, let's brush up a bit on our info before we tear our hair out, shall we? 

The Good:
produced Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
produced In Good Company

director and screenwriter of About A Boy
- he was nominated for a slew of prestigious awards (Oscar, Bafta) for his screenplay 
- note that the screenplay was adapted from Nick Hornby's novel

screenwriter of Antz
- received lots of accolades for this, too

The Not-so-Good:

director and screenwriter of The Golden Compass, which bombed in the U.S. 
- (but let me just insert that I thought the special effects were quite magnificent, and definitely several notches higher than what we got in Twilight, though I'm not sure what the director has to do with the effects)
- mixed information here: some sources say that it was New Line that botched up the movie (but that the director's cut was good); some say Weitz was essentially locked out of the editing room because he couldn't handle all the CGI

produced American Pie
- which may be good or bad, depending on how you view American Pie (incidentally, this got better reviews than Twilight in Rotten Tomatoes. Whatever.)

There's a whole lot of other stuff, look it up in YahooIMDB, Wikipedia (which has more interesting tidbits on Compass and uh, Peter Jackson)

My view is that all directors have their share of fresh and rotten tomatoes, so he is no exception. He seems to have experience with screen adaptations of novels, both good (in About A Boy; Nick and Norah) and not-so-good (The Golden Compass); he seems to have experience with movies about youth and relationships (About A Boy; In Good Company; Nick and Norah; American Pie); he seems to have experience with "blockbuster" movies requiring major special effects (The Golden Compass). The latter may not have been very successful, but one can learn from experience...?

So folks, does this information console you, terrify you, or make you go "meh"? And do you honestly think that Summit can do better than this guy?

Okay, I'm done.

Vision of Edward and Bella

Fanfic: Bonne Foi

Title: Bonne Foi
Author: cinnamon_kisses
Category: Drama, Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU. Edward Masen was changed in 1918 and abandoned by his sire. He feeds on human blood, unaware of any other way…until he stumbles across college freshman Bella Swan for a night that will change everything.
Disclaimer: A writer is like a goddess in her universe…but only one writer is making the money off Twilight, and that’s Stephenie Meyer. These are her characters, and I’m just having fun with them.
A/N: I’ll be traveling until the 20th, so don’t expect another update until, say, the 22nd or so.

Chapter Three | All Chapters

12/12.. go see it!

"The Fan Sites have decided to send a THANK YOU to Summit, the cast, and crew of Twilight and to Stephenie Meyer by having "Twilighters Back to the Box Office". All we are asking is that people go see Twilight on December 12th in honor of the original release date of the movie. The
idea originated at Twilight Moms, and they have decided to share! The goal is to get all the fans out to see Twilight again on the same day and give the movie a bit of a bump. Let's make sure that they get the message loud and clear! Pass the word on to anyone and everyone!
Let's rock the Twilight box office... again!"


Dorota-god always watching

December '08 Calendars/Wallpapers

|2| Anakin & His Angel Calendar
|2| Calendar
|2| Hayden Christensen Wallpaper
|4| Chuck & Blair wallpaper /Calendar
|4| Bromance (Rpattz TomStu) Wallpaper/Calendar
|4| Alice & Jasper Wallpaper/Calendar
|4| Robert Pattinson Wallpaper/Calendar
|4| Kristen Stewart & Micheal Angarano Calendar

Located here at my journal

Robert - Proud Canadian

Fanfiction - Out Of Choices - Update

Title: Out Of Choices
Chapter 2: Fracture (Previous Chapter: Aloneness)
Author: JCAddict/Sher
Characters: Edward/Bella
Rating: R/M, for sex and language
Category: angst/drama
Spoilers: None that I know of
Summary: An angry young woman is forced to move to the town of Forks, Washington and decides that alone is the best way to be. She buries her heart and puts on a tough façade that very few people are able to break through. Can the love of a teenage vampire get through to the lost girl inside?

Chapter 2: Aloneness

For those of you who prefer you can find it here
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The Search For Myself : Chapter 9 : The Unfolding


Story: The Search For Myself : Edward & Bella
Update: Chapter 9 - The unfolding
Rated: T for now for cursing, mainly [Mature later for sexual content]
General Spoilers: None aware of

Story Breakdown: What if Bella and Edward's roles were reversed, leaving Bella the Vampire and Edward the Human? As predicaments change and situations become harder, will their fate still be destined or will unexpected plans change their lives... forever?

Chapter Breakdown: Bella's excitement for seeing Edward the next day is almost excrutiating... but when she notices the sun coming out, amung other unexpected events... she suddenly realizes it's all about to unfold.

Chapter Spoiler/Sneak Peek:
I nodded, shoving my hands in my pocket. I couldn't stop shaking. My adreneline was beyong rushed at this point. I just needed to see him, needed to find his eyes and hear his warm voice. I wanted to rediscover that smile that I love the most... the one I almost ached for.

I scammed the parking lot and shoved my trembling fingers through my hair, standing on my tiptoes while I searched.

"Who are you looking for?" Angela piped up, standing beside me.

"Um... no one..." I continued to grow more impatient, scouting through sets of eyes.

"I can see that... Bella?"

I couldn't move. I suddenly became an ice sculpture.

There he was, standing clear across the parking lot looking like a greek God, with his hands inside his jacket. His perfect mess of bronzed delight, his emerald green eyes... I exhaled relief as I took his prescence in. I felt secure, suddenly as I searched for his warm smile, that wonderful greeting from his lips...


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 Bella and Edward Fanart

Click twice to see original size.                                                                                      



dragon, girl, tattoo

Updated FanFic: Fight Inside Chapter 7

Title: Fight Inside
Author: idagirl6000
Rating: M
Summary: Edward&Bella used to be best friends & both secretly loved each other, but things went wrong their sophomore year of high school and tore them apart, ruining both their lives in the worse ways. Now 5 years later they have to face each other again. AH OOC
Disclaimer: Do not own, belongs to Stephine Meyer.

FF: Chapter 7

FF: Beginning

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Title: House of the Rising Sun
Author: lolz_loser
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella all cannon pairings, toying with Jacob/Renesmee
Rating: Mature, this chapter is pg though.
Category: romance/drama
Spoilers: The Twilight Saga in General
Disclaimer: Everything is Stephanie Meyers, If it were mine, I would have been Bella.
Summary: Takes place five years after Breaking Dawn. The Cullen family has relocated and are starting over! This chapter introduces the characters in their new setting, preparing for the big day tomorrow. It's only the beginning.

For the most part, life passes in a blissful haze.

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weekly recommendation post # 17

weekly recommendation post

Post all your favorite Edward/Bella fanfictions, videos, fanarts, and everything else in between. Also use this post for your general fic searches.

Personal Recommendations:

Fanvid: Robert and Kristen Vanity Fair (Breathe Me by Sia) by julyfox
  • IDEK why I like it so much. I just do. So much prettiness.
Fanart: Edward and Bella by R-Becca
  • The girl has a talent for realism.
Fanfic: Boycotts and Barflies by vjgm
  • The classic E/B AH fic. Definitely worth a re-read near the holiday season.