December 4th, 2008


Eternal Twilight

Eternal Twilight is the UK's first 3-day unofficial convention to celebrate the world bestseller book series by author Stephenie Meyer, 'Twilight' and the upcoming movie due to be released in the UK in winter. This event will be held from Friday 27th February - Sunday 1st of March 2009.

Currently, three members of the Twilight cast are planning to attend Eternal Twilight: Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black). The organizers of the event are currently working on securing more guests, so hurry and get your tickets before they're all sold out!

Save Me : Full Chapter.

Title: Save Me
Chapter: 1/?
Author: ccaitlinc214
Characters/Pairings: E/B
Rating: T for now.
Category: Drama
Spoilers: New Moon & Twilight just to be safe.

Summary: Bella doesn't know how to go on without Edward. Will Edward save her before it's too late?
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer!

This is kind of the full chapter of the short post i made titled Save Me!
Comments, please! This is my first full one! :D



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Unforgiving Love: Chapter 2

Title :Unforgiving Love
Author: [info]atragicstory
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward
Rating: T now but M later
Category: Romance and Drama
POV: Bella and Edward. It switches throughout each chapter
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.. All characters are property of Stephenie Meyer. Inspiration from SMeyer.
Spoilers: Im going to say Twilight to Breaking Dawn to be safe, however it is a different plot.
Summary: Bella Swan lays her eyes on the mysterious and beautiful Edward while wandering in the woods. There is strong connection that neither of them can ignore. An unforgiving tense love story with the ultimate twist. What is Bella's fate when she falls for the ultimate boy who happens to be a vampire?

Chapter One

[[Fan Fiction]] ---  [[Livejournal]]

Chapter Two
[[Fan Fiction]] --- [[LiveJournal]]

Comments appreciated :) They help me to continue writing :)

RPattz*Sex on Couch

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I was gonna post these in a different way, then *thoroughly* read the rules, and remembered that both of these posts are now friends only in their home community. So, I'll do it the nice way.

I bring everyone
[8] Twilight icons (RPattz & KStew only)
[50] Robert Pattinson icons


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New Rob Interview

Vampire movie Twilight has broken box office records in America and is set to do the same in the UK. Actor Robert Pattinson was amongst cast members in London for the UK premiere. Newsbeat caught up with him to find out why he's camera shy, how he copes with hordes of screaming fans and what it would take to get him wandering around naked.

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Are you doing the next two films?

I went into it doing it as a trilogy. They're shooting the second one in March. I'm not really in it that much in the second one. The lead character is somebody else, which is another reason why I'm not being paid $12m. I've got two scenes.


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In the Blink of an Eye 23 (fic) AU

Title: In the Blink of an Eye (23)
Author: That Writr
Characters/Pairing: E/B ... eventually
Rating: Mature ... eventually; this part is PG-13
Category: romance, drama
Spoilers: through New Moon
Summary: Bella went cliff diving, but it didn't turn out so well. She broke her back. A decade later, Edward reappears in her life on the same night she loses her best friend and husband to a freak accident. Now a graduate student in Women's Studies, Bella isn't thrilled to see him. But when the Cullens re-enter Bella's life, they bring change, hope, and a new joint project that will require all their expertises.

Part Summary: Valentine's Day and exams; Bella's advisor gets curious about Edward.

Previous: Part 22
Previous parts will each be linked at the top of each new part.

Additionally, for those who'd like to review earlier chapter or want to begin reading from the beginning, the story is available at fanfiction-net:

Brief snippet from the end of Part 22 + Part 23

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Title:Some people, they roam this world, alone
Characters/Pairing:No pairing yet, But it will consist of Bella, Charlie, Charlies Family, Renee, Phil, Edward, The Cullens, and more
Rating: M
Category: Fan Fiction
Spoilers: Yes
Summary: All characters belong to the wonderful and talented Ms Meyer, the idea came from a dream I head. I dont want to give to much away, but Bella and her parents live together in Forks till shes ten, her dad keeps telling her these stories, her mom hates it..I cant really summarize it without giving it away, so please bare with me, Feedback is nice, good or bad, just be polite and nice about it :)

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Awk Kiss

Let Me Sign Lyrics

I found these lyrics and I really think that these are either THE lyrics, or the closet ones I have found!

Standing by a broken tree
Her hands are all twisted,
She's pointing at me,
I was damned by the light comin'
Over all as she
Spoke with a voice that,
disrupted the sky.
She said,
"Hold on lover, yeah,
don't be ashamed.
I will wrap you in my arms
and always stay
let me sign,
let me sign.


*Also look at the comments people made on the website, they offer more suggestions about the lyrics*

❝ They call me a thief. ❞

Rollingstone's Scanned Photo of Rob


Hey Mods! I hope this post will be allowed.

I know there's a scan of this at lion and lamb love fansite but to me the scan seemed to ~line-y~ for my taste, so I scanned the photo myself. I had already wanted to anyways 8D; I hope this can be useful for those who want a different quality.

P.S. Yeahh, the coloring is kind of wonky but hey that's why we have photoshop yes?

rob water for elephants lean on elbow

A Love With No Limits: Chapter 8 : Between Dreams & Reality

Finally! It's finally updated...

Story: A Love With No Limits: Edward & Bella
Update: Chapter 8 - Between Dreams And Realities
Rated : M for Mature [but this chapter is more like T, honestly]
Spoilers: None aware of.
Story Breakdown: My version of what happened on Edward & Bella's honeymoon. Each chapter is very different from the last.

Chapter Breakdown: EDWARDS POV this time. More into the inner battles he could be having. More of the possible thoughts he could have, the back and forth of his control - or lack there of. I thought to myself about keeping them as "real" as possible, with human issues such as exhaustion on Bella's part... and would Edward be able to fight the desire he has for her while she rests? ...What if he couldn't?

Chapter Spoiler/Sneek Peak: "As hours passed us by, we knew every thing about each other now: every mark, every line, every scar, and every freckle. And speaking of freckles, we even found something that proved to us more that we were indeed soulmates..."


Save Me

Title: Save Me
Chapter: 2/?
Author: ccaitlinc214
Rating: T for now.
Category: Drama
Spoilers: New Moon and Twilight
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I'm just having some fun.
Summary: Bella doesn't know how to go on without Edward. Will Edward save her before it's too late?

feedback is great:]

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Cine Premiere, Mexico

I looked back as far as I could and didn't see these scans in here anywhere. If I didn't look back far enough though, my apologies.

Thanks to my LITTLE, 23 year old brother for sending me stuff from Mexico, I present to you, scans of Cine Premiere.

Hopefully someone can help me translate cause I'm way too tired to think in two languages right now, hehe.

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december fanfiction contest.

monthly fanfiction contest

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to November's winner, "Take It Off" by jcaddict!! If you haven't read her fic yet, I suggest you do so! It's very good. :-)


Now onto this month's contest. Rules are much the same, but please read them anyway. Per suggestions made in the last post, there will be a few more reminders about the contest as we get closer to the deadline. I hope to see lots more of you participate!

Entry Requirements:

  • this should go without saying, but must be Edward/Bella
  • must be at least 500 words, cannot exceed 5,000 words

  • any rating, but if R or above, it MUST be labelled as such in your entry comment

  • when linking us to your entry, please include standard information(title, author, ect.)

  • must be written FOR this contest, meaning please don't link us to something that you'd already posted elsewhere before the contest opened.

  • prompt word/phrase must be included somewhere in the entry.

December's prompt is...

gift exchange

Feel free to take that however you want. It doesn't have to be Christmas-themed if you don't want it to be, but do make sure that the prompt is included somehow into your story. ;-)

Entries are due December 25th! Turn them in by linking them in a comment to this post.

Any questions about how this will work? Post them here!
wut?, adorable bella
  • unesrin

Bravo (Germany) New Moon Poster

It's a while since this magazine was released, haven't had the time to scan/upload.
Is this picture/poster even an original poster of new moon ? don't think so :/
Bravo! likes a lot to play around with pictures, mostly with the eye color of robert lol.
whatever, click! for bigger resolution ;)

☆→shojun♡; color transparency

EW: 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart cast as Joan Jett: Good move?

Hot on the heels of Twilight's box office killing, Kristen Stewart has been cast as rocker Joan Jett in 2009's The Runaways, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The biopic focuses on Jett's all-girl band of the same name, which rocked its way to moderate success Stateside and even greater stardom abroad in the late '70s. This is the second "edgy" role Stewart has taken on since starring in the vampire flick. Perhaps not wanting to be typecast as gawky teen Bella Swan, Stewart will play a stripper in the upcoming Welcome to the Rileys. She talked with EW earlier this year about frequenting a strip club in New Orleans to prepare for the role. ''I danced on the bar there three nights this week, and my legs are covered in bruises,'' Stewart said. ''Hopefully, the Twilight fans won't totally freak out.''

Well, Twilight fans, are you freaking out? Do you have any qualms about Stewart playing the guitar goddess -- or a pole dancer for that matter? Or are you happy to see her branching out into new, challenging roles? And for you Joan Jett fans, is Kristen badass enough to embody the role?