December 1st, 2008

SOTL: Quid pro quo

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Use this post to plan group meet ups at different events. Talk about who you expect to see at each one. What times you think you should arrive, and everything else relating to the many upcoming events in Europe!


Fanfic: Solstice, Chapter 2

Title: Solstice
Author: marjorie16
Fandom: Twilight
Summary: This is a story mid New Moon. Edward leaves Bella. Bella befriends Jacob. The werewolves kill Laurent BUT Victoria gets passed the werewolves and bites Bella. What will Edward do when he finds out? What will happen to Bella? And Jacob, what will the best friend do?

Laurent: "...but if you knew what she had planned for you, Bella..."

Well, what if you did?

* Third person POV

(Death is easy. Life is harder.)

Chapter 1

I'm sort of getting geared up for New Moon the movie.
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Daniel Brühl

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Evening ladies and gents, I have some more Twilight related icons, like I have said before, it seems like the gift that just seems like giving.

So anyhoo, here is 42 icons. Enjoy.

[27] Twilight cast (basically all Rob)
[15] Animated icons (Rob in interviews and as Dali)

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Here @ audioblood
Kristen-Rob's Mine

In Another Life [7/?]

Title: In Another Life [7/?]
Author: the_glory_days
Beta: cevuplay 
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Pairing: Bella/Edward, and all Canon Cullen Pairings
POV: First [Bella’s]
Summary: When Edward Cullen is killed in a car accident, it’s Bella Swan who finds herself helping his ghost find out why he died. All-Human AU!
Author’s Note: This story is written in a colloquial style, so you as a reader can feel like Bella, and hear her thoughts.
Disclaimer: Everything and anything related to the Twilight saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This is a work of fiction based on her writings. No harm is meant by it. 

LJ- Chapter Seven: There Are A Million Reasons For Why This May Not Work...
FF.NET- Chapter Seven: There Are A Million Reasons For Why This May Not Work...

spam post #44

Here's your chance to be off topic! Talk about how school/work is killing your life, the presents you want for the holidays, your favorite TV shows, songs that remind you of Edward and Bella...anything at all. There have been two posts recently with over 5,000 comments, so keep it up!

Special shoutout to everyone who joined in the L-L chat yesterday! Don't forget to join bestoftruelove, our 10,000 member celebration comm, because we have a lot of fun stuff coming up! GO GO GO.

One Night Stand

Title: One Night Stand
Author: eccentric_chams 
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama
URL (if not posted here): Chapter Eight
Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward, and all other canon
Short summary: After a celebratory night out, Edward Cullen wakes up in Bella Swan's apartment and leaves unnannounced. She plagues his thoughts for weeks; so imagine his surprise when she calls with shocking news. Will this one night stand turn into forever? AU/AH
Any warnings: This chapter needs the rating tagged on, because of the end. =) Please review at FF.NET or comment here and let me know what you think!
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, and you know that. =P

"Addictions" Chapter 3

Title: Addictions
Author: Lindseyfair
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella mostly, some Alice/Jasper, eventually Emmett/Rosalie
Rating: Overall M for Mature, adult themes and content. (Would you expect anything less from me.)
Category: Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Spoilers: None really, would be nice if you've at least read “Twilight” to get the basic character content.
This is Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Separately, Edward and Bella's lives are at a crossroads, tortured by the decisions they've made in their past. When they are re-united after ten years, will they find comfort in the arms of an old friend or just trade one addiction for another? Of course it's OCC, way more for Bella than Edward.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Edward, but alas it wasn't meant to be. All credit goes to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 3
Past Meets Present

Online Blast Magazine article with Robert Pattinson

An online magazine called Blast has a two page article with Robert.

twilightcover.jpg picture by vampirechick__

The teenage girl came out of the Hot Topic store, eyes glazed with a silly smile on her face. Her mother ran up to meet her, just as the words started tumbling out of the daughter’s lips.

“He talked to me,” she gasped, as her mother smiled along but tried to calm the teen down.

“She has epilepsy,” the mother explained, “and I don’t want her to seize.”

Then she scooped up her daughter and hurried away, without giving her name, to make room for the next giggling girl.

Fan dedication: defined.

She was just one of hundreds who flocked to the Square One Mall north of Boston on Friday. The object of their fanaticism wasn’t one of the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus, but rather a soft-spoken, spiky-haired Brit named Robert Pattinson.

In the words of one indignant passerby who was turned away from shopping at the barricaded Hot Topic: “He isn’t even famous.”

Though Pattinson, 22, may not be a household name yet, to the fan community of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire “Twilight” series, (and hardcore Harry Potter fans who remember he played Cedric Diggory) he is second to none. Playing the lead male character Edward in the upcoming vampire film “Twilight,” the fan hysteria has reached peak heights.

Rest here:

Theres also a movie review by an "Anti-Twilighter" -

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"The Cullens' Night Before Christmas" [1/1]

Title: The Cullens' Night Before Christmas
Author: deaana
Characters/Pairing: The Cullens, Bella, Jacob, Renesmee
Rating: G
Category: Humor, Christmas
Spoilers: Up to Breaking Dawn
Summary: Vampires and werewolves (erm, shapeshifters) exist, what if Santa existed? How would he react to the Cullens if he were sucked into another Clement C. Moore poem?
Disclaimer:I don't own any of the characters, including Santa.

EW's picks for New Moon

hey everone, this is my first post on here so here ya go :)

Casting 'The Volturi' in 'New Moon,' the 'Twilight' sequel

Entertainment Weekly  have posted their ideas on some stars who they think should have the Volturi roles for New Moon.

They think that Kristen Chenoweth, from Pushing Daisies or Glinda in Wicked, should be Jane. They throw out Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and Crispin Glover's names as Aro. And for Caius, they consider Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings and Star Wars).


ooooohhh...they better throw some pretty/cute/gorgeous/sexy/hot  people in there!

click here for more!

EDIT: keep in mind that these are only Entertainment Weekly's picks. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. and yes, i do agree with all of you that Jane should be a little girl..
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Anyone else getting a message that the account has been suspended when they go to

When I click on it I get this. Is this the case for everyone else? Anyone know what's going on with that and when/if it'll be back up?


EDIT: Recieved a response from the owner of the site.

Yes, Twilighted is down...we have gotten too big for our host server to handle so we are in the process of getting a dedicated server ASAP. Please pass it on!


Twilighted Owner/Administrator

Bummer! I love reading fics on there. Oh well, guess we have to hang in there.
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Robert Pattinson Always Fancies Rumored Girlfriends

Robert Pattinson insists he's single, but enjoys being rumored to be dating particular ladies because he always fancies them.

Movie hottie Robert Pattinson has no problem with the many media reports claiming him dating particular ladies because he admits he always fancies the girls rumored to be his girlfriends. "I am single at the moment but I read stories in the magazines and papers that I am dating so and so or I am dating so and so. But it's not true. But they are very good guesses because I always fancy the girl they pair me up with," he shares.

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Weekly Promotions Roundup #30

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the new communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

kristen_stew_ic -- Kristen Stewart icon contest challenges.
kstewart_pics -- A community dedicated to pictures of Kristen Stewart. Picspams are very welcome as well :D
oreganostew -- community for Kstew/Oregano shippers
pattinsonlife -- A community dedicated to all & everything Rob Pattinson!
pattinson_pics -- A picture a day community dedicated to Rob Pattinson!
twifacts_check -- For fanfic authors: NEED A LITTLE HELP WITH A REAL-WORLD DETAIL -- historical, medical, linguistic, or cultural? This is the place for you.
twilight_guide -- A new DAILY Twilight newsletter; updated by dedicated editors. We watch over 100 communities and RSS feeds to bring you the latest news, fanfiction, graphics and meta!

Role Playing
Before the Dawn RPG -- A Twilight RPG.

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Covert Affairs "Annie"

Impressions-Chapter 5

Title: Impressions
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bella is a single, shy, and timid writer. Edward is an engaged, charming, and handsome businessman. What do you get when Bella has to cover "Seattle's New Couple?"
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: AU, AH. I couldn't get this plot bunny out of my head. It demanded to be written.

( Chapter 5 here )

New Fic: Between What's Right and What's Meant To Be

Title: Between What's Right and What's Meant To Be
Author: gizzielove
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, all other canons, with slight J/B
Rating: T ( later chapters may be M)
Category: Romance, Drama
Spoilers: None
Summary: AU/AH Bella feels like she is in a rut even though she has a pretty great life and great friends. But when Edward Mason moves to town she starts feeling things she has never felt. Only problem what about her boyfriend Jake? E/B, with slight J/B.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the fanfic idea.
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LA Times: 'Twilight': 10 reasons 'Breaking Dawn' should not be made into a movie

'Twilight': 10 reasons 'Breaking Dawn' should not be made into a movie

While “Twilight” fans begin to debate the issues facing the filming of “New Moon" -- the next installment in Stephenie Meyer’s teen vampire series involving werewolves and a growth spurt that will require actor Taylor Lautner to appear 6'5" and 25 years old on screen -- an even more urgent problem nags.

The problem with “Breaking Dawn.”

(This list is one big spoiler, so please don’t read further if you haven’t read the book.)

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Blinded Ch 1/?

Title: Blinded
Rating: PG just to be safe
POV: Edward
Summary: I was no longer trying to get through one day, I was focussing on making it through the hour." - Edward, New Moon. What if Edward returned to Bella before she jumped off the cliff? What if it had become all too much? Would she take him back?
Author's Notes: This idea came to me after reading New Moon and I let it fester until I decided to write it. It's my first Twilight fan fic and my first specially written fan fic in almost two years. Hope you like it.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, it all belongs to Stephenie Meyer, I'm just playing in her toy box.
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The Search For Myself: Chapters 4 & 5 : Special UPDATE!

I decided to make a little special update, adding 2 chapters instead of just one. Thanks to everyone for sending me pms here wishing me a happy birthday and their remourse for my Aunt passing. You guys are truly amazing.

Story: The Search For Myself: Edward & Bella

Update: Chapter 4 [Watercolor Logic] and Chapter 5 [Our First Line]
Rated: T for now, M for later possibly
Spoilers: None Aware Of

Story Breakdown: What if Bella were the vampire and Edward were the human, and their roles were reversed? Would they still be destined for eachother, or will things keep them from finding their way? Read and find out!
Chapter Breakdown:
4 = Certain gossip leads Bella to discover unexpected things about Edward's heartwrenching past,
causing her to question everything she once thought
5 = The confrontation and unexpected result.

november fanfic contest voting.

november fanfiction contest

The prompt this month was take it off. Sadly, we only had four participants...but they all turned in great entries! get to reading and voting! The poll will close Thursday night, giving you lots of time to read the fics!
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Any comments or suggestions for next month can go here. Feel free to suggest a prompt or other things to include in the contest.

You can also comment about the fics, but please be kind and courteous.
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My Brother's Best Friend: Chapter 15 TEASER

I'm about to pass out from exhaustion, but I thought I should share this. I posted a teaser over at twilighted. net in the forums. The reviews have been so supportive and thoughtful. I wanted to reciprocate. I figured the best thing would be to post the next chapter, but RL is way too busy for me to make that happen right now, so the next best thing I can do is give you guys a teaser.

I'm just going to link the post at twilighted for you guys. Sorry for being lazy, but I'm falling asleep as I type.


Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews!


EDIT: It didn't occur to me people wouldn't be registered at twilighted. (That place is win.) Anyway, for those of you who aren't registered, here's the teaser I posted over there.
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