November 26th, 2008

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Updated Fanfic: Fight Inside (chapter 4)

Title: Fight Inside
Author: idagirl6000
Rating: M
Summary: Edward&Bella used to be best friends & both secretly loved each other, but things went wrong their sophomore year of high school and tore them apart, ruining both their lives in the worse ways. Now 5 years later they have to face each other again. AH OOC
Disclaimer: Do not own, belongs to Stephine Meyer.

FF: Chapter 4

FF: Beginning

This Time Imperfect

Title: This Time Imperfect
Authors: phnxprncss & nothingtolose15 (FF.Net)
Rating: M
Characters: Jasper, Bella, Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Emmet
Pairings: None Yet
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we do not own Twilight or any of it's characters, but we'd like to!
Summary: Bella and Jasper Swan are sent to live with their father Charlie in Forks, Washington after the untimely death of their mother and stepfather. Neither of them had seen Charlie since they were 7 years old and Renee had cut off complete contact between the children and their father. Now here they are in a place they don’t remember at all trying to get on with life. But to make matter’s worst Bella Swan has not spoken a word since her mother and step-father’s death. Will Jasper be able to protect his sister? Or will she have to go down her own road to find herself again?

This Time Imperfect; C01 | This Time Imperfect; C02 | This Time Imperfect; C03

No More Pain.

Title: No More Pain.
Disclaimer: All characters (and a few of the words in this part, at least) are owned by the wonderful Stephanie Meyers, sadly. But plotline is a dream of my own haha.
Summary: Set midway through New Moon, what would have happened if Edward had never returned, and Bella had never became friends with Jacob?

This is the first fic I've done with a while but I like the idea so all comments, good or bad, would be very much appreciated!

Also churned this out in about 15 minutes so if you notice any glaring errors, please let me know ;]

Chapter 1.



Bella & Edward: This is For Keeps

I am pretty sure almost every twilight fan loves this song, just because the lyrics fit so closely to Edward and Bella. This song is super inspiring to me which is why I decided to make a video. If you haven't seen the movie yet, beware, there are clips directly from it! Oh, and just to let every one know, my video that I posted a couple of days ago to the song All Fall Down, I re uploaded, so you should check that out as well on my channel, because I know a few people wanted to see it but it had already been taken down.

If you have the time please view the video in high quality, it looks so much better! Thank you :)

I edited in the new link to it on youtube. You can also download it on my website.

Third time is the charm... hopefully?

I've tried to post this twice already and got denied for various reasons.  I wrote my first fanfiction.  Please read it.  My username on is deydlecakes.

Story:  The Difference in The Shades
Rating:  M
Disclaimer:  I don't own any of this stuff!  What up Stephanie Meyer!

Summary:  Bella and Edward have a chance meeting at a concert.  Edward is intoxicated with the scent of her and can't help himself.  He has to have her.. to taste her.  He attacks her but stops when he realizes what he has done.  He doesn't kill her, but it was close.  Bella will now become one of them, a vampire.

Falling for you:Chapter 2

Rating:T for teen
Characters/Pairing: E/B A/J Rose/Em
Disclaimer:All Characters belong to stephanie meyer
Summary:Bella and Edward broke up at age 16. They haven't seen eachother since then. What happen when they see eachother again?
Will they fall in love,or go back to hating eachother?
Review and comment please!
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Advanced Twilight ticket sales (UK)

Cineworld now have Twilight tickets for preorder for a limited amount of cinemas. I have emailed them to ask about my local cinema as it is not up there hopefully if people make enough noise they will send it out to more.

Twilight link (To the side it has a drop down menu with the cinemas in) :

EDIT - Check the link again, a load of new cinema's have been added, including mine :)



Hot Actor : Robert Pattinson

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"Twilight is a metaphor for the virtues of chastity, but it's had the opposite effect," a chagrined Robert Pattinson told us shortly before the goth blockbuster slayed audiences in late November. "I get letters that say, 'I'm going to kill myself if you don't watch High School Musical 2 with me.' " It was a little nuts: girls rampaging through malls for a glimpse of a relatively unknown 22-year-old British actor who played a brooding bloodsucker named Edward. But so far, the London-raised Pattinson (whose breakout was a memorable part in the Harry Potter series) has stayed humble. In his next film, Little Ashes, he will play a young Salvador Dali, as his advisers mull a trusted plan for plucking an actor from the tweenscape: Get him a role that puts a gun in his hand. But, Edward-mania will be hard to forget. Says Pattinson, "A mother recently gave me her baby and asked, 'Can you please bite his head?'

Video from Rolling Stone:

EW Cover for Week of Dec. 5th


Fans are particularly invested in whether Taylor Lautner, who is markedly shorter and more boyish-looking than Meyer's description of his character, Jacob, will return to vie for Bella's heart. ''We are definitely talking and thinking about it right now,'' says Erik Feig, Summit's president of production. ''Taylor's fantastic as Jacob in Twilight. I think when we get closer to shooting, the director is going to look at everyone as if they are brand-new to the role.

[tv] psych | scared outta our minds

weekly recommendation post #15

weekly recommendation post

Post all your favorite Edward/Bella fanfictions, videos, fanarts, and everything else in between. Also use this post for your general fic searches.

Personal Rec of the Week: Official Twilight Movie trailer (by Summit, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and fangirls)

HEY GUYS, IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF THIS MOVIE, ~CHECK IT OUT~. I heard someone sparkles and it has a special sound effect. Wutwut. Anyways, I'm seeing it tonight for the 5th time. GOGOGO.

Teardrops on My Guitar~Chapter 3

Title: Teardrops on my Guitar
Chapter 3
Author: pacergal84
Summary: Bella loves Edward, but he views her as just a friend. His best friend. Then another girl comes into the picture and takes the position of what Bella really wants to be in Edward's life. Unrequited love. Could it become more than that? AUeveryone's human.
Chapter Rating: PG
Word Count: 2694 (Chapter 3)
Disclaimer: Everything but the plot belongs to Stephenie. I only own the plot.

Chapter 3: Tears and Smiles New!

Chapter 2: A New Track

Chapter 1: New Friends


(no subject)

Title: Rescued
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Edward/Bella, Jasper/OC
Rating: T
Chapter: 2/?
Summary: Isabella Swan didn't come to Forks expecting to fall in love. Ashlyn Syrder never expected the one boy she's always wanted but never thought she could have would even look twice at her. Life is always unexpected, but there are some things in life that you can never even imagine.

chapter two
chapter one

Hilary loves Rob!

Pop star/actress Hilary Duff has developed a crush on movie vampire Robert Pattinson, and told her boyfriend to watch out.

The So Yesterday singer admits she's smitten with the sexy Brit, who plays vampire Edward Cullen in new movie Twilight - and now she's on the hunt for her own bloodsucking beau.

She says, "I told my boyfriend, I was like, 'Edward Cullen... I mean, find me a vampire, you might be done...!' He's handsome."


No More Pain.

Title: No More Pain.
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by the wonderful Stephanie Meyers, sadly. But plotline is a dream of my own haha.
Summary: Set midway through New Moon, what would have happened if Edward had never returned, and Bella had never became friends with Jacob?

Thank you so much for all the positive comments, guys =]

Chapter 2.

Chapter 1's right here and I'm hoping to have this on soon too =]

As always, any comments, positive, negative or ideas are appreciated!