November 24th, 2008

Sasha Pivovarova

Top 10 Things Twilight fans loved- and hated- about the Twilight movie

While watching the playback from a very intense scene with Bella and Edward, the girl next to me literally slid right out of her chair. I think her bones melted. She may have stopped breathing for a few seconds...I know I did.

But, after getting a chance this weekend to see Twilight for themselves, did Twi-hards feel the same?

Yes...and no.

Over 300 Twi-hards responded on the Book Examiner site this weekend with their own take on the most anticipated bookish movie of the year (read their comments and reviews at Twilight movie reviews: Read what the fans are saying and Twilight movie review: What worked, what failed miserably, and how the book measures up to the movie). And let me just say, it's obvious already that the debate over this movie is going to rage on within the Twilight fan community for quite some time: the reaction seems to be equally split between people who thought the movie was fantastic and people who want to bash someone's head in for mutiliating the book.

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Fanfic - Room Fourteen

Title: Room Fourteen
Author: Noelle / whoremosexual
Characters/Pairing: Bella and Edward
Rating: M
Warnings: This is an AH fanfic. Also sightly OOC
Summary: "They knew this wasn't right. They could see that clearly, but did they care? No. No, they didn't." Edward and Bella are crossing the line even though both of them are married to other people. One-shot.
Notes: This was made for the November fanfiction contest. A big thanks to spread_the_fun for being my beta. :)

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Chicago Suntimes: Squeezing More Blood

Squeezing more blood

Now that 'Twilight' is a smash, its young stars will get huge raises for the sequel -- and the sequel

Also, sources say stars Robert Pattinson, 22, and Kristin Stewart, 18, will get huge salary boosts from the $2 million each earned for "Twilight" -- reportedly $10 million more, per film, plus a nice percentage of the future movies' box-office take.

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spam post #42

Spam post for Monday! Use this post for all your off topic needs: talk about the beanie you just bought because it reminds you of Rob, an upcoming concert you're attending, your Thanksgiving plans (if you're American), post pictures of your pets...whatever. HOWEVER, please keep movie spoilers to a minimum and definitely don't post any animations that may be lurking around -- not everyone has seen the film yet, so play nice and save those for the movie discussion post tomorrow.

::TP:: colorful candid


Title: Resisting
Author: runawaycherie
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella (feat. other characters)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Up to Eclipse, my Breaking Dawn... sort of.
Summary: It has only been a three years since Bella became a vampire and she still struggles on a daily bases to control her thirst. Her family warned her she wasn’t ready to be amongst humans but she was set out to prove them wrong. That is until she soon finds herself on the brink of making a huge mistake that could cost an innocent life and cost her, her marriage.

That small intake of air could have ended me right then and there. I hadn't felt that urge to take a life so badly before. It was destroying me.

FANVIDEO: You and Me (by lifehouse)

First of all, Hi.
I'm new to this community. I used to be Team Jacob, but after Breaking Dawn and the movie I think I've become Switzerland.
This is the first video I have ever made. EVER.
I only used the clips released before the movie (trailers, the 4 oficial scenes, and the material in the Penelope DVD); so you won't be spoiled if you haven't seen the movie.
I used this song because I think it's gorgeous and it reminds me of this ship every time i listen to it.

I appreciate any kind of feedback. Thanks!

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Rob on The Morning Mash Up

Did anyone record this?

More "Twilight" ... Edward, onward: I read that Robert Pattison doesn't own a cellphone, which is probably a good thing because 12-year-old girls get so nervous when they work up the nerve to crank call that they usually just giggle, hang up and text the phone number to their friends. Pattison, who seems charmingly bewildered by the "Twilight" sensation, will be talking to his fans from space this morning: "Robert Pattinson, star of 'Twilight' will sit down for an interview with The Morning Mash Up crew on SIRIUS Hits 1/SIRIUS channel 1 on Monday, November 24. The 7a.m. ET interview will be rebroadcast on Monday, November 24 at 8:00 am, 9:00 am and 10:00 am ET. For more information and video highlights of the interview (available at 11:00 am ET), please visit:" [Sirius press release] ml
Covert Affairs "Annie"

Impressions-Twilight Fanfic Chapter 4

Title: Impressions
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bella is a single, shy, and timid writer. Edward is an engaged, charming, and handsome businessman. What do you get when Bella has to cover "Seattle's New Couple?"
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: AU, AH. I couldn't get this plot bunny out of my head. It demanded to be written.

( Chapter 4 here )

UPDATED: La Tua Cantante

Title: La Tua Cantante
Author: Eve.mirror
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: M
Spoilers: None
Summary: ALL-HUMAN/OOC. Bella had just met her old friends after some time apart. In three years, how much can you change? Add love, sex, bets and letters, then find out.

Chapter 1 -

Chapter 8 -


Twilight: Vampires! Mortals! Gadgets!


In this weekend's chart-topping, blood-sucking hit Twilight, Edward and Bella share an affinity for each other — as well as technology to my delight.

First we'll start with Bella, who is outfitted with a white Nokia 7360 (from the appropriately named L'amour collection). Bella, who we'd already seen as an iPod fan in the movie and in real life, also uses a (now) previous generation black MacBook (and weren't those Google searches about vampires in different cultures astoundingly robust? Hmmm . . . ).

And then there's Edward. I was disappointed that his mind-reading abilities exempt him from being attached to a cell phone, but vindicated when I saw his room: Antique jukebox, speaker sound system and turntable, flat screen TV, and big, over-ear headphones. All the marks of a legitimate, brooding audiophile. I didn't spot a computer in his room, but he's far from a Luddite — I had another reason to swoon over him when he explained to Bella that he'd had an adrenaline rush: "You can Google it."

What did you think about the tech in Twilight (including the creepiest use of a video camera ever)?


i'm a war of head versus heart

the film is a saddening bore for she's lived it ten times or more

Title: The film is a saddening bore
Author: agnelle/bellaswan
Characters/Pairing: Bella
Rating: PG
Category: Diary
Spoilers: None, Pre-Twilight.
Summary: Bella Swan is moving away -- A Pre-Twilight ramble about life and the future.
Comments: This is basically a character study in some form or another written for the Twilight RP, de_lune. I'm trying to give Bella more emotion, to humanize her and expand on her backstory. David Bowie's "Life On Mars?" was on my playlist a lot during the writing of this.

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Kristen ITW

Robert and Kristen talk about music.

ROBERT PATTINSON: On set, I turned everyone onto Van Morrison. They all recently went to see him, pretending that they knew about him before me. I said, "You don't know what you're talking about!" I was going to the show already, and they were like, "We're all going as well." Copycats!

STEWART: I like Rob's song. I haven't even seen the movie with the finished soundtrack, but he got his song in there. He doesn't like talking about it because he thinks people are going to say he's trying jumpstart his music career and capitalize on the success of Twilight. However, that's not what he's doing, and I'll promote him if he doesn't want to do it.

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B99!Amy Purple

Weekly Promotions Roundup #29

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the new communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

rpattzdaily -- Everything Rob. All the time. Indulge.
twicannon -- A community for those with Twilight related questions. Don't know the difference between fanon & canon? Then this is the place to come and ask! Discussion is open to the movie too and it's place in Twilight canon!

LiveJournal - RPG
thedarkestpoint -- A mainly canon Twilight RP already in progress, but with a lot of openings! We aim for everyone's side of the story and character development.

Websites -- A multimedia fansite dedicated to Robert Pattinson. It’s a great place to look around and have fun. -- The Twilight fansite featuring forums, galleries, fanfiction and more.

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This Time Imperfect

Title: This Time Imperfect
Authors: phnxprncss & nothingtolose15 (FF.Net)
Rating: M
Characters: Jasper, Bella, Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Emmet
Pairings: None Yet
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we do not own Twilight or any of it's characters, but we'd like to!
Summary: Bella and Jasper Swan are sent to live with their father Charlie in Forks, Washington after the untimely death of their mother and stepfather. Neither of them had seen Charlie since they were 7 years old and Renee had cut off complete contact between the children and their father. Now here they are in a place they don’t remember at all trying to get on with life. But to make matter’s worst Bella Swan has not spoken a word since her mother and step-father’s death. Will Jasper be able to protect his sister? Or will she have to go down her own road to find herself again?

This Time Imperfect; C01
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The Search For Myself: Chapter 2 : Like A Woman Possessed

Hey guys! Thank you for all of the reviews/advice I got from my first chapter! I hope this next one keeps you interested.


Story: The Search For Myself - Edward & Bella
Update: Chapter 2 - Like A Woman Possessed
Rated : T for now, possibly M in the future for romantic, lemon smut
Spoilers: None aware of.

Story Breakdown: This is my view of Edward & Bella's story, if the roles were reversed and Bella was the vampire and Edward was the human. I wanted to change it up a bit, but keep Bella being the one infatuated with Edward.

Chapter Breakdown: Bella decides that she cannot ignore Edward's presence, and can't figure out why she feels so obsessed. An event brings them closer together, and she gives in to her inticts, regardless of the damage it may cause.

--Please take the time to read and review and give CONSTRUCTIVE advice!--
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Chapter Six

Title: Midnight Mansion
Author: carribbeanlady
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: Teen or PG-13
Category: Romance / Mystery
Spoilers: None
Summary: Bella Swan is a new girl in the dreary town of Forks. While biking with her friend Angela she stumbles across an old white mansion in the middle of forest. Although the house looks harmless from the outside, the occupants are far from innocent. Dark!Edward

[I growled, wanting more as I sunk my teeth in deeper.]

From the Beginning

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LA Times: Twilight Enters Oscar Race

'Twilight' enters only two Oscars races! Rob Pattinson snubbed!

"Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer may believe that Robert Pattinson's "performance, in my opinion, is Oscar-worthy," but the film's producers don't agree. His name isn't being entered in the race for best actor. Ditto Kristen Stewart: she's not being entered in the best-actress contest.

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