November 20th, 2008

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Best known for her adolescence drama 'Thirteen,' she knew how young fans adored the book series.

Catherine Hardwicke knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed on to direct the big-screen adaptation of " Twilight," the first installment in author Stephenie Meyer's bestselling young adult franchise about everygirl Bella Swan and her vampire beau Edward Cullen. The filmmaker had turned up to see the author on an L.A.-area stop on her 2007 book tour and witnessed firsthand the near hysteria the books inspire among legions of largely young, largely female readers.

All Meyer had to do was say the name "Edward," Hardwicke said, and the room would erupt in screams.
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New Moon Poster Contest



TODAY IS THE DEADLINE for all New Moon Poster Contest submissions.  If you haven't sent yours in, be sure to send it in before the end of the day.

All submissions will be posted on November 23rd, here on the Lion_Lamb.

The original contest post for those who need to review them are here:  Details and Rules

Thank you to all of you who have or will send in your submissions. 
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Rob on Edward -- What do you say? "Hi, I'm the ideal guy?"

I was late for work this morning because I was watching the Today Show. I love how awkward Rob and Kristen are during interviews; I'm pretty sure that I would be the same way. Anyway, some of Rob and Kristen's responses to the questions Meredith asked, as well as the answers of the fans, made me stop and go, "Hmmm."

So let me ask all of you: Why do you really like Edward? I refuse to believe that it is because "he is so hot" or because loving him "is wrong." I thought it was really interesting that when Rob asked the fans why they loved Edward so much, they could not give him a solid answer. Sure, he is hot, and okay, loving a vampire isn't ideal, but what is it about him that everyone clings onto? What is it that makes you overlook the fact that he is possessive, controlling, and at times, mildly abusive? I am not hating on Edward at all, I'm just wanting a little character discussion.

Do you think that Edward is portrayed as "the ideal being" as Rob said or that he "is small inside" but strong on the surface as Kristen said? I beg to differ on both counts and thought it was kind of insulting to the character. I am sure there is much more to the character than that (and Midnight Sun pretty much confirms this, don't you think?). I think that Edward comes off as perfect in the book because he is seen through the eyes of the girl who loves him. Yes, he is beautiful, but aren't the rest of the Cullens beautiful, too? Aren't they "the ideal being" as well? Isn't that the point of SM's vampires? Does that make the other Cullens small inside or as indesirable of characters as Edward?

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Rob and Kristen's assessment of the character of Edward? Discuss.

Rob and Kristen on The Today Show

Rob and Kristen were on The Today Show earlier:

Here is the link to the video. I tried to embed it, but it's not working


Download links:
.WMV (Courtesy of Kristen Stewart Central):

Kristen Stewart Central:
Robert Pattinson Online:

bad wolf

For those of you going to a midnight showing somewhere...

I'm just curious about one thing. Personally, I plan on screaming a maximum of two times...once when the logo pops up and probably when Alice first pokes her little pixie head into view. I want to know how many times all of you will (or if you will at all!)

How many times will you scream during the movie?

I will not all.
Once when the lights go down/logo first appears
Twice when the logo appears and when Edward *insert other favorite character* first appears
1-5 times: i.e., character sighting, kiss, lullaby, baseball, fight
...I don't know how I got to this page..what is an RPattz??1! Is the K on that KStew silent?? It sounds foreign and not tasty like any stew I have ever heard of. I'M SCARED!! HALP!!!11!


Icons Post

Hi everyone!
I'm not new to the community I just lurk most of the time. I just wanted to share some icons with you. I hope you guys like them.

Alexis Bledel: 7
Gaspard Ulliel: 3
James McAvoy: 1
Kristen Steward: 5
Leighton Meester: 1
Matt Czuchry: 8

Robert Pattinson: 13
Robert & Kristen: 5
Edward & Bella: 8
Tyla: 1
Rory & Logan: 24


More Here

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Credits: texture by:apoligizeg

Is this ok mods?

Teardrops on My Guitar

Title: Teardrops on My Guitar
Chapter 1
Author: pacergal84
Chapter Rating: G
Spoilers: none to my knowledge
Note: Alternate Reality. Everyone's human.
Summary: Bella loves Edward, but he views her as just a friend. His best friend. Then another girl comes into the picture and takes the position of what Bella really wants to be in Edward's life. Unrequited love. Could it become more than that? AUeveryone's human.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

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Icons: ♥ Twilight and Cast

Hi !
I'm a newbie here...i've been following you for a while, but i've never posted my works before, i hope you like them.

- Robert Pattinson [001>012]
- Kristen Stewart [013>024]
- Kellan Lutz [025>027]
- VanityFire Italy [028>031]
- Photoshoot [032>036]
- Premiere Film LA [037>053]
- Twilight [054>100]
- Banner Rob&Kris


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The Search For Myself: Preface & Chapter One


Updated: Preface & Chapter 1: Uncontrollable Fate
Pairing: Edward Cullen & Bella Swan
Rating: T for now, possibly M later for romantic lemon smut
Spoilers: None aware of
Breakdown: What if Bella was the original vampire and Edward were the human that is new to her school?
Would this change everything? Read and see to find out!
--Please review as well!

Japanese Breaking Dawn illustrations! :D (+ more info about the rest of the books)

Thanks to rekcusho, I now have the scans of the first volume of the Japanese edition of Breaking Dawn, titled "Twilight 10: vampire no hanayome (the vampire bride)". The scans are a bit spoilerish, so if you haven't read Breaking Dawn yet, I'd recommend you not to look at them XD I can just say that I guessed fairly right which scenes were turned into illustrations ;)

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HEY YOU GUIZZ! IT'S AN ICON UPDATE. SRSLY, I've been trying to keep up with all the media and images coming in so quickly, but it's freaking impossible. So here are like 12000 icons (j/k). Wordless are not bases. ;)

[19]Paramore "Lost Show" Signing
[58]Twilight Movie Premiere in LA
[3]Hot Topic Paramus Signing



I'm so stoked for tomorrow I could just wizz. :D

Hosted here @ oh_hai_rawrsky

Rob Interview on KROQ this morning...possible "The Tyra Show " appearance

Rob called in to KROQ this morning. Here is the link to the interview:

Download link:
(thanks to vale83 )

Also, Kevin and Bean reveal that Robert might be on the Tyra Banks show. I went to "The Tyra Show" official website and it says this:

Friday, November 28th
"An all-star show featuring the male cast members of “Twilight,” the female cast of “The Clique,” and rapper Eve!"

EDIT: This is the weirdest convulted post ever. Apparently, Rob was shooting some sort of bit with Tyra today.  Here is the link:

A preview :


Awk Kiss

LA Times Countdown November 20

It's here! 0 DAYS TO GO! We have 3 hours until the premier!

So, here is the LA Times Countdown for November 20!!!

It's here! Today is the big day.

Yes, midnight is technically Friday. But the point is most of you are mere hours away from seeing "Twilight."

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Robert Pattinson in 'Heat' Magazine, UK

Heat Magazine which is sold in the UK has a page on our own Robert Pattinson!

It's a spread about '9 1/2 Things You Didn't Know About' and Rob was included.

this is the biggest version i have, im not sure if its readable

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this picture is ownership of my friend becca, who took it and uploaded it for me, so thanks becca :)!

also thanks to hysteria_09 for pointing out a mistake i made, and typing out the article :)
Hands and Butterflies

Kristen's new movie "Adventureland" trailer will be attached to "Twilight" on Friday!!!

For anyone looking forward to seeing the trailer for Kristen's movie "Adventureland",
they will be showing it's first trailer during previews for Twilight, this friday!!!

Adventureland, from the director of "Super Bad" Greg Mottola says it will open Spring 2009 so watch out for it!

First Look: Greg Mottola’s Adventureland

Posted on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 5:41 pm by: Peter Sciretta

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Teardrops on My Guitar Chapter 1

Title: Teardrops on My Guitar
Chapter 1: New Friends
Author: pacergal84
Chapter Rating: G
Spoilers: none to my knowledge
Note: Alternate Reality. Everyone's human.
Summary: Bella loves Edward, but he views her as just a friend. His best friend. Then another girl comes into the picture and takes the position of what Bella really wants to be in Edward's life. Unrequited love. Could it become more than that? AUeveryone's human.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

Chapter 1

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    Alright, so I'm just wondering since my situation has changed...

    are any of you going to this movie alone?

    My friend canceled, so, sadly, I'm going by myself. (I already bought a ticket that's non-refundable/changeable, so I'm pretty much stuck. I've also got a helluva flu.)

    Are any of you in my unfortunate position?
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    I swear, I did not write this. Aww... come on now, we aren't that bad.


    Twilight Fans, This Is Your Future

    Twilight comes out this weekend, and the fans are looking even crazier than those Harry Potter kids who wanted to stage a massive protest when Warner Bros. pushed the release date of Half Blood Prince back eight months. Clearly there is something about fantastical movies intended for children that crushes minds.

    But it's important for these young, mentally unhinged Twilight fans to be fully aware of what they're getting into. Being into vampires as a 12-year-old girl is fine. Science says that it's a completely normal part of puberty. But if you don't grow out of this weird infantile obsession with paranormal dry-humping, then there is a much darker path that awaits you.

    Because an adult obsession with vampires, much like an adult obsession with anything, is alienating and uncomfortable for everyone. You can write Lindsay Robertson and Edward Cullen on your Trapper Keeper now, but eventually, if you do not move forward, that niche interest turns into this:

    You don't want this, do you? No one wants this. I'm even going to be nice and assume the guy who made this doesn't want it. Right, DJ Bobo?
    cokate and doeperty

    New chapter: Always unexpected

    Title: Always unexpected
    Author: libertine_skins 
    Rating: Fiction Rated: M
    Spoilers: none - AH and AU
    Summary: AH, AU, Bella has 3 jobs and somehow manages to fit in time with her
    best friend Alice and Room mate Rose... Edward is this jerk she keeps running
    into, first at work. Then in her appartment. Can she get rid of him? Does she
    even want to?

    chapter one - spotted

    chapter thirteen-  Truth and Alice

    Midnight Release Discussion Post

    midnight release discussion post.

    Since the movie already started on the East Coast (assholes!), and people are going to want to come back and review ASAP, here is the post where you can squee, rant, and just go crazy once you all get back home. Individual review posts will be REJECTED, so don't bother submitting them -- simply link to them here. We will also be having a similar setup as we did with Breaking Dawn with a Negative and Positive posts once winsomewords gets back from her screening.

    e. + effy stonem. gasp
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    eight rpattz/kstew headers!

    hi there everyone!
    terribly sorry its been so long since my last post - schools getting kinda hectic, but its good because i'm on break soonish :) so in celebration here are 8 headers that you can use. i didn't watermark them cause i'm hoping you'll all be super cool and credit me if you use them. i'm also totally cool if you want to add your own text- i make em plain - but that really doesn't make them bases for anything else. but ask nicely and i might be lenient. cheers everyone!


    8 Headers
    All here at airflux

    Robert Pattinson is a Velvet Vampire

    Robert Pattinson is a Velvet Vampire 
    Hayley Williams sit down at Hollywood’s Velvet Margarita to sink their teeth into Myspace’s Artist on Artist. Robert Pattinson and Paramore frontwoman

    The duo, who are featured on Twilight’s #1 soundtrack, interviewed each other about their experiences growing up, their passions and what was life before Twilight.


    gb: it&#39;s cool it&#39;s okay i got it all
    • nastey

    Robert Pattinson Teams Up with Tyra Banks

    Continuing along with his hectic promotional duties, Robert Pattinson from the buzz-stirring movie “Twilight” took to the streets of New York City for the ” Tyra Banks Show” on Thursday afternoon (November 20).

    Joining in on the fun was co-star Taylor Lautner, who accompanied Robert and Tyra as they filmed scenes outside of the show’s Big Apple studio locale.

    With so much attention coming from the soon-to-be-released flick, Pattinson says that he had no idea what he was getting into when he signed up to play the character Edward.

    According to AP reports, Pattinson says he thought it was going to be an independent film about vampires that wasn’t going to be a big deal - adding that it’s strange that everyone screams when he’s in the room with them, but no one recognizes him anywhere else.
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    gb: it&#39;s cool it&#39;s okay i got it all
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    Kristen Stewart Drops By David Letterman

    While her co-star Robert Pattinson was busy chatting it up on the “Tyra Banks Show,” Kristen Stewart was spotted readying for an appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman” in New York City on Thursday evening (November 20). The 18-year-old rising star was on-hand promoting her brand new movie “Twilight” - a much-anticipated vampire flick opening up in theaters tomorrow (November 21).

    Meanwhile, Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the book-based film, recently talked about how she thinks her co-star Pattinson is definitely “pretty sexy.” “Oh, he’s like a little tortured artist. He’s British. He’s tall,” Stewart told People magazine. “He always looks like he’s thinking about something. And he’s quite witty. So he’s pretty sexy.”
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    Interview, Robert & Kristen

    Twilight: Interview with the vampire and his girlfriend

    The success of Twilight as a film will depend on young stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who will need to connect with fans of Stephenie Meyer's novel about teen love and vampires at a rural Washington state high school.

    Opening on Friday to a great deal of anticipation, the Catherine Hardwicke-directed film features Stewart as teenager Bella Swan, who's hopelessly attracted to vampire-in-denial Edward Cullen, played by Pattinson.

    Both actors appreciate the pressure that comes from fans of the wildly popular novel, but both refuse to let the expectations get to them. They have also chosen to ignore an ongoing online debate among book fans about the film's casting choices, although Stewart says she's aware some fanatics continue to be disgruntled over her winning the Bella part.

    ["Yeah, I planned it out for three," says Pattinson, smiling. "And they can't kill me off, because I'm immortal."]

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