November 19th, 2008

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Your Guardian Angel (Chapter 11)

Title: Your Guardian Angel (Chapter 11)
Rating: PG-17(for now)
: No spoilers
: It's focused on Edward/Bella of course,but there would be some Alice/Jasper,probably Emmet/Rosalie
Category: Drama/Romantic
: Edward Cullen died in a horrible accident. While he was sleeping with Bella a fire started, the whole house was burning, he saved her, but he couldn’t save himself. Before he goes to heaven, he has a chance to help his one and only love.
Disclaimer: I am not SM obviously she owns the characters.I am not a writter,my english ain't perfect and I mostly write this story because I love Edward and Bella and I want to read more of them.
Bella's POV.

Chapter 11:  Where did Edward go?

Huge thanks to my betas Laura(Count2Five) from Lost Forum and especially to </a></font></b></a>sugartwin2     for all her help and enthusiasm about the story,without you,there would be no story♥ 

Previous chapters HERE


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LA Times Countdown: Vote on the Poll

LA Times
What do we think of the "Twilight" stars premiere ensembles? Rob's black on black-tie affair? Kristen's striking red skirt? Click HERE to vote on the POLL.

The question is Was Rob looking his best?
a) He was downright dazzling.
b) Not a fan of all black. And what is with the hair?
c) What kind of a question is this? Does he ever look bad?

Check out our photo gallery of Monday night's fashion highlights.

We've already seen most of the photos, but it would be nice to seem some action in the poll. Just two days left people (or a week for me).

Twilight Countdown: Premiere Photos [Entertainment News and Buzz]
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Premiere Master Post #2


Please post all Premiere Photos to this post as well as gallery links.

Thanks for helping us to stay organized!

Gallery Links:

rpattzdaily  collection
lionandlamblove (Rob and Kristen)
lionandlamblove (HQ Premiere Photos)
twilightmedia (whole cast)
screencaps (LQ Rob and Kristen)
JustJaredJr (more of the same)
Kristen appreciation
adorableness (click it. it's worth it)
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Rob Tells Ellen He's Single

Take a BitePhoto courtesy of Robert Pattinson Online

Twilight leading man Robert Pattinson is single…… and looking!!!!!

The 22-year-old British actor confirmed to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But while he’s single at the moment, women are throwing themselves at him because of his role as Edward Cullen in the vampire film, Twilight. He shared, “No one else seems to get into a relationship with me. It’s really strange. People like screaming at me. Actually, they like screaming at me in relationships as well. No one wants to commit.”

Robert will appear on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Friday, November 21st.

Yes, I can't wait to watch the movie, but I can't wait to see him on Ellen either. I'm sure he'll be funny in his absurd way.

Robert Pattinson is single... and looking [Just Jared]

Casting for Twilight wasn't easy for the film's Director

Holy shivers! I found this online article (dated Nov. 17) and OMG! I don't know if there's any truth to it. BUT HOLY COW!! Emily! WHY?!!!! wahahahaha



Hardwicke went so far as to audition Emily Browning, the leading online choice for the part of Bella. That was a dead end because Browning told the director she didn't know if she even wanted to keep acting. And for Browning, the idea of appearing in four films based on the books was completely out of the question.

Holy shivers! NOW, can it be told that EMILY was considered but she actually said NO??


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Attention, German fans

ok german fans,i just talked with a woman from concorde who is responsible for all twilight things here in germany.she told me that until now they are not 100% sure if the stars of twilight will be in munich on the 6th of december!but they'll try there best to get them here:-)and they can't tell us anything real before next week !so we still have to wait.but she told me if they do some kind of fan thing they'll do it in munich!!!
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Hey i was just looking back through a few pages and watched the clip of the cast behind the scenes on set of the TEEN MAG photoshoot, [], initially posted by bruzinha.
I looked around the website at some Twilight things and saw 13 NEW pictures from the shoot (some good, some not so good) which haven't been posted here so i though i would =]

all photos are owned by TEENMAG im just sharing =]

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Robert Pattinson Q&A with Cineplex.

Twilighters, calling your response to our Q&A “enthusiastic” would be an understatement. You weren’t afraid to share how much you TOTES LOVE Stephenie Meyer’s (im)mortal characters, the books and, of course, the actors behind the steamy vampire lore.

And we’ve got the answers!

While everyone’s favourite mortal-in-love-with-a-vampire, Kristen Stewart, was not able to participate in the forum due to scheduling issues, with apologies from Summit Entertainment for this unanticipated setback, the devastatingly handsome Rpattz and Canuck beauty Rachelle Lefevre were on-hand to answer a selected number of mycineplex members’ questions – maybe yours! brings you a little closer to Robert Pattinson himself with the first of our two-part Q&A with the cast members from the film everyone is talking about!

The affable Brit reveals how he’s handling fame, if he’ll appear in the Twilight sequels and how he feels about living up to the legend of Edward. And yes ladies, he ran his fingers through that perfectly dishevelled hair – a lot.

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In Style - Look Of the day

Stewart was a standout in a Balenciaga dress at the L.A. premiere of Twilight. The young star added understated but luxe accessories to complement the tri-colored dress: Christian Louboutin pumps and diamonds and a clutch from Chanel. Vote below for your favorite Twilight style star!

kristen is featured in instyle look of the day voting, click here to vote for her!

weekly recommendation post #14

weekly recommendation post.

Here's this week's post to rec your favorite Edward/Bella fics, fan videos, fan artists, and everything else in between. Also use this post for all your general fic searches!

Personal Recs of the Week

You have turned me into this - This is made by my good friend Anna and every time she makes a new mix, I pretty much die from excitement. All of the ones she makes are excellent and this is no exception. If you want a fresh fanmix that doesn't make you want to die from the cliche, overused songs, this is the one for you. DOWNLOAD IT. (Mix for Breaking Dawn).

Twilight Music Girls - I'll be honest here: I pretty much rolled my eyes at all of these little bands and singers inspired by the series, but after seeing these girls play live on Sunday at Twilight Live, I have to say that these girls have actual talent. So, if you're interested in music inspired by Edward, Bella, etc...definitely check them out.

Hiding in Plain Sight by limona - The latest chapter may be the best one yet, heh. Really, really interesting and different from most AH fic.

And the mods permanent rec: Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary by Oxymoronic8 - if you haven't read this already, drop whatever you're doing right this second and get to it.

More info about the Japanese release of "Breaking Dawn"/the "Twilight" movie

Okay you guys, I know this is probably the third post about the Japanese release of "Breaking Dawn" that I'm making, but once again, there's new info as well as a very nice looking homepage about the Japanese volumes of "Breaking Dawn" that was put up today by the publisher villagebooks. Here's a little sneak peek at the page:


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Role Model Smackdown

Sookie vs. Bella: Role Model Smackdown
by Ellen Leventry

I must admit that I resisted reading the "Twilight" series until a school librarian friend of mine informed me that I absolutely had to read at least the first book before the movie opening. So, being a dutiful friend and pop culture enthusiast, I dove right in, submerging myself in all four books one right after the other--dare I say, I devoured them. (Yes, I said it.) But, I have to admit it was one of the oddest reading experiences of my life. I found the prose a bit pedestrian and was disturbed by the premise of a self-esteem-challenged 17-year-old girl giving herself over completely to her co-dependent manic-depressive vampire boyfriend. And yet, I couldn't stop reading.

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Awk Kiss

Seth on Twilight!

SMeyer's website was updated and Seth posted an entry today:

The movie is awesome! I hope that didn't spoil too much for anyone. Due to my connections in Hollywood, I was invited to watch the premiere in LA. It was amazing. I wasn't planning on changing the look of the site for the release of the movie, but after watching it I feel it is necessary to show my excitement by adding the image above to all of the Twilight pages. Go to the movie page to read more of my thoughts on the premiere and the movie itself (but I promise there will be no spoilers).

Movie Page:


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Fic - Edward/Bella - When The Final Rattle Rocks Its Empty Cage

Title. When The Final Rattle Rocks Its Empty Cage.
Fandom. Twilight.
Character/Pairing. Edward/Bella.
Rating. PG-13.
Author(s). apresmoi and yoursolace.
Chapter. 1/???
Universe. The Coming Storm (Fic Master List).
Summary. The change from human to vampire goes successfully. But when Bella wakes up, her power leaves her crippled as they come on, fast and destructive. Edward and Bella fight to bring her back to herself.
Excerpt. The snarl replaced itself with a low, pained keen, deep in Edward's diaphragm. You aren't supposed to be hurting. Not anymore. This was supposed to fix that. "Not supposed to hurt," she echoed his internal words.

Chapter One!

(no subject)

[20] CSI:NY 5x07 - Dead Inside
[10] CSI 9X06 - Say Uncle
[15] Grey's Anatomy 5x08- These Ties That Bind
[15] House MD 5x07 - The Itch
[15] Heroes 3x08 - Villains
[15] Gossip Girl 2x10 - Bonfire of the Vanity
[25] Twilight
[10] Jennifer Aniston
[02] Edward & Bella Wallpapers (Twilight)
[01] Edward Cullen Wallpaper (Twilight)

More here.
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Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Jet Out of LAX

He’s been working overtime to promote his upcoming film “Twilight,” and earlier today (November 19) Robert Pattinson was spotted hopping a plane at LAX International Airport. The “Harry Potter” stud looked a bit disheveled as he made his way through the terminal, sporting a Stolichnaya Vodka t-shirt, dark button-up shirt, black trousers, and black shoes.

Jetting back out of town during what has been quite the hectic week, Kristen Stewart and boyfriend Michael Arangano were spotted at LAX Airport on Wednesday morning (November 19). The “Twilight” actress and her beau made their way inside the airport entrance before checking their luggage through security - looking in need of a good rest during the flight.
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Recap and Vids from Twilight Hot Topic Event in Hollywood.

I got permission to post this here. What she said to Jackson seriously owns at everything. Credit goes to April(Chubbypotato) at JJB.

Hey guys! My name is April..I'm not gonna lie I've been a lurker and have posted maybe once or twice in this thread , but I love hearing all of the stuff that happens in the Twilight world. But anyways, I've been a fan of Twilight as well as all the other books for a few months now, and I come here just to find out any current things that happen with the Twilight stars. It just so happens--from this thread--I found out about the Hot Topic signing that happened in Hollywood (which was today) last week.

So today not only do I get to see Paramore perform 4 songs today, I was able to get autographs from Kellan, Nikki, Ashley, Taylor and JACKSON RATHBONE!!!! Kristen was also there today with Nikki to introduce Paramore.
But here's my story, I was tryin to figure what I wanted to say to Jackson (since he's my 2nd fav next to Rob ), and my friend told me he's from Texas so she told me to ask him, 'So I heard everything is BIGGER in Texas is it true?' I was soooo nervous to ask him that, and I can't believe I had the balls to do it! So when it came time to meet them from right to left it was: Kellan, Ashley, Jackson, Nikki and Taylor. I asked Ashley if her hands were hurting and Kellan was like, 'Yea!' and Ashley was goes, 'No, not really,' so when it came time to meet Jackson, I leaned down so he was eye level with me I asked him, 'So I heard everything is bigger in Texas is it true?' and the whole cast goes, 'OOOOOHHHH!' and he blushes at me!!! And then Kellan says, 'You should go to North Dakota!' and we all started laughing! I said thank you to all of them and Taylor said bye to me.

::sighs:: Best night ever!!!

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The Cullens answer your questions over at MTV

Photo courtesy of MTV
'It was very awkward for him to squat,' Peter Facinelli says of RPattz's first time on the diamond.
By Larry Carroll, with reporting by Jeff Cornell

BEVERLY HILLS, California — In Stephenie Meyer's best-selling "Twilight" novels, the beautiful and mysterious Cullen family prefers to keep a low profile, an unfortunate byproduct of being a band of bloodthirsty, immortal vampires. In real life, however, the red-hot actors whose film finally opens this weekend have had their schedules jam-packed the past few weeks with TV-show tapings, public appearances and Monday night's premiere.

One of our favorite recent, public moments occurred this past weekend at the "TwilightLive" fan conference, where Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone and others appeared before 500 screaming fans. Another happened a few days earlier at a press conference, when the actors got together to talk about Robert Pattinson's awkward baseball skills, 36-hour hair-dyeing sessions and where their careers go from here. Check it out! Collapse )

There's a video in the article so head on over to MTV to check it out. It's barely over just one day away folks. Can you believe it's finally practically here?

'Twilight' First Family: The Cullens Dish On Becoming Vampires, Robert Pattinson's Baseball Skills [MTV]

You Shouldn't Judge a Book by Its Cover Ch. 13

Title: You Shouldn't Judge a Book by Its Cover Ch. 13
Author: </a></b></a>dreamskribbler 
Characters/Pairing: overall E/B, and temporarily J/B (not Jacob)
Rating: PG
Category: romance
Spoilers: to be safe i will just say Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn (just facts or quotes)
Summary: All Human. In college, Bella HATES Edward Cullen and refuses to even give him a chance to change that reguardless of what her brother Emmett says, but when one of Edwards friends accidentally push him into bella forcing them to speak, will she still feel the same way?
Note: This is my first ever try at writing a fanfic so if it is bad please let me know, i wont be offended. I also dont have anyone proof reading so if there are any mistakes please point them out and i will correct asap.

Chapter 13 <~ NEW

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More New Merchandise at Hot Topic

So I walked into Hot Topic at the Arcadia Mall in So Cal this afternoon and I saw lots of new stuff, including this nice size box, which I bought :D

They also had a Twilight decal sticker, patches of popular sayings such as the popular lion and lamb quote, Rosalie's necklace, Alice's choker, Esme's bracelet, and Edwards cuff. I also saw 2 new shirts of the Bad Vamps, one in black and white and one in blueish green.
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Fic Update: A Certain Step Toward Falling In Love - Chapter 3

Title: A Certain Step Toward Falling In Love
Author: p_chan  ( lamiapoeta)
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, a little Bella/Jake (more in this chapter)
Rating: M
Category: romance
Spoilers: None, AH/AH
Summary: Bella is an English graduate student, and Edward is her thesis advisor. As they work together, both find themselves falling for the other person, and struggling to control their attraction and feelings. AU/AH. Rated 'M' for explicit scenes in later chaps.

Take it from the top:

Chapter 3:

Cinematical interviews Kristen Stewart

Cinematical: I asked Mr. Pattinson if he ever dreams of being an actor in the era before the internet, as it's hard to imagine Sarah Bernhardt or Laurence Olivier reading blog postings about themselves. Do you miss that kind of isolation?

Yeah; those people were held in reverence -- and I'm not saying that's what actors of this day deserve --- but they were kept on -- not a higher pedestal -- but they were just on a different plane. They were unattainable, and they were only to be understood through the characters that they played. And I appreciate that so much more. You ruin so much, you take so much of the mystery away. Because actors aren't ... we're normal people. We've had, like, sort of crazy experiences that I guess people want to know about, but there's no reason to be asking them about their deep inner thoughts about life and love and what it is to live forever and stuff like that. It's like, "Watch the movie and think for yourself, how about that?"

Cinematical: Nobody ever asks a plumber what it's like to be part of a system of water, flowing to the sea. ...

KS: (laughs) Exactly!

Cinematical: Do you ever think about freaking people out and saying "I want no part of any future (Twilight) movies?

KS: Oh, God, yeah. I've totally had the thought; it would be so easy for me to send so many hundreds of girls into such a frenzy. It took a long time for me to admit that I was too bogged down by the first book, to admit to these girls that I wasn't as ... I'm just as obsessed as they are; I read it from an entirely different perspective and had to live it for three months. I can't start the next book unless I have the job to do, or I'm just gonna drive myself insane -- and even this, they don't get that. They're like "What? How could you not read the book ...?" Yeah, I have thought, many times. "What could I do?" It'd be so easy. ... I did this movie called Welcome to the Rileys right after Twilight; I play this street kid, a runaway, a really broken, damaged little kid; she's a prostitute, stripper, working girl ... and I can't wait to read those blogs; I can't wait. But a lot of those girls, I think, might be excited about it; It's a really good story. Not all of them are these sweet innocent little things ... in fact, the opposite.
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Movie Midnight Release Get-Togethers

We've been getting posts about midnight get-togethers for the Twilight movie's release at certain locations, so that's why we're going to be using this master post instead of having several posts. Use the subject line of your comment to put the location and name of the theater (e.g. Burbank, CA: AMC 16), or something along those lines. It could simply be the city/state if you just want to find someone near you after all. Either way, using specifics in the subject line makes things easier and more organized.

I suppose this post doesn't have to be restricted to only midnight get-togethers, but if it's for some other time, you might want to put the time in your subject line as well (e.g. Burbank, CA: AMC 16: Noon on 11/22).

Now, get organized. :)