November 17th, 2008

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LA Times Countdown: Four Days To Go!

Fans wait for "Twilight" stars at Hot Topic on November 14, 2008 Photo courtesy of Wireimage
As many of you read on Friday, my former colleague and pal Steven Zeitchik at the Hollywood Reporter wrote a story about Summit Entertainment ramping up development on the next two films in the "Twilight" franchise:
The company has acquired rights to the next three novels in Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster vampire series and has hired "Twilight" scribe Melissa Rosenberg to pen scripts based on "New Moon" and "Eclipse," the second and third books, respectively.
Rosenberg has said that she would adapt anything Meyer writes and sources tell the Countdown that, in fact, she is already at work condensing "New Moon" into a feature-length script. Collapse )

There's a poll that you can vote in asking HOW many times you'll be watching the movie. Go vote! One things for sure, I'm definitely seeing it more than three times. Anyone else as excited?! I can barely contain myself.

'Twilight' Countdown: Will the sequels get made? [Entertainment News Buzz]

Everglow Fanlisting Revamped!

Hello =)

I recently opened a fanlisting for our beloved Everglow, but I didnt really like the layout I made when I opened the site x.x;;; So now since I'm totally in a graphic mood, I made a new layout for the fanlisting =) And mods, I tried looking for an contact email or form on the site emailing you guys for the fanlisting but I don't really see anything ^^;; Unless I'm the one who's blind :/ anyways without further ado, I re-present to you with a new layout: Moonless: The Everglow ( Fanlisting =)
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I saw Robert in Boston!

So I went to the Hot Topic event in Boston and got to see Rob. I went and waited in line for the ticket to get into the signing around 9pm. What sucks is I was like the 470th person but I didn't get into the signing. People before 250 were guaranteed to get in no matter what but just because I was one of the 500 people didn't mean I could get in because those 250 people bought more than one ticket.

So I was majorly bummed out, but some really nice guy that worked at Hot Topic told me how I could go to the mall at like 10am and start lining up to see Rob answer questions.

I got there around 10:30 and pretty much just sat there all day waiting until 7:30 at night when I would get to see Rob. It was cool because I was only like the fifth row back from him because all the people that went to the signing got there later. So I got nice close up pictures and my mom actually got the whole thing on video for me from another angle.

The only thing that really disappointed me was that I couldn't hear a damn thing he said! I can understand screaming for him in the beginning, but when he starts talking you should shut the hell up and let the guy speak. It drove me insane. I couldn't hear one word he said which sucked. He's even said he hates the screaming on tons of interviews and the Hot Topic employees even told us not to hours before he came on stage. He only stayed about eight minutes tops, but I think he would've stayed a little bit longer if people actually stopped screaming.

But I was very happy I at least got to see him. So as soon as I can I'll post the video and pictures.

SCI FI Weekly interviews Rob & Kristen

Is it true that you and [director] Catherine Hardwicke knew immediately from his audition that Robert was the right guy to play Edward?

Stewart: Not to discredit anyone who came in to read for the part, and I wish I had a more articulate way to put it, but Robert came in and he wasn't just playing the strikingly handsome vampire. Deep down, I could see the pain in him. And he looked at me for real. He wasn't just auditioning. He was present. He was there. We could see each other. That's what needs to be in the movie.

What do you remember of your audition with Kristen Stewart?

Pattinson: I didn't even know I was doing a reading when I went into the audition. So I went in thinking one thing, and then Kristen was already there and she had already done readings with tons of other people. As well as doing this performance, which I really wasn't expecting, she was also a little bit jaded. I think she'd done about 10 readings that day. I was kind of intimidated by what she was doing. I was stunned because it was so different from what I was expecting. And I guess it never really changed the whole way through, which kind of works, just in terms of the story, me having to be the powerful one but being intimidated by her. The relationship built from that. It was always a struggle for me to say things to her in scenes. Everything seemed sort of strained and, weirdly enough, it came out looking right. Almost from day one there was just something which worked, but it was a completely unorthodox way of going at it. We really weren't trying to act like we were really in love with each other right from the beginning. It was more about trying to intimidate each other and showing how much we didn't care about the other person, which I guess worked. In a lot of ways that's how long-lasting relationships work.

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King of the Night Interview

We might have first noted Twilight's cinema version of the beloved vampire Edward Cullen when tall, gorgeous Robert Pattinson played doomed Cedric Diggory in the 4th Harry Potter film. Of course, when news leaked that he was chosen by director Catherine Hardwicke and "Twilight" novelist Stephenie Myer to play the perfect Edward, fans, who wanted everyone from "Smallville's" Tom Welling to Johnny Depp for the part, were mostly furious....but the actor is growing on them bigtime! We've met him and can see why.

Let's get to the dish! Perhaps even something you haven't read before. We met Robert, we chatted with him, we learned that, before he was cast as troubled painter Salvador Dali in the indie-film Little Ashes, Rob was disillusioned and ready to give up acting for a possible music career. The actor is also friends with another uber-hunk Prince Caspian's Ben Barnes. We interviewed Ben the day before chatting with Rob and were asked to pass on our greetings and good wishes. We also learned that Ben used to groove to soul music in high school with Rob's older sister. Small world for these two hunks, evidently.

Let's set the "you are there" scene; a room at posh hotel Beverly Wilshire right next to famed Rodeo Drive. The lighting...low. Rob's outfit... casual black, snap-close jacket over white tee and jeans. His famous tousled brown/bronze hair had finally been trimmed, according to Rob, but it was still long enough that we didn't notice. A shadow beard added to that "dangerous" look and you can't miss those huge blue eyes. Rob is comfortable slinking down in his chair as he speaks... now on to the good stuff!

TeenHollywood: I just spoke with Ben Barnes and he says hello.

Rob: Oh cool (he laughs).

TeenHollywood: He said good luck with this media blitz.

Rob: Yeah, he's been doing it for months! Cool.

TCollapse )
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Updated Fic: Of Depositions and Chocolate Souffles (Chapter 6)

Title: Of Depositions and Chocolate Souffles
Author: azulskies
Characters/Pairing: E/B
Rating: M
Category: Romance, AU, All Human
Spoilers: Twilight, but it's very much AU
Summary: Bella Swan and Edward Cullen meet when they are on opposite sides of the same case. Despite obeying their professional duties, they are undeniably drawn to each other. What happens when you have to choose between love and your career?

Chapter 6

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Heads Up:: Do Not Download!

Hello all! I recently received word from a friend of mine that someone got the entire Twilight movie on tape at a special screening and had posted it to the intarwebs. The last time I heard something like this was a supposed early copy of Breaking Dawn that my cousin downloaded and ended up getting a horrible virus that crashed her computer.  Fearful of a repeat, I did some research myself, I found the supposed 'link' and asked my friend to scan it.

Three reasons not to download:


2. There is a virus attached. The exact make and model, we weren't able to figure out but it had a few similar 'code lines' (computer-geek-speak is not a language I'm at home with) as the Love Bug virus.

3. One of the comments below the link included some helpful warnings that indicated if you go past the virus, spyware, tracking ware and adware that are next to impossible to boot will follow shortly after.

I found this link last night before bed and since checking this morning, it has been taken down along with similar links with similar titles. The website (a low-quality torrent site) does very infrequent checks of it's links but given that the thing had close to 150 downloads when I saw it (!!!!!!), there was probably a large amount of complaints being issued. I'm not a member of many websites for Twilight so if you hear something someplace else about a download of the film, (1) that's illegal and (2) please post up this information. I don't want people to lose computers over RPattz JBF hair.


SYTYCD: Turn to Stone

Twilight Movie Drinking Game


Brought to you by unicornhime and apresmoi. I have heard many a request for something like this in order to deal with the squealing girls and insanity that is the upcoming movie. Fear not, for your cries have been heard and answered!

Note that this is for entertainment purposes only. We don't want anyone to get alcohol poisoning, so please use/drink responsibly. Or be like us and use caffeinated beverages instead. :)
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CalvinWeed Robert Pattinson Twilight Interview

Funny little interview:

Robert Pattinson Twilight Interview

The heartthrob dishes on his contribution to the soundtrack, his take on the emo thing, and dealing with all those screaming fans.

Question: How do you handle that swing of emotions, from 75,000 signatures to being on the cover of EW?

RP: It's the same thing either way. I prefer sticking with the people who said they hated me. At least you've got to fight for something then. My dad said success and failure were both impostors. That's the best way to go about acting, especially when everything is so extreme. Little girls saying, "I want to have your babies!" And it's "Like, you don't. Seriously." I don't even want to have my babies.


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MTV News: Edi Gathegi Interview

In this recent interview, Edi G. talks about his character Laurent and calling Cam the "Lone Ranger".....

SANTA MONICA, California — How did we get this far along in our "Twilight" coverage and somehow not yet feature Edi Gathegi?
After missing the increasingly in-demand actor while on set, we've been trying to line him up for his very own "Twilight" Tuesday for a while. Finally, the same weekend he appeared at the taping for our "MTV Spoilers" special, he came into our studio for his first official interview with us.
The bad news is, it's a Monday (sorry, Edi, we had to save tomorrow for something huge!). The good news is, we're in the middle of 10 Days of "Twilight," so every day is a Tuesday around here at this point.

Collapse )


P.S. The bad news is, it's a Monday (sorry, Edi, we had to save tomorrow for something huge!). I can't wait for tomorrow!

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I've got another music video :D Part three of four of my vids to soundtrack songs counting down the movie release.

Song: I Caught Myself
Artist: Paramore
Program: Sony Vegas 8.0
Character(s): Bella/Edward
Summary: ---
Link: everything here

So yea...there's that. I'm doing the lullaby next, and it'll (hopefully) be up around the 20th or 21st...assuming I finish it on time
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10 Breakout Stars of 2008! has thier 10 breakout stars of 2008, and listed is.....

Cast as Edward Cullen, the gentlemanly vampire of
Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, the 22-year-old British actor became instant bedroom-poster material — before he even spoke a word on screen. Previously known for playing earnest Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Pattinson seems unfazed by this new mania, which has involved Twihards lingering around his Los Angeles apartment. ''These little teenage girls will sometimes be camped outside, but it's fine. There's something about people who like this book — they're always extraordinarily polite. If they were old men, I'd probably move.''


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Toronto Sun Article, November 17th, 2008

Today's Toronto Sun featured a two page "special" on Twilight. Here's the main article and an interesting scan.

"It's Twilight Time"
Monday, November 17th, 2008.

LOS ANGELES -- No one questions Stephenie Meyer has created a monster. But just how big of a bite will Twilight take at the box office?

Collapse )

This article plus other sub articles can be found HERE at the Toronto Sun site.
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Spam post #40

Spam Post Monday! The Twilight world is officially exploding this week so I hope this post is as epic as Friday's which got over 5000 comments. So be as off topic as you like and have fun!

Because there have been questions about this, these posts can get up to 10,000 comments. However every comment after 5,000 will have to go through the 'human verification' process.

Sam & Dean 2

twilight puzzles

I made some puzzles. There are 9 Twilight puzzles and 9 Supernatural puzzles. They are .exe and are between 160-200 pieces each. They should work on any pc, but i don't think they work on macs. not sure! Have fun playing these. 

Click! the picture to go to my journal.

we're in the lj spotlight!

As many of you have already noticed, lion_lamb is in the lj_spotlight this week!

Cool, eh?

ALSO ~ We know that you all will be eager to flood us with your pictures and reports of the premiere, but in an effort to keep everything organized and keep your flists somewhat uncluttered, we're going to have a master post for all of that to go to, so just keep an eye out for that and please don't submit your reports to the regular queue!
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Weekly Promotions Roundup #28

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the new communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

pattinson_music -- Write Rob a note to include in his Sanity Package ~ due Friday!
twirock -- TwiRock or vampRock, is like Wizard rock for Harry Potter but for Twilight. It's all about the music, and Twilight, of course!
twi_fandumb -- A place to vent about the Twilight fandom in a civilized, orderly fashion. With some occasional lulz sprinkled on the top.

Websites -- Fansite with News, Cast Info, Pictures, Videos, Icons, Wallpapers.

Twilight and Rob Forum -- A new forum dedicated to all things Twilight and Rob.

Help Wanted
Co-mods request: I'm looking for co-mods for a new fansite dedicated to Robert Pattinson.
Looking for: // Pictures Poster - Someone with a good source of pictures - Is familiar with a Coppermine gallery. // Graphic Designers - Anyone with graphic skills that can make icons, wallpapers, banners or signatures for the site. (send proves of your work) // Still don't know if news posters will be needed but they can apply too. // Contact

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Note: Any promo written in the first person is not from me. I just copy & paste what other members at lion_lamb submit.

Fandango Ticket Codes

For those of you who might be a little broke or want friends to come with you. Here is the trick I used to get 4 tickets to the movie for only $14 (do the math, at tickets that are about $9 a piece, thats a still).

I heard about the Fandango 2 free ticket promotional codes so I looked for some online and couldnt find any for free so I went to ebay and bought some. The codes are good till 2/09 and they are working, I just got my 4 tickets for the Twilight movie(though I'm going to the matinee to avoid the fangirls while they are in school) and thats how I did it. So if anyone is looking to get some cheap tickets and make sure you will have a seat for the showing you want to see, its a two in one deal. No standing in lines and no getting sold out on you. Oh and if you are worrying about scams on there, my codes were good, so if anyone wants to know the seller I used, I'll tell you.

Just thought I would pass that along.... I hope that is ok Mods....
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CNN article: 'Bond, fangs, dogs and DiCaprio'

This CNN article focuses mostly on the movies 'Slumdog' and 'Revolutionary Road' but with a few paragraphs on 'Twilight' and quotes from Kirsten Stewart.

A jackpot of a different sort may await the makers of "Twilight," given that Meyer's books have sold millions of copies and have a fan base as dedicated as Harry Potter's. "Twilight's" story concerns Bella Swan, a new student at a high school in Washington state, who falls in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen -- who turns out to be a vampire ...

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twilight has already sold out 389 shows

Summit Entertainment has arranged with the major theater circuits for Thursday midnight or Friday morning shows. As of noon ET today, Twilight has already sold out 389 performances at, including more than 140 this past weekend alone. Four days prior to its release, Twilight is already No. 20 on MovieTickets' Top-20 Pre-Sale List of All-Time. The pic has accounted for 85% of tickets sold on the site today. Meanwhile, Warner Bros is using Twilight to debut its new Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince trailer which aired first on the net this weekend. You may recall that Potter vacated the November 21st release date which Twilight grabbed.


Supernatural: Teamwork
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Video interviews, tv, etc.

I found another interview from Rome which is from the same session I posted a few weeks ago in Rome with Rob and Kristen together, and with Catherine Hardwicke. There's also the Movie Junkets with some backstage scenes shown on tv in the past couple of weeks (which I guess is the same BRoll aired in the USA, not sure though).

Rob and Kristen interview
Catherine Hardwicke interview

- Wednesday 19th, at 10pm (rerun Friday 21st at 7pm and Sunday 23rd at 5pm), Italy time, ComingSoon TV will air an exclusive backstage, with secrets from the set, special effects, etc. interviews, red carpet, press conference and meeting with the audience from the Rome Festival.
- Saturday 22nd at 7pm MTV Italy will dedicate its Making the Movie show to Twilight!!

KSTEW || Smile

Twilight LA Premiere Guests

Paramore, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Basinger, Perry Farrell, Larry David, Camilla Belle, Jessica Stroup, Anthony Kiedis, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Joe Hahn and David “Phoenix” Farrell (Linkin Park), Danielle Panabaker, Seth Green, Lance Bass, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Miranda Cosgrove, Teri Polo, Aly & AJ, Sandra Lee (Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee), Jamie Thomas King (The Tudors), Chelsea Staub (Disney Channel’s J.O.N.A.S!), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy), Brenda Song (Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and more…

from here

kinda disappointing?

CalvinWeed Kristen Stewart Twilight Interview

Great Kristen interview from

Kristen Stewart Twilight Interview

The precocious starlet defends Twilight against its feminist critics and endorses used bookstores and indie rock.

Question: Can you talk about the chemistry between you and Rob?

KS: If Rob didn't get the part, if they didn't think I was right about who we should cast, I couldn't have done the movie. I probably would have done it if he never came in and just made it work with someone else. But he was the only guy who came in feeling like it. He looked terrified, and you could feel pain from him. He wasn't just concerned with standing in a statuesque way and posing. He had the right things going on in his head and at the same time he was very responsive. He didn't have this set thing that he was doing, he could see me.

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London to host European premiere

I literally just got this email. From the Official UK Twilight band on Bebo.

'So the Twilight team are very happy that London will be the host for the European premiere for Twilight! December 3 is the date and we have tickets up for grabs for the biggest fans! We just need why you deserve to go posted in the comments box - so get going!

For any of you who may come down anyway - we will be offering spot prizes for the best Twilight lookalikes/costumes/best dressed fan. Get planning now!'

I'm too far away to go :( + it's on a Wednesday but hope this is helpful!

New Zealand fans!

No idea how many people in New Zealand use this, but if so, who is going to one of the Dec. 10th showings of the movie at Silvia Park?

Curious to see.
I'm going with 3 friends.

IF you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can buy tickets to see Twilight on December 10th in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Tickets are $20 plus a $1 booking fee, and you get a free gift bag (probably with posters and the like). I believe it's the NZ premiere, by the sound of it. Not sure how many tickets are left though, if any. for more info. :D

Nashville Contest Winner Seeks Guest

I previously posted that I had won 2 VIP tickets to see Twilight this Tuesday night 11/18 at the Green Hills Regal theater at 7:30pm, but I need a guest, a true fan that I can relate to. Comment if your interested and I will email you later with more details. Thanks You need to be a resident of Nashville TN I won these tickets through

A look back at the Twilight Boys plus a glimpse of Little Ashes

E! posted a video with clips of Taylor at Ryan Seacrest's radio program as well as Rob's first interview during the Goblet of Fire press tour and a glimpse of Little Ashes

FOR THE MODS: The video appears after you approve the post. It takes a bit to load. That's what's happening with it.  It work on other journals.

Lost - Sexy Bitch

Legacy (6) Failure, Baldness and a Doofus

Title: Legacy: Failure, Baldness and a Doofus (6/?)
Author: autumndreamer76
Characters/Pairing: This is Edward's story but all the usual suspects--Emmett, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Carlisle and Emse--will be showcased.
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Angst/Humor/Mystery
Spoilers: None
Summary: In his seventeen years Edward Masen grew up in fifteen different states. Now, in his last year of high school, his family has landed in the little rainy town of Forks, Washington. Edward dreamt of being a doctor or musician but his family’s low-income financial status has held him back. His boring but normal life is turned upside down when he meets Emmett Cullen and his well-off affluent family. Can Edward survive the web of deception, secrets and lies that his life is so suddenly filled with? Will Edward ever know who he is truly meant to be?

AU/AH/Slight OOC

I'd appreciate any and all feedback. Please leave a comment here if you don't have a account.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Stephenie Meyer for creating Twilight and V.C. Andrews for inspiration on the plot via Dawn.
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Rob at LAX Airport

Source: CelebBuzz

In news that will surely make the legions of online Twilight fans go ga-ga, the movie receives its Los Angeles premiere at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood tonight. 

Twilight-ers Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed touched down at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday in preparation for the event.

The highly-anticipated vampire flick, based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, November 21. If advance ticket sales are any indication, anyone hoping to attend on opening night would probably do well to start looking for a scalper now.

British-born Pattinson, 22, couldn't seem to contain his gleeful anticipation for the big night. Homegrown Angeleno Stewart, 18, seemed to be taking hair-dressing tips from her always mussy co-star. Hey, she did recently reveal that she found Pattinson to be "perfect."

Judging from fan reaction, she isn't exactly the only one who holds that opinion.


The pictures are from Bauer Griffin Online and they have an anti-hotlink/save lock on their pics. :[ But totally worth seeing.

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Fandango Interviews

I was buying my tickets online and I saw these interviews with the cast and Robert Pattinson. I looked through the interview tags, but I haven't seen this posted yet. But maybe you guys have seen it already?

Anyway, in case you haven't. . .

Here's the link to the cast interview. There are several movie clips and this one is labeled "Twilight Cast Interview".

Interviewer: "Stephanie, on her website, is telling people to bring paper bags to the movie."

Robert Pattinson: "Why? To throw up?"

Interviewer: "Nope. The audience might hyperventilate because of the chemistry."

Robert Pattinson: (Laughs)

Here's the link to the Interview with Robert Pattinson. It's transcribed into an article.

Fandango: Fans go crazy about your hair. Do you like it long or are you just dying to cut it?

Pattinson: I haven't changed my hair for, like, years. I've never really had a specific look in mind. It is what it is… [laughs.] I don't really style my hair. It's so funny, a friend of mine from London came over and said, “Why is everyone going on about your hair all the time?” Everyone has hair like that in London. And around the world you see people with hair like that, so I don't see it being different at all. As soon as people started saying “that's his trademark” I thought I should shave my head as his trademark. I'm trying to convince them to shave my head for the second movie.

Fandango: Seriously?

Pattinson: Yeah. [laughs]

The Vampire of the Mall

The Vampire of the Mall, from the New York Times:
November 17, 2008
The Vampire of the Mall
KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — There are times when the limitations of the printed word come into focus, like when there is a need to convey how it sounded when Robert Pattinson, who stars as the vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen in the forthcoming movie “Twilight,” stepped onto a riser at the King of Prussia Mall outside Philadelphia on Thursday evening in front of more than 1,000 mostly teenage girls.
(sorry that this goes to my vamp comm, nutmeg3 posted it there for me. *g*)

woah.. now it's sold out 500 shows


There’s this new movie coming out this weekend called “Twilight.” Maybe you’ve heard. Apparently, it has something to do with vampires or what have you.

OK, clearly, you’ve heard, since is reporting that more than 500 of its midnight shows Thursday (technically Friday) across the nation are sold out.

That’s crazy, folks. Wait, there’s more:

86 percent of Fandango’s daily ticket sales Monday (as of 5 p.m. EDT) were for “Twilight.” No. 2 on that list? The new James Bond flick “Quantum of Solace” at 5 percent.

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Twilight Star Rises; But fans may have been scary for vampire flick actor.

Twilight Star Rises

Well, that was weird. As far as fame phenomena go, the scene on Queen West last Saturdaywas one that should probably be left to the case-studying of psychologists. It was a day that had the cast of Twilight descending, and thousands, mostly young ladies, forming, and a gale of hoots and tears promptly ensuing.

"You look a little scared," said MuchMusic VJ Sarah Taylor, at one point, to instamega-hunk Robert Pattinson. "Have we scared you?" she followed up, telegraphing nursely concern.
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‘Twilight’ countdown, 4 days to go | Kristen Stewart hated Bella (at first) (!!!)

Kristen Stewart tells the Los Angeles Times she had to warm up to Twilight. “I read a synopsis of the story before I read the script or the book — and I hated it. I didn’t want to be a part of something that presents this really ideological idea of love to so many young people.

“The synopsis made Bella so weak, as though the only reason she wanted to be with Edward was because he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, because he could take care of her, because she didn’t have to be brave because he could be brave for her.


Collapse )Source:
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New Interview With Robert Pattinson

My online magazine had the EXTREME pleasure of interviewing Robert Pattinson from Twilight. If you'd like to check out his interview you can do so here:


Please feel free to let us know what you think. We DO NOT allow anyone to take or post any content or clips from our interviews or podcasts. If you'd like to post the link up some place, that's great, but do not repost the interview anywhere.