October 31st, 2008

Surrender - NEW! - Chapter 8: Opportunity

Title: Surrender
Author: stageglitter
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Jacob, at first (don’t kill me) then, B/E. And some A/J & R/Em
Rating: M (eventually)
Category: AU, Romance
Spoilers: You have to have read through Eclipse…
Summary: [Set a couple of years out into the future, but stems from Bella & Edward's engagement in Eclipse.] 
Bella breaks off her engagement to Edward, and she chooses a life with Jacob instead. Years later, Bella is engaged again - to Jacob. A member of the Cullen family returns to Forks to see Bella, and her life starts to take unexpected turns.

Comments: It's getting better... :)


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Mistaken Vows / E/B - J/B / PG-13

Title: Mistaken Vows
Rating: PG-13, I may change that for possible future smut…
Chapter: 8
Warnings: Team Edward
Pairing: E/B , J/B
Fandom: Twilight

Setting: Takes place several years after New Moon. AU. Bella never went cliff diving, Edward never went to the Volturi.

Summary: For years Edward has been forced to live with the pain of Bella’s absence in his life, knowing that it is no one’s fault but his own. How will Edward and his family react when Isabella Swan turns up as one of Carlisle’s intensive care patients and has no where to go? Will the mystery of her condition and the events that she has overcome in Edward’s absence be revealed? What about when Edward finds out that she is engaged to another man?

Disclaimer: SM owns.

Links:        Beginning        |         Chapter 8
SPN - I smell like awesome!!

Am I missing something here...

Has it been officially announced that there will be midnight screenings of Twilight? Because I just tried to go online to purchase tickets, and for 15 of the theaters in my area, the earliest showing I've found is at 11:30 Friday morning. Would this be something that Summit controls, or is it different in each city/region?

EDIT: I got them!!! They began selling them around 10am. I guess they just move slow, they don't realize that some of us were looking on the website at 12:01 this morning for tickets (well, they said beginning on Halloween, didn't they?) LOL
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ifMagazine.com: Kristen Stewart Sinks Her Teeth Into Twilight


"No, I don’t know what rock I was living under," admits Stewart. "I hadn’t heard about it. I think it reaches—I don’t know, I think it’s sort of a random—some people are saying, ‘How could you not have known about it? I mean, it’s like shoved in my face every day,’ and then other people are like, ‘Twilight?’

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20 days and counting

L.A. article countdown is up:

She learned about Robert's "embarrassing" on-set injury...

For the movie's action sequences, the actors experimented with stunts and wire work, which Pattinson admits did not play to his strengths. "I got injured on the first shot of the first day," he said. "I wasn't even doing a stunt. I was just trying to pick up Kristen and I almost tore my hamstring because I hadn't been doing enough squats. It was very embarrassing."

article link here:


and for the interview with kellan, rob and nikki,


spam post #35

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, YOU GUYS! Discuss your plans for tonight, describe or post pictures of your costume, discuss what you think our favorite characters would dress up as, or even share your ~scary~ stories. Anything goes -- doesn't have to be Halloween related. ;)

Have a fun and safe night, bbs! Enjoy the spam post!

Twilight 10: The Vampire Bride (cover is up!)

As I told you quite recently, the first volume of "Breaking Dawn" is going to come out in Japan very soon, titled "Twilight 10: The Vampire Bride" and the cover is now finally up on the homepage of the Japanese publisher, village books, so I decided to show it to you :D I'm sorry for posting something with old info, but the cover is really beautiful, so I had to :)

Kristen smokes OTR

first post ever...be kind* ;)

I've never posted anything in lj in my life...so if I do it wrong please delete it if necessary...and i apologize *

Anyway here are quite a few icons I've made twilight-wise...* I'm not a pro or anything...just goofing around every now and then ;) enjoy*

Teasers: 1. 2.  3.  4.

The rest of them all around in www.twilightmb.proboards55.com/index.cgi


E!online Article: Twilight's Happy Halloween

E!Online reported the following tidbit about our beloved Twilight movie: 

Sure it's Halloween, but Christmas trees are already up—and so are Twilight ticket sales.

Fandango reported that as of noon today the teen vampire movie was accounting for 51 percent of all daily ticket sales. (E! Online and Fandango are both owned by Comcast.) At MovieTickets.com, business was less frenetic—Quantum of Solace was the No. 1 attraction, followed by High School Musical 3—but Twilight still came in as the site's third-hottest ticket. 


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New Twilight board game

A new board game based on the highly anticipated Twilight motion picture! Reenact the hunt for Bella through the woods of Olympic Peaks with your friends, with one team portraying Bella and Edward while the other representing the hunting nomads James and Victoria. Each team uses hidden movement system - who will survive to the morning?

Strangely.... I want to buy it.

The release date is January 28th, 2009.


Transcript for new scene..

For those off you who didn't understand everything they were saying..
here's pretty much the whole Kitchen scene etc.

I couldn't understand exactly everything, but it's pretty much all.
i got this with help from the official script leaks and the many versions of the clip that are floating around youtube.

Edited with the help off: </a></font></b></a>little_ponette , some chick on Youtube & everyone else who left a comment!  thanks a heap!

NOTE: in this video you can actually HEAR what they say :O (when the fangirls aren't making freaky noises, that is XD)

TO MODS: thanks!

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blob big graphics post XD

feels like ages since I've done a graphics post, just for extra awesomeness, i've decided to make a GIANT graphics post.

[22] Twilight cast icons. Empire shoot
[3] E/B "minimal" walls.

[1] Kstew Madrid premier wall.
[2] Twilight banners/headers/sigs-Movie Stills/EB prom

[4] Hayden Panettiere icons
[3] Stam/Kate icons



here at angiesheep

Hot topic mail!

It won't let me save the picture, But I just got a hot topic newsletter in my email stating that:

"Twilight cast members are desecending on select Hot Topic Stores nationwide, this november!  Malls will be selected soon, So keep checking hottopic.com"


The following cities are:

San Fran, CA, On 11/10, CA/ with Robert.
Seattle, WA/ With Taylor On 11/10, Edi, and Rachelle
Dallas, TX/ With Rob On 11/11
Denver CO/ With Taylor, Edi, and Rachelle, On 11/11
Chicago, IL, With Rob, on 11/12
Scottsdale, AZ, With Rachelle, Edi, And taylor, On 11/12
Philly, PA, With Rob, On 11/13
Houston, TX,  With Edi, Rachelle, and Taylor, on 11/13
Fairfax, VA, With Kristen, on 11/14
Boston, MA, With Rob, on 11/14
Minneapolis, MN, with Edi, Rachelle, and Taylor, on 11/14
NY/NJ  with Kristen, on 11/14
Miami, FL, 11/15 with Edi, and Taylor.

Make sure to check HT.com for more info soon! I for one am going to the Chicago one to meet rpattz, I hope to see some of you guys there!


kathryn book signing

Twilight Movie Giveaway

In Twilight, the new romance/thriller movie based on the New York Times Best-Selling series of books from author Stephenie Meyer, a high school student (Kristen Stewart) who relocates to a new town meets a boy unlike any she's ever met (Robert Pattison). Turns out the mysterious teenager is a vampire who has waited almost a century to meet his soul-mate. The couple enter into a dangerous and passionate romance. But the closer they get, the more the immortal one must struggle to restrain his instincts.

From Summit Entertainment and director Catherine Hardwicke comes the eagerly-awaited Twilight (rated PG-13). The movie based on the wildly popular books by author Stephenie Meyer stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser. The movie hits theaters everywhere November 21st.

Enter now for a chance to win a Twilight Prize Pack from Zap2it. One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion book, a Twilight paperback, a full-sized movie poster and a CD soundtrack. You must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the U.S. to enter. Void where prohibited or restricted. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Terms, conditions and how to enter are here

SOTL: Quid pro quo

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Hi everyone, I'm going to keep this simple and to the point: we need 10 GOOD questions for Robert Pattinson. I realize that's a bit vague, but it will be worth the (short) wait!  We're looking for questions that have not been asked before, so please, nothing about his and Kristen's 'relationship' or the filming of the movie - that's all been previously covered. The more unique and intelligent, the better.

Please submit your questions here ASAP! We'll have more information for you guys early next week.