August 31st, 2008

abed of course I dont watch TV

Efflorescence - Determination Part Two

Title: Efflorescence
Rating: PG-13
Genre: angst/romance/drama
Characters/Pairings: all the original twilight pairings, Elizabeth/William (my original characters)
Short summary: Basically it's the vise versa gender of Edward and Bella. Girl vampire falls for a mortal guy. Bella is now a vampire, and the Cullen’s have moved to Salt Lake City. Post Breaking Dawn.
Elizabeth and William have an elongated and frustrating conversation.
Disclaimer: All original Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.
SPOILER ALERT: I have now read Breaking Dawn, and I have made the small changes to keep this fanfic as canon as possible. There is now going to be spoilers for Breaking Dawn.

Determination Part Two

Needing a beta for one chapter (Yet again)

Hey Everyone!

I really need a beta to go over the newest chapter to my story "Friends to lovers." (E/B AU). I just need a beta for this chapter. The girl who always does my stories has already went to bed and I really want to get this chapter up tonight. So, if you want to go through this chapter and fix the mistakes. I will heart you forever. Thanks! :D
Harry Potter

Fanfiction: Shadowed Stars

Title: Shadowed Stars
Author: mika_cullen 
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella and various others.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Minor BD spoilers
Summary: Abigail Sheffied's house catches on fire and she is saved from death. Suddenly, everything she knows about the world has changed. Who are the Cullens and are they really vampires? How can she face living forever and being alone when she has left so many behind? Please give it a chance and read & review, I've been told it's good!

Chapter One: The Two Fires
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wallpaper + icons, header and fo banners

The Dark Knight
[06] icons. [02] headers [01] wallpaper (in six seizes!)

[14] icons. [02] headers (and a variation) [01] wallpaper (in six seizes!) [03] Friends-only banners.


they are all here @ charmingways

Also... I have 20 Cast @ Comic-con icons here

Persuasion [ Chapter 18 ]

Title: Persuasion
Author: carribbeanlady   
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance, Drama
Spoilers: None
Summary: [ALL HUMAN!!!] Isabella Swan is living in 1917 Washington State until she decides to run away to Chicago where she meets the Masen's. Mrs. Masen is afraid her head strong son, Edward, is headed to war so Bella takes it upon herself to get him to stay.
Author's Note: This chapters dedicated to my Mom (we're both die hard Edward fans) since she loves my stories and encourages me to write everyday. Its also dedicated to her since she had to get a root canal done. Hope this makes you feel better Mum! Love yah!

From the Beginning

("I'm fine [...] Just a little dizzy.")
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FF Updated - Friends to lovers

Hey Everyone! Here's the next chapter! :D

Title:Friends to lovers
Author: whoremosexual
Characters/Pairing: Edward and Bella. All of the other Twilight couples will show their faces. :D
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Romance
Spoilers: There's no spoilers to any of the books. This is a BIG AU and there will be a lot of lemons
Summary: Bella and Edward are best friends who secretly loved each other but what happens when they add benefits to their relationship?
Notes: Thanks to lisselirinen for being my beta! :D

Read chapter. 9 - The selfish man here or start with the preface

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More Information on Rob's Rumoured Next Project

A new faniste has been set up on the film Parts Per Billion which is rumoured to be Rob's next project. 




The description of Rob's character:-


A guitarist who has found his one true love, though it's going to be hard for him to ask her marry him.  He's honest, and learning to be strong; it's just starting to come clear what kind of man he's going to be.  He wants to write the perfect song, figure out how to make a living without taking money from his grandfather, and make love to Anna every day for the rest of his life.

Looks like he has sex in a bath with Olivia Thirlby at one point in the film so this writer/direct knows how to please me at least.


In Jasper's Care - Chapter VI

Title: In Jasper's Care - Chapter VI
Author: Elisabeth_l and NiceIceEdward
Character's/Pairing: Edward/Bella, Jasper
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Twilight, NM & Eclipse, BD never happened so no spoilers
Summary:  Jasper has made a private promise to himself to keep Bella safe for Edward.  His will is tested when Bella becomes very ill.  Will he be forced to heal Bella in the one way which is most certain to infuriate Edward?  If he has to, can he do it without killing her?

Disclaimer: We own nothing, Everthing is the genius of Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter I / Chapter II / Chapter III / Chapter IV / Chapter V

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Rumoured that Rob learnt the new Lullaby on the spot - Awesome

This message was posted on and IMDB

Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 11:38 PM EST

I actually got to go to the re-shoots yesterday at the soundstage. The lullaby scene was amazing and the song is beautiful!! Robert learned it right on the spot. He is so talented. They also did a re-shoot in Valencia that I happened to bump into with Bella, Alice, and Jasper pulling up to a hotel. They wanted to get a different angle. Anyhow, so fun and amazing to see my favorite book come to life!!



Cover Your Flaws | Chapter 2 | PG-13

Title: Cover Your Flaws
Author: Twilight.Eclipse101(on fanfic)
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: T - PG
Category: Romance/Drama
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: The wonderful Stephenie Meyer wrote this series. I claim nothing of her wor
Summary: Bella recently moved to attend Stephenie Meyer University, Edward is a major player. Can she influence him or is it him who influences her? Discover love, friendship and life. ExB, AxJ, RxEm. All Human. I know cliche but please give it a go.

Chapter Two
Chapter One
GUC || Emmett's Drink (Twilight)

L'Heure Bleue, part nine

Title: L'Heure Bleue
Author: cursetheflame
Rating: Teen/PG-13
Genre: Supernatual/Drama
URL (if not posted here): Hosted at
Chapter: 10/?
Word Count (Per Chapter): 4023
Characters/Pairings: Bella POV. Mentions of all canon pairings, while specifically focusing on Edward/Bella; this will eventually be partly a Rosalie/Bella friendship centric chaptered fic.
Short summary: L'heure bleue, the blue hour: Rosalie and Emmett didn't wait until September to return to Forks. Instead, they came back in August -- and, unfortunately for Bella and the other Cullens, they didn't come back alone.
Any warnings: Set Post-Twilight, Pre-New Moon.
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the property of Stephenie Meyer and are only used for fan related purposes.

+ Part 9: Windblown *updated

+ Preface
DE; hold me in your embrace
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Edward/Bella fanvid - Into the night

Title: Edward and Bella - Into the Night
Clips: Trailers, extra scenes and clips from the Penelope dvd footage
Song : Into the Night by the motorhomes
Summary: Edward protects Bella from danger even when she represents his biggest temptation.
Notes: I'd love it if you watched the video in HIGH QUALITY, since the quality doesn't look all that great in Standard quality, at all.

but just in-case you'd like to watch it in standard quality:
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In the Blink of an Eye 6 (fic)

Title: In the Blink of an Eye (6)
Author: That Writr
Characters/Pairing: E/B ... eventually, other canon pairings assumed.
Rating: Mature ... eventually; this part is PG
Category: romance, drama
Spoilers: through New Moon
Summary: Bella went cliff diving, but it didn't turn out so well. She broke her back. A decade later, Edward reappears in her life on the same night she loses her best friend and husband to a freak accident. She's not thrilled to see him.
Notes: Thanks to everybody who's commented! Now we start to get to the meat of the mystery ...

Previous: Part 5
Previous parts will each be linked at the top of a new part.
Additionally, I now have the story up at, for those who'd prefer reading it or commenting in that format:
Brief snippet from the end of part 5 + Part 6

New set pics + me = icons!!!

Thank you TwiMoms for stalking the set of Twilight!!
*bows down*
I HAD to make icons!!!
I realise on the twimoms site it says to ask for permission to use the pics BUT you have to be a mom, over 25, or something else to sign up...which i am not. So i am just sending out mental thoughts to them and hoping they dont my beat my ass.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

63 icons

find them here: @ sarahdoesdesign

Midnight Sun to Breaking Dawn...and then some Meyer

I read the Midnight Sun draft, yes I did. My thoughts (with spoilers) on MS, and how it has affected my reading of Breaking Dawn are under the cut. If you've read MS, I'd love to know what you got from it, too (apart from, of course, the "moar"). And because one almost cannot think of one without the other, I also wrote my view of the Meyer response to the MS leak. You can skip that part, if you wish.

darker, more desperate, more agonizingly conflicted, more blackly humorous, deeper

// just around  the corner

Fanfic: Campus Liaisons | Chapter 6 | Rated R

Title: Campus Liaisons
Author: Isabel0329
Rating: M
Genre: Romance / Comedy
URL (if not posted here):
Characters/Pairings: The whole crew
Short summary: Bella Swan starts her first semester as an English professor with just the right thing – a one night stand. But what happens when that one night stand shows up in the most unexpected place? All-human, OOC.
Any warnings: Some language this chapter

Chapter 6: Real Life Fantasies New!
Chapter 5: Exceptions
Chapter 4: Encounters
Chapter 3: Digits

From the beginning ...

Vesper, an interlude and part 3/15

Title: Vesper
Author: dapixam_q
Fandom/Pairing: E/B
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance, Drama
Spoilers: AU, but there are references to all four books. You'll probably just glance over them if you haven't read BD, though.
Summary: In an alternate universe, the Cullens stayed in Alaska for three more years than in the books, so Bella spends the end of her junior year in Forks without Edward. How will she deal with her inevitable feelings for him when she's already dating Jacob and mostly happy with her life?

Interlude 1: Newborn

Chapter 3: The Meadow

Find previous parts here!!
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Midnight Sun question

I've been in and out of this fandom for a fairly long time - since before New Moon came out. And the thing I remember about Midnight Sun is that the claim that Stephenie Meyer finished twelve chapters has been around since that time.

That's... well, according to my unreliable memory three two years of twelve chapters being finished.

I wonder if she's written more - why didn't she give out more to movie people when they started shooting early this year? I mean in those two years - those other books being written nonewithstanding - shouldn't she at least finished Chapter Thirteen to give it to them?

So help me out here - how long do you remember those twelve chapters being finished? Because if it's been really that long, maybe it's not hurt feelings that made her quit, maybe it's knowing that Midnight Sun is going nowhere fast.
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Early Feedback on Rob's Little Ashes Film

A member of IMDB has posted two messages on the Little Ashes IMDB page saying the following :

POST 1 (in response to a question on Rob's accent)

"I've seen a large chunk of the film and it's truly beautiful. I don't really remember about the accent, but to me that must be a good thing if it doesn't stick out in my mind as being bad! Can't wait til it's released so I can see the whole thing! "

POST 2 (when asked more details)

"can't let myself spoil the details for you, but the night in the water is truly beautiful, and there are some incredibly powerful moments, like the reactions, in particular Dali's, to the news at the end. Heartbreaking in places. "

Updated Fic: Haunting Moon (Chapter 15/?)

Title: Haunting Moon
Author: GoldenEyes | nifflerfan
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward
Rating: PG-13
Category: Fantasy | Romance
Spoilers: Twilight | New Moon | Eclipse (Just to be safe...)
Summary: Bella has never been ordinary. She thrives being an independent young woman, or at least that is how she appears. In truth, she is well over one hundred years old, but hey, who's really counting?
Author's Note: Basically, This is an epic tale of Bella's journey to self-discovery, keeping friends despite being sworn enemies and finding out how far she will go for love... but, there is always a twist! ...and just a note for everyone out there, the twist I refer to is massive. This is not your average Bella Swan...
Link: Haunting Moon from the beginning | Haunting Moon Chapter 15 - Escape

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cokate and doeperty

New chapter: Changing History

Title: Changing History
Characters/Pairing: AH, all eventually.
Spoilers: AH.... so none really
Summary: All Human, classic Bella struggling to support herself at uni, Alice
is her best friend and there is an obsession with Edward Can she overcome her
insecurities to get him? Will Mike/Tyler, James or Jake give her up? Oh and
slight issue: Edwards gf- Rose.


ch1 under the spreading chestnut tree

ch 14  final reunions (NEW)

ch15  irritations, anger and complete embarrasements

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